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Monday, December 11, 2017

Cameroon - Anglophone crisis - Pr Ebenezer Njoh Mouelle: "Let's first evacuate the demands for secession and independence"

Professor Ebenezer Njoh Mouelle could not escape the inevitable questions about the Anglophone crisis on December 10, 2017. The guest of the show The Arena (Canal 2 International) explained that he had given his position in the one of his last works.  "In the book Speech on Cameroon this was caught up and updated before the book's release. In this anglophone problem, let us first evacuate the demands for secession and independence.

 I believe that everyone here agrees that Cameroon must remain one. This is my position too. It is affirmed in this book.Reminding anyway that Cameroon is the country of Mount Cameroon ", said the eminent philosophy teacher.

He says that we should not consider that the French and English languages ​​are the characteristics of the new ethnic groups. And advocates true decentralization.

"We are not yet in the decentralization, with just the sending of some endowments to town halls," he quipped. And to explain what this form of governance says:  "Decentralization is actually the organization of elections for the establishment of regional assemblies which are kind of regional parliaments with their regional councils which are kinds of governments of regions and which solve economic problems, while the rest remain centralized ". The academic indicates that foreign affairs, money, customs and armies remain in the hands of the central state.

For him, the great advantage of decentralization is that it can allow some to have the freedom to decide what concerns them on a daily basis.

Source : Cameroon-net