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Monday, December 18, 2017

Gregory Owona to Monsignor Samuel Kleda: "Let bishops do their bishop work, let politicians do their job as politicians. We do not discuss power with them "

The RDPC minister and deputy secretary-general reacts to a recent media outing by the Archbishop of Douala who believed that only Paul Biya's withdrawal from politics could solve the Anglophone crisis.

Gregory Owona did not like the last exit of Monsignor Samuel Kleda in the columns of our colleague The new expression. "I insist that if President Paul Biya loves this country, he should rather withdraw than listen to those who ask him to represent himself. There is a time for everything. I hope that a council of wise people, a council composed of people who love this country, will be set up to find solutions to all these problems that arise today, " he said. On Dec. 15 in the program Decryption (Vision 4), the Minister and Deputy Secretary General of the CPDM was invited to respond to these words of the Archbishop of Douala. He laughs at first, and ends up saying: "First, I am a believing Catholic. It is not good for me to come on a television set to tell Bishop Kleda what I think. But as you ask me the question I will not run away, I will not go out. You know the bishops of the Northwest had taken position before Bishop Kleda. He will forgive me, I had a conversation with him. I told him: "Monseigneur you are my bishop - because my main residence for the moment is in Douala - I will answer as a believing Catholic to the bishops of the North West to tell them my position as a citizen Cameroonians. I had an exchange with Monsignor Kleda that I was strongly suggested not to answer. I saw a few months later how his position evolves, not far from them but I have not said anything yet ", reports Gregory Owona. Who asks the man of God to deal only with the affairs of his congregation and his faithful? "I simply want to say to Monsignor Kleda to take care of our souls, to give us the advice so that we can make life more pleasant in this world. May the bishops do their bishop work, let the politicians do their job as politicians. We do not discuss power with them they have a timeless power, they leave us the temporal power , " suggests the politician.

He says, referring to the Anglophone crisis, that "the problem is under control" because  "there is a leader in this country". For him, "the problem is well followed". He adds that "there are solutions that come". According to him, as long as the extremists do not have what they want they will not stop. At the place of the bishops he has these words  : "the primary role of these bishops is to appease and not to put gasoline and oil on fire."  

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