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Monday, December 11, 2017

Try Detox Water with Cucumber, Lemons, & Limes This Holiday, For Happy Family

It’s hard to believe our newest family addition is 3 weeks old.  We have all been adjusting well and I must say he is such a sweet little guy.  One of our concerns as new moms is that the weight needs to come back off.

This has been a concern for me as I walked out of the hospital weighing more than when I went in!  This was a shock to me as this is the first time that has happened.  I know that it’s largely because of all the fluids that I was on due to the emergency c-section but it was still a shock.

I know it sounds counterproductive but the best way to get rid of the fluids and swelling is to drink more water.  This detox water is filled with cucumber, lemons, and limes that not only add a wonderfully pleasing taste but all 3 of these components have great health benefits as well.

Adding several glasses of this yummy detox water to my daily routine helped my feet return to their normal size and keep me hydrated to keep up with the demands of a newborn and his 2 older brothers.

Source : Teaspoon of Goodness