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Monday, December 18, 2017

Southern Cameroon Crisis : Cameroonian Refugees Take Over Obudu Ranch Resort

Except urgent steps are taken by Federal and cross river state government’s, water borne and other communicable diseases are imminent within and around Obudu Ranch Resort where thousands of English speaking Cameroonians including women and children have taken over the Nigeria tourism hotspot, Obudu Ranch Resort as their home.

Already facilities around the ranch community have been stressed due to the influx of the asylum seekers from Akwaya Tinda and other neighboring village which are just a few kilometres away  from Obudu Cattle Ranch.

When AIT's Rasheed Olanrewaju visited some of their camps at both Amana and ranch, hundreds of children, including pregnant women and others who have already given birth in the community without proper health care, were seen even as their husbands narrated their ordeals.

Some of the pregnant women, Itekpa Solomon and Martina Solomon who lost their loved ones to the crisis said they prefer to stay in the Nigerian community despite their conditions.

Already, the ranch communities, through their liaison officers are complaining of open defecation and unhealthy living by the asylum seekers.

The English speaking nationals in Cameroon have long protested against what they perceived as an unhealthy treatment by  the francophone majority. Their protests on October 1, 2017, with a demanding for autonomy, was met with a crackdown by the Paul Biya Government. including, raids and restrictions on travel for days in their homes resulting in some of them fleeing the country.

Source : AllAfricanews