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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Cameroon: The 100 Senators of the second legislative period of Cameroon’s Senate are from rich home and diverse backgrounds

As the 70 elected Senators of the second legislative period and the 30 Senators appointed by the President of the Republic, Paul Biya prepare to commence their fiveyear term of office during the ordinary session as of right on Tuesday, April 24, 2018, many keen political observers have kept on wondering who these Senators are. The interrogations are with regard to the socio-cultural, economic, academic and professional backgrounds of the Senators.

A careful scrutiny of the list of the Senators reveal that they are from diverse backgrounds. All of them are educated, involved in different activities and are committed members of different political parties. Prominent among the Senators are former cabinet ministers and senior State functionaries, university lecturers and other higher institutions of learning both at home and abroad.

Entrepreneurs, prominent economic operators and businessmen are also part of the Senators of the second legislative period. There are equally Senators who before their elections or appointments had been practicing in liberal professions being journalists, jurists, lawyers and engineers.

We also find health practitioners and experts in the agro-pastoral sector. Cameroon Tribune in the ensuing focus tries to present the composition of the Senate paying particular attention to the socio- professional, political and economic backgrounds of the Senators.

The key areas being presented include senior State functionaries and university lecturers, traditional authorities considering the fact that in each of the 10 constituencies there are at least two traditional rulers, economic operators and people in liberal professions.