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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

English speaking crisis - Jean Marc Bikoko, President of Citizen Dynamics: "The Anglophone problem is a political and governance crisis"

During a National Coordination meeting of Citizen Dynamics that took place from December 8 to 9 in Yaoundé, this CSO condemned the violence perpetrated by the Government and the English-speaking activists.

In Cameroon, anglophones represent 20% of the population. More than a year ago, they unleashed a series of corporatist demands in their regions of origin, including the Northwest and the Southwest, which turned into political demands that led to strikes and riots. . During a national coordination meeting held by Dynamique Citoyenne, in the presence of representatives in the 10 regions of the country, from December 8 to 9 in Yaoundé, Jean Marc Bikoko, the president, gave the position of this organization of the civil society about the crisis.

"  The government has not thought of easing tensions despite the legitimacy of the claims of English-speaking citizens. Indeed, Anglophones are marginalized in many ways and their claims are not far removed from that of many Cameroonians. It is therefore a political and governance crisis  , "says Jean Marc Bikoko.

For Citizen Dynamics, the measures taken by the Government as responses to the problems posed are structural and cyclical, but the problem of governance system remains. "  The governance system is highly centralized and this situation has several consequences, including administrative burdens, the disempowerment of local authorities, the distance between the decision-making center and the communities, which hampers the process of managing local problems by citizens  " continues Jean Marc Bikoko.

However, Citizen Dynamics vehemently condemns the repressive actions of the state and also castigates acts of violence perpetrated by English-speaking activists. For this, "  we propose that the Government initiate a national pyramidal dialogue, from the base (district), to the summit. Cameroonians must more than ever sit down and dialogue to solve our problems  ", proposes the president of Dynamic Citizenship, which also requires the acceleration of the judicial process of the persons incarcerated within the framework of the English crisis, in default of their liberation pure and simple.

Source : Cameroon-net