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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Southern Cameroon Crisis : Issa Tchiroma Bakary Lied Again


Issa Tchiroma Bakary did not give precise figures. But according to the government spokesman, the military operations in the northwest and south-west following the proliferation of attacks against the security and defense forces, are beginning to bear fruit. Faced with the press Monday in his ministerial department in Yaoundé, the Minister of Communication delivered a first assessment of the situation.

"The terrorists had taken the advantage of the thick forest backed by neighboring Nigeria to set up secret training camps from which they organized raids on defense force positions. It was at this level that the 3rd category forces had to take action through tactical units and carried out force operations aimed at securing the exposed areas, tracking the enemy and securing the borders, " said Issa. Tchiroma.

In recent weeks, numerous attacks on military positions have been recorded around Mamfe in the Manyu Department, located on the western border of Cameroon. These attacks have, in just two months, already cost the lives of 15 soldiers, gendarmes and policemen. Just yesterday, four gendarmes were killed in Kembong locality, in the same department of Manyu.

On instructions from the Head of State, the army has launched operations to maintain order and security . "During these military operations, heavy defeats have been inflicted on bloodthirsty secessionist criminals , " the government spokesman said. Without giving the details of the figures, Issa Tchiroma said that "following the denial operations thus carried out the refuges of these hordes of assassins were literally razed and the villages previously taken hostage, were released from the yoke of terrorism. "

Boasting the "xemplary"professionalism of the Cameroonian military, the Minister of Communication added that there have been no casualties for both civilians and the military. On the other hand, he said, "on the enemy side, many terrorists have been permanently neutralized, several suspects arrested, large quantities of weapons of war and hunting, as well as hundreds of military minutions and uniforms. seized " .

He added that"transmission and optical equipment, as well as large stocks of propaganda media have been recovered. Exhibition sites and parades on which terrorists had raised their banners, were also recovered and sanctuary .

Source : Cameroon-Info