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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Cameroon - Commonwealth Summit: 20 years after the last Commonwealth summit in London, Paul Biya will be absent amidst fear of being Embarrassed by the thousands of Anglophones who are already waiting for his arrival in London

Paul Biya was invited to the Commonwealth Summit of Heads of State and Government. The work that began Monday, April 16, ends Friday, April 20, 2018. The Cameroonian President sent to represent him, his prime minister, head of government, Philemon Yang.

The latter left Yaoundé yesterday Tuesday, April 17 to London where he will attend only the gathering of Heads of State and Government for the adoption of resolutions taken by experts.

20 years after the last Commonwealth summit in London, the former British colonies are in the United Kingdom with the main objective of strengthening trade within the organization.

"The post-Brexit period could bring great opportunities for the United Kingdom to negotiate bilateral trade agreements with interested member countries," reads a statement from the Commonwealth Secretariat outlining the issues at the meeting. London. Climate change will also be at the center of the debate.

The Commonwealth's first authority, the Queen of England, 91-year-old Elizabeth II, will offer a dinner tomorrow Thursday 19 April to her guests at the British Royal Palace in Buckingham.

One of the highlights of the summit is the return of Zimbabwe 15 years after former President Robert Mugabe's decision to withdraw from the Gentlemen's club to express his dissatisfaction with the United Kingdom's harsh criticism of the Zimbabwean presidential elections in 2003. Emmerson Mnangagwa, Zimbabwe's new strongman, a successor to irremovable Robert Mugabe five months ago, has launched an offensive to improve his country's international relations.