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Monday, May 28, 2018

Cameroon: "Ruben Um Nyobe will have to be honored everywhere in Cameroon"

Cameroon-InfoNet| Engaged in the fight for the erection of a stele in memory of the "Mpodol", he called for sanctions against the chief of the canton Bell who led the troupe that demolished the construction site of the statue Saturday morning.

When commenting on the destruction of Ruben Um Nyobe's construction site, André Blaise Essama says he feels "  very disappointed" . The nationalist activist was jailed twice for destroying monuments dedicated to foreigners and erecting in their place and place monuments of Cameroonian national heroes including Um Nyobe. He deplores the fact that this incident occurs in the countryside of living together. He says that the traditional chief of the canton Bell "overrides the Republic".   Essama calls for sanctions against Prince Bell. "All the nationalists and republicans must file complaints and make processions so that the chief apologizes to repair, finances the reconstruction of the monument with his own financial means", he declares.

He likens the action of the head of the canton Bell to the withdrawal of identity. For him it's a way of dividing the Douala and Bassa peoples. André Blaise Essama calls to pay homage to the Cameroonian heroes everywhere in Cameroon.  "It is important that every people honors their great figures on the big public. Jean Jaurès is honored everywhere in France. Ruben Um Nyobe will have to be honored everywhere in Cameroon. Even in Bafoussam, even in Ebolowa, history must remember that a man defended total and immediate independence, not of the Bassa people, but of all the Cameroonian people. "  

Essama accuses Prince Bell of hijacking the project. He says he must because he wants to install another in place of Ruben Um Nyobe. "It is unacceptable that we steal our project under pretexts of identity," he claims.