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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

“We Will Consider Mr. Biya’s Troops Within Our Country as an Act of Aggression and Provocation” – Ambazonia Interim Gov’t Warns

Chris Anu, Secretary for Communication of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia has issued a stern warning to the Gov’t of the Republic of Cameroon to the effect that continuous encroachment of their troops into Ambazonia territory will be interpreted to mean an act of aggression and provocation of war. Anu was responding to a statement made by Cameroun President Paul Biya, on public television in which he said he is about unleashing his troops to retaliate the killings of some five Camerounian troops in Manyu County. Read the full text of Chris Anu’s statement bellow,

 Southern Cameroons – Ambazonia Interim President Julius Ayuktabe.

Fellow Ambazonians, Paul Biya, President of the Republic of Cameroon, has DECLARED WAR and official genocide on all of us. He sanctioned it during a stop at the Yaoundé Airport while on his way from a joint AU-EU summit in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, Thursday November 30.

Today, Friday December 1st, he has summoned a closed-door meeting with all of his Generals and Commanders to formulate the approach to executing the war and genocide.

We do well to note that during his airport stop, Mr. Biya of The Republic of Cameroon, took time to send condolences to families of victims of the five troops killed by unidentified assassins in Manyu County two days ago. After sending the condolences, Biya then accused Ambazonians as carrying out the killings and referred to us collectively as terrorists and secessionists who should be dealt with accordingly. It in this regard that he convened a meeting of his military and Security Council for today, Friday December 1st.

It is important to point out here that within three months only, i.e. (September – November), occupation troops from the Republic of Cameroon have massacred closed to 500 Ambazonians in an undeclared war by the Biya administration on the former British Southern Cameroons. The number include those killed by Biya’s colonial SDOs and Mayors. Many other people are still missing. Some whose figures we don’t know, and may never be known are buried in mass graves across our country, Ambazonia and in East Cameroon. Those who were not killed but shot at, have since been incapacitated for the rest of their lives. Across the border in Nigeria, there are already closed to 40,000 refugees who are escaping from the genocide and brutality that has become associated with the Republic of Cameroon’s troops who occupy our territory. Not to mention the hundreds locked up in prisons across the two territories.

With all these, you will think that Paul Biya who continues to preach a one and indivisible Cameroon would take a second to send condolences and sympathies too to these other victims. No! He does not. He chooses to pay condolences only to the lives of some five soldiers killed by faceless assassins.

It is now one year and counting since this crisis escalated and led to the declaration that restored our statehood on October 1st. To validate the charges that he really doesn’t care about us, Mr. Biya has since snubbed calls to step out to address the crisis. When he finally steps out at the airport for three minutes – in one year to talk about it, what he does is refer to all of us as terrorists and secessionists. We recall that when the other terrorists in the North abducted French citizens, Mr. Biya was ready to negotiate with them, in fact he rushed to negotiate and actually paid them millions in cfa frs. So Mr. Biya can negotiate with Boko Haram, but have no place in his heart to negotiate with people he calls his citizens?

If this isn’t proof enough that Biya cares less about people of the Former British Southern Cameroons, if this isn’t proof enough that he is not willing and ready to negotiate with us, consider what happened in Parliament the other day as more proof.

For the entire span of this crisis, Parliament has now sat for more than one full season. That is, for more than a year. How does one explain the fact that Parliament has met in session after session and never for once pursued a debate on a crisis of this magnitude? When SDF parliamentarians nurtured enough courage this last session to raise the subject, Mr. Biya’s ruling Party, CPDM representatives said it is a taboo subject, and rather than discuss it, they staged a walkout and abandoned the chambers to empty seats.

This crisis is Paul Biya’s making. We, Ambazonians didn’t ask for it, and as such if Mr. Biya thinks he is going to use his troops to intimidate us to submission, he is making a big mistake. We have no choice but to fight and to revert to our own country as known prior to 1961. Ambazonia is that country. It is the country in which the people’s representatives will mean something to our democracy and to the people they represent. Our Parliament will actually function like the people’s House. In our new country, the President will have his ears out for every Ambazonian. In our new country, the police and army will never chase any one down as has been the case for the past 56 years in the Republic of Cameroun.

If anything, the message that Mr. Biya has sent to the rest of the world is that, Ambazonian lives really don’t matter. We do not matter, we are just rats, dogs and terrorists – our lives mean absolutely nothing to him and his administrators.

President Julius AyukeTabe and his entire cabinet of the Interim Gov’t of Ambazonia disclaims the killings to which Mr. Biya refers to all Ambazonians as terrorists and secessionists. The Federal Republic of Ambazonia has no standing army yet, nor ammunition. While this Interim Gov’t condemns in very strong terms, such killings in our territory, we note that troops of the Republic of Cameroon have been in the habit lately of killing civilians in our country and then putting military uniforms on them to suggest that our people are killing their soldiers. This has been proven time and again in Kumba, Bamenda and Mamfe. We won’t be surprised therefore that the killings Biya is referencing are a set-up to subject our territory to open war.

In spite of the open declaration of war by Mr. Biya, the Gov’t of Ambazonia is not going to restrain its citizens by any means from their inherent right to self-defense. If genocide and brutality by the occupying troops of LRC continues against our people within our borders unabated, we will have no choice but to encourage all to defend themselves and defend their families by whatever means they deem fit. Using the same yardstick, we will consider any troops of Mr. Biya’s, present within our country as an act of aggression and provocation.

The Interim Gov’t would like to remind Mr. Biya that the geographical area he claims his troops were killed in, does not actually belong within the internationally recognized boundaries of The Republic of Cameroon. It is Ambazonia territory, the soldiers were intruding. They had no cause to be there. Ambazonia Gov’t will not be responsible for any acts of self-defense by armless people whose lives are harassed by intruding troops from any foreign country.

The Interim Gov’t wants to put every citizen in Ambazonia on the alert of what lies ahead in a few days. We have been informed that in the coming days, the Republic of Cameroon plans a total blackout on electricity and Internet in order to carry out the genocide unreported to the outside world. Troops will enter your neighborhood or your community by night, young boys and girls are their target. If possible, please, take out all your valuables for safe keeping because they will come to steal and to loot.

The Interim Gov’t is once more appealing to the United Nations, the Commonwealth, the African Union and the European Union to prevail on Mr. Biya to address the root cause of this crisis as they have insisted in the recent past. For over 12 months, Mr. Biya has remained intransigent to calls of meaningful dialogue. Mr. Biya and his Gov’t are reminded that no degree of silence in the midst of genocidal acts enacted by his Gov’t against Ambazonians is going to deter our courage and determination to defend our young nation.

President Ayuktabe thanks Parliamentarians of the opposition Social Democratic Front SDF party, for the feat they displayed in Parliament this week in an effort to get the Biya’s gov’t debate the current crisis. If there is anything to be learned from that drama in Parliament, it is that Ambazonian Parliamentarians no longer have a place or a say in Yaounde. And as they return to their various constituencies with their mandates now expired, it is the wish of President Ayuktabe and all Ambazonians that they take time to reflect on their usefulness in Cameroun Parliament vis-à-vis the interest of their people in Ambazonia and make up their minds not to return to Yaoundé. Let’s build our country, let’s build Ambazonia. WE MUST LIVE FREE OR DIE

Signed: Chris Anu

Communication Secretary, Federal Republic of Ambazonia

Friday, December 1, 2017