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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Nigerians have copied and overtaken the West in celebrating youths having intercourses in the toilet, say Reno Omokri

Nigeria social media activist and former aids to President Good luck Jonathan, Reno Omokri has set another controversial tweet this morning where he described how Nigeria's have copied and overtake the west in celebrating youths promoting immoral act in the public.

Making references to the ongoing Big Brother Nigeria were young Nigerians took part in adult acts in the big brother house while parents, children's and friends watch it live at home., read tweet below

 " Instead of copying the West and Asia in science and technology, we want to copy and overtake the West in public indecency like #BBNaija where we celebrate youths publicly having intercourse in a toilet. It is barbaric. It is un-African. Animals not humans should behave that way!"

Omokri say's it is good to copy the west and Asia in promoting science and technology than the other way round.