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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Cameroon: Letter from journalist and activist Boris Bertolt to Patrice Nganang

"You attacked my training when I opposed your invectives against Achille Mbembe, whose work guides my daily action .. Faced with Haman Mana, you described me as a hungry little student who was expecting 100,000 fcfa. it does not detract from the respect, esteem and brotherhood I feel for the work you are doing for this country. "

Dear Patrice,

It's been almost a week since you were kidnapped in grotesque conditions and detained by the repressive and oppressive apparatus of the oldest tyranny of Africa. A regime that kills with impunity, fires at its population that starves its people, puts trade unionists in prison, tortures political opponents, plunders state wealth, and represses the people. In these regimes, the law is at the service of the ruling class, the oppressor, the elite to perpetuate its domination. The people have no right. This is the starting point for any analysis of the political system in Cameroon.

 When I think every day, every night to you, to your pain, to your suffering. It hurts my powerlessness to get you out of all the ways of the arms of tyranny. But, I think of a man as a philosophical guide. I am thinking of the Italian Antonio Gramsci. The one who opposed the Fascism of Benito Mussolini. You see in 1926, the fascist prosecutor who must condemn it says: "We must prevent this brain from functioning for 20 years". Patrice is really the goal of your kidnapping. Do not stop talking, denouncing, thinking. For all tyranny is hostile to ideas and intellectuals. Writer, you're even more dangerous. Like Mongo Beti, Wole Soyinka, Soljetsine, and so on ...

Cameroon really needs intellectuals committed to serving the people, the oppressed. The intellectual elite produced since 1960 in Cameroon has had the exception of some illustrious like Mongo Beti, Jean Marc √Čla and even Achille Mbembe put at the service of these colonial prefects who simply perpetuated the violence and domination colonial. Samir Amin had predicted it. To liberate the people, Gramsci proposed organic intellectuals who would work for the emancipation of the popular masses. In Cameroon, you belong to this category. The liberating intellectuals. Those who sacrifice their time, energy, money, family, children to build change. Can we reasonably not recognize it? No. I am you personally, recognize your pain, your suffering. Maybe not yours because you know where you're going, but your wife's. I did not get her on the phone, but she will have been a key player in alerting international opinion on the behavior of this dying dictatorship.

Some people question the reasons for my support. They are not wrong. They say you insulted them. I would say to them as they say at home in Madagascar: Nganang does not insult who? You rolled me off when I supported Owona Nguini who today calls me ethnofascite (he forgets that his father thief is one of the main theoreticians of ethnicism in Cameroon). You attacked my training when I opposed your invectives against Achille Mbembe whose work guides my daily action. Faced with Haman Mana, you called me a hungry little student who was expecting 100,000 CFA francs. But Patrice, that does not take away all the respect, the esteem and the fraternity that I feel for the work you are doing for this country.

They denounce the violence of your words but turn a blind eye to the violence of the oppressor who silently kills them when he does not do so brutally. Those who oppress them are arrogant, contemptuous, proud. They are silent and return their weapons against those who fight with them and for them. It is the syndrome of the oppressed. What they do not know is that in the context of dictatorship only violence emancipates. Frantz Fanon emphasized that only the violence of the oppressed is liberating.

Despite this rogue state that rules our lives, you build schools, bridges, creates places of thought. In reality you structure dissent. The coefficient of reluctance dear to Mbembe and necessary for the change.

This work is above all the things you have said about me. Because it is a work that deals with the interests of the community, the people. But the people are above us. Cameroonians since 1955 put their emotions and personal interests before those of the group, the masses, the community. This is one of the things that radically affects change in this country.

Patrice, you are for me an intellectual of change. An individual who has decided to sacrifice his soul, his flesh in the service of liberation. You embody a rare race on this continent whose misery structures the relationship to values ​​and money conditions social recognition.

I will fight with you because I am convinced that you are nothing but another oppressed of the oldest dictatorship in Africa. How many of us definitely want to put an end to this diet? How much are we asking for Paul Biya's departure. We do not use the alphabet in the same way, but it's still the alphabet we use to create and build the ground for anger. It is only the interpretation of this alphabet that diverges. But the oppressors interpret the alphabet in their interests. They understand NGANANG but know he does not think the alphabet like them. That's why they want to kill you to keep you from thinking about the alphabet differently. I AM PATRICE NGANANG.
Boris Bertolt