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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Cameroon -Ebolowa: A Police officer Beats A Trader To Death In Ebolowa

237acut| Arsene A. Vendor on the sly at the central market, lost his life, following an altercation with a policeman reads in the columns of CT.

And if we could make the time come back, surely, Arsene Akoutou aka Jimmy and the incriminated policeman would not repeat their macabre scenario of May 8th.

A very violent spectacle, according to the witnesses, which ended in the sudden death of the first city. As a result, one has lost his life and the other ends up in the cell waiting for the fate of those who take the lives of humans.

The facts are happening too fast not far from the Place "Year 2000", in full heart of the regional capital of the South. We are around 19 hours, Jimmy, well known among the sellers on the sly, going about his business, to find a last customer. On his way, he meets his executioner, a police inspector. Their exchange ended with the death of the seller of second-hand clothes.

The causes of the altercation, for the moment, remain unknown. But the suppositions go in all directions. Passion crime or abuse of authority, only the investigation opened by the authorities of the place will tell us.

However, information gleaned from the scene of the tragedy show that the police officer would have found the seller in conversation "quite intimate" with a girl who would be his wife.

The policeman would have intervened: "why are you driving with my wife? The other would have answered, "Why do not you ask your wife, why is she talking to me? For others, the rescuer would have grazed the back of a girl who was accompanied by the policeman. What was considered by the latter as sacrilege.

The latest version speaks of a refusal to obey the vendor at the arrest of the police officer. The following are punches, head, boots never ending until death follows.

The body of the unfortunate vendor, after finding by the medical examiner, in the presence of the administrative, judicial authorities and local officials of the law enforcement forces was deposited in the morgue of the Ebolowa Regional Hospital.