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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Cammeroun: BIR frees three abducted gold miners in Adamaoua

237online| They had been kidnapped in the night of May 10th to May 11th. "Since the day my son was kidnapped, my phone has been ringing.

These people called me every moment to the point where I was already tired of telling them I did not have money. Whenever they called me it was to ask me to send them two million so that my son would be released. I did not know that in the meantime the BIR already had this information. Thank God my son and his two friends have found freedom without the slightest scratch. I say a thousand times thanks to the colonel, the boss of the BIR Adamaoua.

These words are those of Madame Aïssatou Néné, mother of the ex-host Aboubakar Goni. Indeed, in the night of May 10 to 11, 2018, Aboubakar Goni 34 years, Hamza Bouhari 24 years and Youssoufa Aboubakar 22 years old, all three miners in the park of Faro, had been kidnapped by six heavily armed thugs. "On me, I had the sum of 100,000 CFA francs and 5g of gold worth 75,000 CFA francs. After taking this, they asked me to tell my family to bring in 1.5 million CFA francs. The same amount was demanded for Hamza Bouhari after emptying his pockets of the 35,000 CFA francs he had on him.

At Aboubakar Goni, they took the 14,000 CFA francs he had and 16g of gold worth 240,000 CFA francs and subsequently asked for 2 million francs as a ransom, "says Youssoufa Aboubakar, one of the three ex-hostages handed over. to their families yesterday Tuesday, May 15, 2018. Indeed, the release of these three hostages by the 5th Rapid Intervention Battalion (BIR) was effective thanks to a raking campaign in the Bénoué National Park. This campaign, which began on May 8, ended on May 14, 2018.

So for a week in this vast expanse of the forest, the elements of the 5th BIR that accompanied the leader, Lieutenant-Colonel Désiré Maidouang, were entitled to two clashes with the thugs. The first took place on May 10 and resulted in the recovery of a milking weapon, some ammunition and some knives. The second clash, which took place on May 11, 2018, freed three hostages. Also during this operation, several herds of oxen who illegally occupied the park, were put at the disposal of the park curator after several shepherds were arrested.

Residents of the park already want this type of operation to continue. Only in this way will this Bénoué National Park, which sharpens the appetite of poachers and other hostage-takers, be more secure than ever.

Francis Eboa