Friday, February 23, 2018

Anglophone Crisis: Is Creation of More Military Base The Solution??

Yesterday we learned that the President of LA republic du Cameroon had order the creation of new military base in Bemenda to assist in curbing the Anglophone crisis.

Since the bigging of the crisis, Paul Biya have not made an impact positively to resolve the crisis, Intensional bodies have called on Biya to dialogue with the people and put to end the bloody situations in Southern Cameroon but Biya being a stubborn President always gives a deaf ear to advice's.

Ever since the Anglophone crisis begins, more that one thousands of Cameroons Army have been killed not to measure the forces that died in the battle field the Biya regime did not want to talk about. His senseless order would only help in killing more Cameroons Army.

Since he reasons from his anus where his brain is located, he should continues his evils act.

By Doris , afrinews reporter