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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Government war against Ambazonia forces hits Littoral Region as Anglophone locals fleeing flood Mbanga

The Littoral Region of Cameroon has begun feeling the brunt of Government war against the Restoration Forces, as hundreds of Anglophones from Ediki and Bombe-Bakundu have flooded Mbanga in  Moungo Division of the Littoral Region.

The mass influx of Anglophones into the Moungo Division was triggered by Friday, April 13, 2018, gun battle between Cameroon security forces and elements of the Ambazonia Defences Forces (ADF).

On that Friday, April 13, traffic arounf Ediki and Bombe Bakundu on the Kumba-Buea Highway was paralysed, when ADF elements mounted road barricades on the highway; preventing vehicles from leaving or entering Kumba.

When the military got information that the highway has been blocked, they surged in to clear the road barricades and restore circulation.

As the security forces zoomed in, the exchange of gun firing ensued and the population of the two villages started scampering into the forest for safety.

As the gun firing persisted, more denizens began escaping. Their movement was facilitated by the CAMRAIL train that had left Kumba in the South West Region at and was heading to Mbanga in the Littoral Region.

Some of those who escaped said they left their homes without taking a dim, others asserted that they escaped leaving behind their children and loved ones as the gunshots rented through the two localities.

When the train that facilitated the escape of the people finally arrived Mbanga, the entire place was flooded by children, some wailing for not seeing their parents.

People who were at the Mbanga Train Station were stunned by the unprecedented population that had arrived Mbanga. They immediately alerted the local Government officials of the area.

Welcoming the fleeing Anglophones in Mbanga that afternoon, the Divisional Officer (DO) for Mbanga, Buikame Voh Amstrong and his aides assured the Anglophones of their support.

The DO instructed his collaborators to look for a place where the Anglophones will be housed for the meantime. It was based on the DO’s instruction that the CPDM party Secretariat was chosen to host the displaced persons.