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Friday, December 22, 2017

English-speaking crisis - Habiba Issa (UPC president): "The government should make the Cameroonian people understand that federalism is not separatism"

The Union of the People of Cameroon (UPC) decides on the Anglophone crisis. Its new president Habiba Issa spoke on the issue on December 18th on Equinoxe television. She felt that the approach of the government that sent missions to the English-speaking regions is not the right one.

"If there is this problem it is no longer a problem to send people. It's a state problem. The President of the Republic should in my humble opinion get down on the ground look for men in the English-speaking area, traditional authorities, religious, see what the problem is and find the solution.

Even the fact that Prime Minister Philemon Yang sometimes led delegations there is viewed with a bad eye by the leader of the nationalist party. "He of course sent the Prime Minister, is he really accepted and loved by his people? One can be English-speaking and not be loved by one's people, "she asks , adding that " the approach is very weak. We need an inclusive dialogue. It needs a serious dialogue. It is necessary that this story of without Cameroonians who pours himself, all the time, every day, every minute, stops flowing ".

Habiba Issa supports the option of federalism based on the example of Nigeria.  "Federalism immediately brings development to the country. If there is no federalism, decentralization is going to be a semblance of decentralization, " she says, arguing that the federal system is generating emulation between federated states. "  The government should make the Cameroonian people understand that federalism is not separatism and that we are simply federated. So that each region can quietly develop its territory, " recommends the first woman president of the UPC.

Source : Cameroon-Info