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Monday, February 26, 2018

Amnesty International Has Just Releases It's Official Report On State Of Human Right In Southern Cameroon For The Year 2017

The International Body Says It Noted The Killing Of More Than 20 Protesters In Southern Part Of Cameroon On The 1st, 2nd October 2017 By Cameroonian Forces.

Amnesty International has just released its report on human rights situation in the world in 2017. As for Cameroon, the record is not rosy. The London-based human rights organization in London reports abuses by the Cameroonian army in the Far North region and the deadly attacks and attacks by the Boko Haram terrorist sect. It denounces the obstacles to freedom of expression, association and assembly, as well as torture and unfair trials. With regard to the Anglophone crisis, she mentioned the banning of Anglophone organizations and the arrest of some of the leaders of the claim in the North West and South West regions. "On 17 January, following demonstrations in the country's English-speaking regions, the Minister of Territorial Administration and Decentralization banned the activities of the National Council of Southern Cameroon (SCNC), a political party, and the Consortium de the English-speaking civil society of Cameroon (CACSC) 2 . On the same day, CACSC president, lawyer Nkongho Felix Agbor-Balla, and his secretary general, Fontem Afortekaa Neba, were arrested after signing a statement calling for non-violent protests. Secretly detained in the State Secretariat for Defense, they were indicted without any justification under the 2014 Anti-Terror Law. They were then transferred to Yaounde's main prison, the capital, and released on decision of the head of state on August 30, along with 53 other English-speaking demonstrators arrested between the end of October 2016 and February 2017, " reads the Amnesty report.

The breakdown of mobile phone services and Internet access between January and April, as well as at the beginning of October, is also mentioned in the report. Amnesty International provides a quantitative assessment of victims of the demonstrations of 1 st and 2 October 2017 Anglophone region. "More than 20 protesters were shot dead by security forces in English-speaking regions the 1 st  and 2 October, and more than 500 were arrested," evaluates the organisation.qui notes that "still others injured in demonstrations, were forced to flee hospitals where they received vital care, for fear of being arrested ". Amnesty also notes the abuses perpetrated against the defense and security forces by English-speaking extremists.  "On the other hand, many members of the security forces, including soldiers and gendarmes, were killed in attacks during the year by English-speaking insurgents in the South and North-West regions."