Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Southern Cameroon Crisis : A 30 Years Old Prophecy Comes True

Regionalism - The Anglophone who Constitute some 20 percent of the population of nearly 10 million , fear their gradually assimilation into the dominate Francophone community according to US Embassy reporting.

Although they currently lack the leadership and unity to effectively challenge Biya rule , we believe the Anglophone minority is a potential time bomb and should the Central government fail to respect their culture and linguistic traditions , the two millions strong community may view armed confrontation as their only alternative.

Cameroon is officially bilingual but without a perfect mastering of French. It's difficult for anglophones to gain admittance to the best schools and to enter the civil services.

According to US Embassy , Anglophones students attending the university of Yaounde are potential volatile group. Student demands include the creation of English- Language University.

Greater government efforts to promote bilingualism , and a possible return to a federal state. Although the security services could probable handle an outbreak of violence at a series of schools , we believe it would be a significant setback blow to Biya effort to develop national and reconciliation.