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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Cameroon - TCS: Abdoulaye Babale, Former DG Of Elecam Missing Since Rumor Of His Arrest Surface

237acut| The former director general of Elections Cameroon (Elecam), found nowhere. He must participate in the ceremony of handover to Elecam a few days after the appointment of a new Director General by the President of the Republic.

The absence of Elecam's outgoing leader, Abdoulaye Babale, during the installation ceremony last Monday chaired by the president of the electoral council, Enow Abrams Egbe, has aroused the curiosity of the political class about the fate of the dismissed DG.

Rumors of his possible arrest caused by mismanagement and embezzlement have characterized discussions in bars, social media and other meeting points.

At the headquarters of this electoral body, Bastos, Yaoundé, no one wanted to comment or clarify the journalist on the reason for Babale's absence during the installation of Elecam's new boss, Erik Essousse, or to say where he is. find.

In his residence Nouvelle Route Bastos, there was no sign that Abdoulaye Babale was at home. Regardless of the information that was cross-checked with private security guards at the entrance, no one was ready to say whether Mr. Babale was there or not.

Mr. Babale's problems occurred after members of the Election Committee accused him of mismanagement and other excesses. It was last Friday that Abram Egbe and his team accused the former director general of the opaque and calamitous management of human, material and financial resources and were finally dismissed by a presidential decree of Paul Biya in accordance with the electoral code.

It is according to these accusations that most Cameroonians consider that Abdoulaye Babale should be held responsible for acts committed during his reign according to the requirements of the law.