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Monday, December 11, 2017

Patrice Nganang Release His First Letter From His Judicial Police Cell In Yaounde Ever Since He Was Arrested

By Patrice NGANANG

"Our country will not get out of this war, which in front of us counts its dead, without a new social contract." The writing of a new Constitution is at bottom, what agitates the English-speaking Cameroon, whatever the tendency of his request"

The dawn of a new Republic
The writing is based on Freedom, courage and honesty. It is the use of the alphabet to make sense. And yet never has this definition of my activity been imposed on me during these moments of my incarceration. This one recalls indeed that the writer is and will always be in front of the State and therefore, on the side of the causes of this one said lost, but which nevertheless point to our future. Here, the anglophone cause. Here, moreover, the Ambazonian cause. Because today in our country, it is there, of this pulsating side of Moungo that I crossed several times these last weeks, for journeys which are quarreled, it is on the English side of the Moungo that is the courage What is honesty and where is freedom? I lived them, one of the most sublime moments of my life.

And yet, the writer that I am, has and will have for only instrument to express these virtues that the alphabet. The alphabet is ideal, is taught to our children by each of us, and as the Penal Code tells us, whoever is a parent and refuses to go to school, to instruct his child, to the prison. This means that the teaching of the alphabet is a civic obligation. Only, the alphabet is non-violent. There is the distinction between the writer and any other person - whether soldier or viper, the writer is non-violent. For those who use the alphabet, nonviolence is written in their own instrument of work. This, even if the position of the writer, places it fundamentally on the side of those whose historical mission is to reverse the state of things, to impulse change, therefore.

Cameroon will be English speaking or will not be. This is in fact the credo of the battle that is shaking this country - already in our families where children are instead sent to English schools, when they themselves are French-speaking. It has ceased to be bilingual as required by the Constitution, to become a francophone state. And those he sends to the front, are francophones, like the ones they kill are Anglophones. Faced with this clarity of the front line, the writer's position - this cantor of freedom, courage and honesty - is easily identifiable. It is not even a question of reflection, but of reflex. Here I stand and can not be elsewhere, said Luther, when the question of Protestantism resonated in Germany, said Emerson, when that of slavery shook the United States, and of course on Mongo Beti, like that of the Maquis asked the Cameroonian conscience to identify. Here, I stand, in prison, and can not be elsewhere, because it is in prison that today, in Cameroon, that freedom is defined. It is here that courage and honesty manufacture the Republic of tomorrow.

Our country will not escape this war which before us counts its dead, without a new social contract. The writing of a new Constitution is basically what is agitating English-speaking Cameroon, regardless of the trend of its demand. Now, a Constitution being written, we return, here also, on the expressed need, of a new writing, and thus, on the necessity of the writer as janitor of the Republic. This is indeed the foundation of a new Republic, one that has in its pulsations, respect for the freedom of each of us, to become what it is. That such a Republic is possible only to the extent that its parturition sets in motion the sagacity, the imagination, of the children of this country is obvious. That it is possible only on the ashes of this diet is out of focus. And finally that it is really feasible that when Biya has joined the place that awaits him in kondengui no longer needs to be discussed. How many good people will they be incarcerated or lose their lives in defense of a regime already condemned? The answer to this question more and more escapes the Cameroonians to be summed up in the hands of the soldiers - soldiers, gendarmes, policemen - to whom the renewal gives the order to kill. Our collective liberation will begin the day when, as once in Bamenda, they will rather respond to their professional duty, and therefore citizen, to stand at the side of the Cameroonian people. That day, the Nation will finally rise on the Republic and the tyrant will flee.

PJ, Yaoundé, the 09/12/2017