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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Media regulator bans journalist from practicing in Cameroon

The National Communication Council,NCC, has banned some reporters from practicing journalism in Cameroon. The country’s media regulator, also sanctioned several media outlets, reporters and publishers

According to the NCC sanctions, made public on December 19,  Chantal Roger Tuile  of  l’Est √©conomie, was banned from practicing journalism in Cameroon. Tuile is hammered for his controversial report over salaries of Director Generals at the National Social Insurance fund, CNPS. He is equally indicted for his battle reports with Mekulu Mvondo Akame, the Director General of CNPS.

The NCC also bashed five journalists of the Television media outlet Vision 4.  In the station, Sidoine Monkam received a two-month suspension for her unethical report on the Vincent Sosth√®ne Fouda case,  Ernest Obama and Jean Jacques Ze received the same sanction for the same reasons.

Meanwhile, Parfait Ayissi Etoa, also a Vision 4 journalist, was given one month suspension following a complain by a group of lawyers for his malicious pronouncements during his show Tour d’horizon, which to them discredited their profession. The program was equally suspended for a month.

In another case, Belinga Amougou, head of L’Anecdote group, was suspended from all his functions as Director of publication for a period of two months. The Pelican Newspaper and its Director received three months suspension for publishing baseless, offensive and insinuating accusations against Paul Elung Che.

Source : Journalducameroun