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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Emmanuel Simh: "Nganang is the victim of a political settlement"

In an interview with Défis Actuels on newsstands this Monday, December 18, 2017, Emmanuel Simh indicates what the different charges against Patrice Nganang correspond to: " The apology for crime is the act of supporting or boasting a crime that has been committed. But we are not told what crime has been committed and why it is praised, "said the lawyer.

" It is said that he threatens anyone with gunshot death, but the person is not said to have threatened death. The threat must be well targeted to a specific person. Finally, with respect to the contempt of court, they say he outraged the army by saying that the military is asking people for money , "he continues.

For Me Emmanuel Simh, Patrice Nganang is just a victim of a political settlement. "He has been critical of Mr. Biya's governance for a long time and we have been waiting for a lesser incident to stop him." Patrice Nganang faces 5 years in prison.

If he refuses to comment on the writings of his client on social networks, Emmanuel Simh believes that a serious government should not stop an individual for a "fantasy". " There are thousands of people who dream of Mr. Biya's departure. Some are tired of this diet and Mr. Nganang, in exasperation said that. Now, is he a real physical threat to Paul Biya? What Mr. Nganang wrote may seem like a fantasy right now. Does a serious government have to stop someone for that? "

" Mr. Nganang said something that is impossible to achieve. You can not, with so much conditionality, condemn someone for that. Moreover, in his writings, he says that Paul Biya does not exist. How could it be a threat to someone he does not consider existing? Those who arrested Nganang do not even have the sense of humor and second-rate reading. But in law, the threat must be plausible for it to be punishable, otherwise it is only fantasy, "concludes Mr. Simh.

Source : Cameroon-Info