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Monday, May 28, 2018

Cameroon - Littoral: Three Officers Of District Hospital Edéa Guilty Of Insubordination And Drunkenness

After the disciplinary council held in late April, three officers on duty at the Edéa District Hospital were suspended for three months with an impact on their salaries. According to the New Expression of Monday, May 14, 2018, they are reproached among others indiscipline, the abandonment of post, the insubordination characterized and drunkenness manifest at work. The decision signed by the director of the hospital was made official and enforceable at the beginning of May.

According to the newspaper, Gustave Tsagadigui, the new Director of this reference hospital is recognized as a Christian demanding moral rectitude, wants to impulse some modules of public morality to its employees; exercise he has conducted with great success in Kribi, from where he comes. "We will continue to modernize the quality of our care and our facilities, to meet the high expectations of the Minister of Public Health," said the Director. In addition, the work of the rehabilitation of the morgue continues with great attention because, one learns, it is necessary to improve "the conditions of the dead" in this hospital. Beyond health care, the morgue service plays a very important role in the social contribution of the hospital to the population. The doctor's office is regularly assaulted by families who demand the reduction of morgue fees, the newspaper said.

It should be noted that the geographical position of the Edéa regional hospital, straddling two major cities, predisposes to a relentless movement of staff who maintain parallel activities outside the city of Edéa. Notwithstanding the number of adequate technical facilities, patients do not receive the attention of health specialists, shared between Edea and several other cities in the country, says the daily. We must put an end to this vagrancy of intelligence. Then another battle during the works, it is the corruption and the ransomment of the patients, a situation which tarnished for a long time the image of the Regional Hospital Annex of Edéa.