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Monday, December 11, 2017

Cameroon - English-speaking crisis: The National Commission for Human Rights calls on "the people to show responsibility by taking with reserve the information conveyed by the media likely to oppose the Cameroonians"

The President of the National Commission for Rights and Freedoms signed a statement on December 4, 2017.

The escalation of violence in English-speaking areas is provoking many reactions. In the statement signed by its president, the National Commission for Rights and Freedoms (CNDHL)"condemns violence from wherever it comes" . The organization, on the other hand, "encourages the continuation of a constructive dialogue, with a view to finding lasting solutions to the concerns of the parties"

Moreover, Chemuta Divine Banda , President of the NCHRF "  invitespeople of Cameroon to do not give in tothe panic and to make proof ofresponsibility in taking to reserve theinformation conveyed here and there bythe media, and which are of Nature tooppose the Cameroonians and to createa position of psychosis widespread,conducive to the escalation of theviolence. " .              

Here is the entire press release: