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Thursday, May 31, 2018

Cameroon - CAN 2019: The Governor Of The Western Region Visits The On Going Construction Sites

The governor of the Western Region Awa Fonka Augustine paid a courtesy visit on May 28th and 29th to the construction sites of the different stadiums of Bafoussam, Bangou, Bana to know the state of the work of the rehabilitation and construction of infrastructure.

Awa Fonka  however expressed satisfaction with the progress of the various projects.

"As for the hotels that are private initiatives, I am reassured.The various promoters are hard at work.Bangou, as Bana, they are jewelry.A Bafoussam, a great project that makes the pride of the city is coming out of the ground, we are encouraging these entrepreneurs to continue supporting the state through these projects so that when we welcome this Can, that these achievements can be ready for serve the different actors, "he says.

Awa Fonka Augustine make up this report at the time the second inspection mission of the CAF is announced in Cameroon taken place in the middle of June.

According to the governor, there is no cause for alarm as the work has evolved. "I believe that in two weeks, when the experts of the CAF will arrive, they will be satisfied," he concluded.