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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Cameroon: 20 Gendarmes Expelled From OPJ Camp At Camp Yeyap For Indiscipline

The daily Le Jour| They missed the call one morning when the trainees were to be deployed urgently to the Ahala district for the Mida case.

Twenty gendarmes were asked to leave camp Yeyap a few days ago, while they were following the course of the judicial police officers. In addition to being expelled, they receive 20 days in jail and are banned from all training courses of the National Gendarmerie for a period of five years.

The daily Le Jour, which relays this information, says that these 20 gendarmes were sanctioned for missing the call at an early rally. In early April, the intervention of the National Gendarmerie was requested in connection with the suspension of the activities of the Integration and Development Mission for Africa (Mida).

The corps hierarchy decided to deploy the Camp Yeyap trainee gendarmes urgently, because of their availability. That's when the instructors found the absence twenty of them. They had not obtained a prior authorization to justify their absence. The newspaper states that some trainees sometimes give themselves the freedom to desert the camp at night without permission, but always manage to return before the rally.

Only for the intervention at the headquarters of Mida, the Ahala district in Yaoundé, the rally took place earlier than expected. As a result, twenty trainees were sanctioned.