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Friday, May 25, 2018

Cameroon - Anglophone Crisis: The "Independentists" Of Southern Cameroon Received In The American Congress Demand The Freezing Of The Assets Of Paul Biya

According to an American media, southern Cameroon independence activists were reported to have been received at the US Congress (US parliament headquarters) on May 18th.

According to this source, they were there to present to Congressional staff, US Senators, staff of the Congressional Africa Subcommittee and members of the US State Department a detailed report on human rights violations in the United States. Southern Cameroon by the Army of the Republic of Cameroon.

The separatists of Southern Cameroon have petitioned members of the US Congress, which include:

-Appeals the immediate end of the violence and scorched earth policy sparked in Southern Cameroon by Paul Biya's regime

-The suppression of training and partnership with the US on the fight against terrorism and any funding (technical or military) by the Americans to the army loyal to the regime of Paul Biya, including the BIR whose acts abominable in the Southern Cameroon tarnish the image of the USA,

-For the suspension of visas and freeze resources owned by Mr. Biya, members and supporters of his regime, including senior officials of his armed forces and security.

US Ambassador Peter Henry Berlerin, for his part, accused in a statement the Cameroonian army of committing "targeted abuses" against the populations of the South-West and North-West regions, "detentions without legal support", "Fires" and "village looting"

The US diplomat also condemned the killings of officials and gendarmes perpetrated by separatists.

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