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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Photo : Journalist Chantal Roger Sitting in Front of united States Embassy in Yaounde and Promised to Remain Sitting Until Death Ensure

The journalist settled in front of the United States Embassy. He accuses the director of the CNPS of seeking to have him jailed unjustly and claims the support of the Minister of Communication Issa Tchiroma Bakary.

Sitting on the floor at the entrance of the United States Embassy in Yaounde. This is how the television reporters Canal 2 International found the journalist Chantal Roger Tuile. In the report broadcast since the evening of December 12, 2017, the editor of the newspaper La Tribune de l'Est Economie is collapsed in front of signs that indicate he is on hunger strike.  "It'll be fine until death ensues,  " he says to the microphone. He explains that for him, life is no longer worth it if he can not tell the truth.

The founder of the political party Standing Cameroon said he went to the Center for Human Rights and Democracy in Central Africa to plead his case. He greets "the minister Issa Tchiroma of the communication that has supported us at all times in this affair said that we can go to the embassy of the United States, that it is too much that kind of exasperation , that kind of provocation ". He claims to be the subject of an unjustified cabal. "You can not provoke a journalist who has given all his proofs. And we can not send someone to Kondengui for a press offense , "he trumpets.

With five lawsuits brought against him in Douala and Yaoundé by the director general of the CNPS (National Social Insurance Fund), he finds himself somewhat lonely with the judges. Chantal Roger Tuile indicates that 3 of his lawyers no longer come to hearings because they no longer have his documents. He speaks of death threats and denounces a desire to imprison him.  

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