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Saturday, December 16, 2017

Cameroon - Presidential trips: For the first time, Franck Emanuel Biya appears in the reception of Paul Biya in the VIP lounge at Yaoundé-Nsimalen International Airport.

It's rare enough to be stressed ! Franck Emmanuel Biya, 47 years old, was yesterday Friday, December 15, 2017 at the VIP lounge of Yaounde-Nsimalen International Airport, in the reception facility of his dad, Paul Biya, Head of State, returning from an official four-day trip to Paris, France.

In the report broadcast in the 20:30 state television, a zoom was made on the presence in good place of the eldest son of the President of the Republic.

To believe our ???, it is the first time that Franck Emmanuel Biya is thus highlighted in the device of reception of the president of the Republic of return of a trip which is not deprived.

Suddenly, voices rise to question the reasons that led the very discreet Franck Biya to be in the spotlight suddenly. Some suspect the caciques of the regime, pure conservatives, prepare Franck Emmanuel Biya for the succession of his father, 84, leader of the country for 35 years.

"Gabon, Togo and even the DRC have shown the way. Anything is possible, especially in Gabon, the successor has the coast with Africans "reacted a surfer. "In Gabon as in Togo, daddy's sons had already acquired some government experience in very important positions" replies another surfer. The subject is extensively debated on the web.

If Franck Biya who lives in the discretion has no political figure, indiscretions within the circles of the power in Yaoundé confide that the eldest son of the president of the Republic often influenced behind the scenes, the composition of the government and the distribution of the cards policies across the country in various sections of CPDM, the ruling political party.

"Informal adviser to his father, he is behind the appointment of Alamine Ousmane Mey, Minister of Finance. In the heart of the state, there are also three of his cousins. Dieudonné Evou Mekou, who for the past ten years had headed the Autonomous Sinking Fund, became in July vice-governor of the Bank of Central African States (BEAC). The second, Martin Bilé Bidjang, dentist in a parapublic hospital, was propelled in 2009 in charge of mission in Etoudi.As for Bonaventure Mvondo Assam, he was elected deputy to the National Assembly "revealed last week the weekly Jeune Afrique.

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