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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Cameroon: The Minister of Public Service and Administrative Reform met with son's and daughter's of Ngoyla, Messok, Lomié and Mindourou communities

History will remember that it was the people of Ngoyla District, Upper Nyong County, Eastern Region, who had the privilege of opening the ball at the meetings initiated by Joseph LE. This concept set up by the Minister of Public Service and Administrative Reform (Minfopra) aims at the economic and social development of this department.

In this locality bordering on the Republic of Congo, it was as a brother, son and father that Joseph LE exchanged on April 14 with the communities of this part of the country. "We see this visit as a sign of fraternity and solidarity. The people of Ngoyla are proud of your behavior and appreciate your initiative.

His Massage

"I came to listen to you and find out what your problems are. I do not have a magic wand but it is good to be aware of your difficulties and see what can be solved, "reassured the Minfopra.

Their Request

We are sure that the Minister will accompany us with the help of his colleagues, "said Evelyne Juliette Samba Owona Meillon, Mayor of this locality. "It's a visit that comforts us. We want the minister to be our spokesperson to President Paul Biya, "added Blaise Mpouam, deputy prefect.

Located in the middle of the equatorial forest, the city of Ngoyla with 6,000 inhabitants felt honored by this visit. Thus, the people seized this opportunity to pepper their string of grievances: the problems of insecurity of this wide and porous border zone, the accelerated poaching, the absence of the CRTV signal, the isolation.

In Messok, where the population is 30% of Bakas, as in Lomié, classified World Wildlife Reserve by Unesco and Mindourou, other problems were also posed. These include the lack of national identity cards due to the remoteness of the identification stations, the lack of teachers, the precariousness of the technical platform in the health facilities, the absence of traditional chiefdoms at the local level. Bakas, poor socio-professional integration of young people, lack of electricity and the telephone network. At each stage, Minister Joseph LE listened and took note of everyone's concerns.

It is in the perspective of having transmission belts in each arrondissement that he has set up focal points for a synergy of actions. In a friendly spirit, the sons and daughters of Upper Nyong have appreciated this initiative of the minister who they believe is the hope that the sun really rises to the East.

A sun whose rays will be beneficial to all. Hence the thanks to the President of the Republic, Paul Biya, who promoted their son to the government. After these four districts, this tour of Minfopra will continue in the other 10 districts of the department the next weeks.