Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Cameroon - Littoral: A Yabassi Woman Whose Husband Masturbating And Sex-starved Her Seeks Divorce| Journal Du Cameroon

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A 39-year-old woman, who hails from Yabassi in the Littoral Region of Cameroon, but resident in Ndop, Ngokitunjia Division of the North West Region, whose name we are withholding for professional reason,  wants the court to grant her divorce from her husband.

The woman recently seized the Ndop Court of First Instance, praying the court to grant her divorce from her husband, who prefers masturbation rather than making love to her.

The 39-year-old told the presiding Magistrate that she cannot comprehend why her husband will prefer to masturbate her rather than satisfying her sexually.

“I got married to my husband on November 25, 2008. At first our marriage was good though we had some difficulties, but that was not a problem to me. But as the days went by, my husband started changing and things went from bad to worse. At 39, I have not known any other man except of him. I surrendered my virginity to him after our wedding. But immediately I wedded him, he has stopped showing me affection,” she recounted.

The disgruntled woman further told the court that for many years, her husband has stopped making love to her, “but he rather prefers to masturbate me instead of performing his conjugal responsibility. I can no longer continue to remain in a marriage in which I am constantly humiliated and dishonoured, “the woman stated, while weeping profusely in court.”

When the presiding Magistrate asked the husband of the 39-year-old why he has not been performing his matrimonial obligation to his wife, the man told the court that he is unable to have sex because he is sceptical of his wife and that he is also suffering from diabetes.

On the issue of masturbation, the man was mute and the presiding Magistrate adjourned the case to May 22.

It would be recalled that a fortnight ago, a woman in Douala attempted to take her life because her husband was starving sexually. It only took the timely intervention of neighbours to prevent her from committing suicide.