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Monday, May 28, 2018

Cameroon - Suicide: A Young Man Dies By Hanging In The Ndogpassi Neighborhood Because His Girlfriend Disappointed Him

RadioBalafon| Jordan Gueam, a student in the first class will never again present the exam that he was about to compose for the third time for cause, he would have died by hanging in the morning of Sunday. His absent parents made the sad discovery alerting afterwards, neighbors, families and friends.

Three theses were issued by the witnesses who came there.

The first involves the pain of a possible breakup, because in his phone, messages were found among which a particularly revealing: "you make me suffer too much, if I die do not cry or I'll haunt you" . This message would have been sent to a girl presented as his girlfriend, who will come later, on the scene of the tragedy with his parents. Message to which the young Linda would have answered: "ok, thank you".

According to the second hypothesis, this act would result from a trauma following the numerous arguments and even fights (of his parents) of which he was the impotent witness.

According to the third hypothesis, on leaving the house, the mother of the deceased would have told her son that she was going to end was yet in her days by hanging.

It should be noted that Jordan, along with other young people in his neighborhood, was ecstatic in the final of the league of champions last Saturday.

An investigation was opened by the elements of the 14th arrondissement. At 4 o'clock in the morning, witnesses would have seen drinking whiskey sachet. His body was transported yesterday at 8 pm in his native village, Bandjoun.