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Monday, May 28, 2018

Cameroon: The President Of The DPCP Branch Of Dschang (West) Had An Attack And Died

CIN| If May 20 was the day of celebration of national unity throughout Cameroon, the Dschang city residents in the western region have witnessed an unusual tragedy. On that day, the president of the Democratic People's Rally of Cameroon (DPRK) subsection was suddenly killed during the parade.

According to the daily newspaper La Nouvelle Expression on Wednesday, May 23, 2018, the victim, Lady Sadjo, in her 50s, came out of her house that morning and presented no apparent sign of any disease. Once arrived at the place of the festivities of the city of Dschang, the victim will sit on a chair installed among several others under one of the capitals. "But suddenly, she bowed as struck by discomfort. This is how rescuers were alerted, "reports a source.

Indeed, having noted this incident, the comrades of this activist of the ruling party will alert rescuers. Elements of the Red Cross present at this ceremony immediately began to lead the latter to the hospital. It is during the course that it will unfortunately give up the soul, one can read in the newspaper. "She must have already died when rescuers took her to their car. Despite their numbers, they had trouble getting into the car. It went very fast, "added a witness.

So far, no information has circulated about the reasons for this sudden death. However, soon after her death, the victim was buried as the Muslim tradition of which she was one of the followers. This tragedy, it must be emphasized, has greatly cooled the enthusiasm of participants in this parade, mainly that of CPDM activists, who will now celebrate every May 20, the National Unity Day and the commemoration of the death of their comrade.