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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Cameroon - Anglophone Crisis: Menoua Suspended The Circulation Of Motorcycle And Taxis

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The prefect of the department of Menoua (western region of Cameroon) has signed a statement on Tuesday, May 15, 2018, to prohibit the circulation of motorcycle taxis in four of the six districts of its jurisdiction.

The localities concerned by this prefectural measure are Fongo-Tongo, Nkong-Ni, Santchou and Dschang. In the city of Dschang, precisely, one goes from restrictions to restrictions. Last Monday, the sub-prefect of this borough has issued a statement to impose an hour of closure of the public houses (21h), until further notice.

The sub-prefect of the district of Dschang gave no details on the reasons for this injunction. Same for the prefect of Menoua, in his note suspending the circulation of motorcycle taxis in four districts of his jurisdiction. In the other two districts of Menoua, namely Fokoué and Penka Michel, motorcycle taxis will be able to circulate between 5am and 10pm at night.

Even if details are not given, these restrictions circulate different rumors in the department. For example, we talk about security reasons, just a few days before the celebration of the Cameroon National Day.

At the same time, the western region is close to that of the Northwest where violence has been going on since 2016. Last April, in the face of the flow of people fleeing the North-West, a panic wave crossed the Menoua department after rumors about the presence of members of separatist armed branches in this part of the country circulated. The prefect then had to issue a communiqué to invite calm and invite people to be more vigilant. "There is a risk that some secessionist fighters will take advantage of this opportunity to wreak havoc on our city. Report any suspicious visitors to the police, "he said.

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