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Thursday, December 21, 2017

Cameroon OIC workers go amok over seven months of unpaid salaries

Journal duCameroun

The workers demanded for the payment of their seven months of accumulated salaries.

Clad in mourning attires, the COIC employees staged a demonstration at the institution’s premises, chanting and decrying the school administration which they say is not only incompetent, but also brutal and inhumane.  They carried placards bearing messages such as: “Treat OIC workers as human beings, not as slaves or military men and women”; “Stop insulting female staff, women are to be respected”; “No to employment of friends and relatives”; “Include Technicians in your management team”; “Board Chairman usurped position of Programme Director and Office,” and so on.

They also asked the Board Chair to pay their complete salaries up to December 2017. The workers also demanded the COIC Board Chair to respect employee ethics, stating that they reject a personal policy signed on a Public Holiday, January 1, 2017.

The employees, who also asked the administration to provide materials for effective training, say they are angry and exasperated with enormous promises assuring them that their worries will be addressed.

According to the Staff Representative, Martin Ephanga Ndive, during the seven months of unpaid salaries, the administration has not shown remorse.  “We know that Cameroon OIC has an Executive Director, but, surprisingly and shockingly, our Board Chairman, who has been on for the past two years comes to the centre on a daily bases.

The Programme Director would have been running around to see that our salaries are paid, but since he came and took over the position of the Programme Director, the office is almost useless. He is complaining of incompetence, but we have studied and realised that it is he, the Board Chair, who is incompetent, because, he has reversed almost all the good things he met,” Ephanga stated.

“Before today, there have been a series of meetings and what has angered us most is the way he spoke to us in the last meeting. His words were not heart-warming, he said if there’s just one month salary and the workers don’t want to take it, they should leave it,” Ephanga further stated.

When Journal du Cameroun got to the Board Chair, Moses Ekeke Njuma, he denied the allegations of misappropriation of funds, usurpation of power and unfair treatment. Hear him:”Those are their allegations, but the details are there for everyone to see. Also, the workers are not the ones to appreciate or not to appreciate the management of the new team. They are not just being honest to themselves. We happen to be a team that inherited near FCFA 500 million, because of the massive embezzlement that has been going on. We have asked them to be patient and we are working hard to see that their salaries are paid,” Ekeke stated.

The Regional Delegate of Employment and Vocational Training, John Igondoh Atosoh, who was notified about the strike action, asked the workers to stay calm stating that their problems will be looked into.

Journal duCameroon