Tuesday, April 24, 2018

South West Population Urges Anglophone Senators To Make Amends, As Senate Opens| Journal Du Cameroon

Some denizens of the South West Region have called on their elected representatives at Cameroon’s Upper House of Parliament and those of the North West Regions to use the experiences gnarled last year to represent them worthily this year.

They were speaking to Journalducameroun on Monday, April 23, 2018 in Buea, in prelude to the first ordinary session of the second legislative year at the Senate that opens today in Yaounde.

According to Dr Mathias Achou Mbom, Anglophone Senators were very docile during deliberations at the Upper House of Assembly in the last legislative year. He urged them to be more proactive this year.  “We consider that the last five years were a learning experience to them. You will agree with me that the Senate was still a novelty in Cameroon, so most of the elected Senators were trying to learn the ropes of what the Senate is and what it is not. This partly explains why they were very docile during deliberations, but after gaining experience for five years, I think this is the time to make amends, he stated.

On her part, Margerate Ojong, an Educationist, advised the Anglophone Senators to dump party politics during deliberations and wholeheartedly defend the interests of Cameroonians, especially those they are representing at the Senate.

“ The time for politicking is over, now is the time to defend  the interests of Cameroonians who sent them to the Senate, irrespective of their political, tribal, social or religious affiliation. The Senators must not be afraid to call issues by their names for the greater good for all,” she said.

But Maurice Atemnkeng, a Jurist said nothing will change at the Senate because it is going to be business as usual.

“My dear brother, you and I know that nothing will change at the Senate during this second legislative year. Are those representing the South West Region not the same people last in the last legislature?  We have a few new faces from the North West Region, but they are like tiny droplets of water poured into an ocean. Things will even move from bad to worse with the crushing CPDM majority because everything will be clapped into law. Our Senate this year is a mockery of our democracy,” he averred.