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Saturday, December 16, 2017

Breaking News : Common Wealth Secretary General Hon Patricia Scotland Currently In Cameroon For Peace Talk on Ambazonia - Southern Cameroon Crisis

Common wealth Secretary-General , Hon Patricial Scotland will meet with President Paul Biya and Prime Minister Philemon Yang, in addition to ministers, opposition party leaders and civil society representatives.

Honourable Patricia Scotland, Common Wealth Secretary General

Patrica will pay a 5 days visit to Cameroon on the purpose of discussing the concrete way in which the common wealth can surpot Cameroon efforts to address the present challenges in currently faces.

Read tweets reply below,,,

"I will arrive in #Cameroon today to start a five-day official visit. This visit will allow me to discuss concrete ways in which the #Commonwealth can support Cameroon’s efforts to address the pressing challenges it currently faces" Common Wealth Secretary General

@PScotlandCSG as a CommonWealth Secretary-General, a visit Cameroun without a visit to former British Cameroon is not a complete visit. Go and see for yourself the atrocities ongoing in Manyu County on the command of #PaulBiya. #IAmManyu #Ambazonia #FreeAllArrested #genocide

"We can only dialogue as 2 separate Countries on diplomatic relations. Former British Southern Cameroons -  Ambazonia & the Republic of Cameroon. Separation is the only solution. #Ambazonia #AmbaExit #FreeAllArrested "

"Can't wait. Remember #SouthernCameroons is #Cameroon's ticket into the @commonwealthsec. Marginalization, internet shutdown/restrictions, arbitrary arrests/jailing can't continue or be tolerated. Get them to #FreeAllArrested #BringBackOurInternet #KeepItOn & dialogue"

"Could you ask la republique du cameroun why they chase us #Ambazonians out of our own land on exile to be refugees? Also ask why our Brothers are in their prisons? Ask to visit Kondengui prison.
#AmbazonianRefugees "

"To better understand the problem please visit the Anglophone regions and talk with the people themselves. The govt is definitely going to feed you with lies"

"Go at Kondengui and visit the dictatorship prisoner MANCHO and NGANANG.
Don't listen Yang and Tchiroma they lie.
#FreeNganang "

"Its taken you a whole year 2 realize cameroon has challenges.After months of killings, torture & displacement of thousands of citizens, u suddenly realize there are challenges.The only challenge you have as an organization is being unable to speak the truth. Work on that."

"That southern cameroon is the country u are visiting not the french republic of biya where only french is spocken"

"Hi Patricia as you go to Cameroon the people of southern Cameroons Ambazonia wants you to tell Biya and his government to stop the genocide on our people and let us go. Ambazonia is not part of LRC "

"Madam, hope you will do the right thing and #FreeSouthernCameroons She's the reason why #Cameroun is a @commonwealth member Unfortunately independence by joining has failed and she has the right to exit after 56 years of marginalization, annexation, #humanrights abuses #Ambazonia "

"Biya declare war on armless southern cameroonians#genocide#internent shutdown to hide evidence#refugies in nigeria"

"Please not that the Republic of Cameroon want to force unity by arresting, torturing, killing, inflicting pains etc, the main opposition party SDF want federation which has never worked and was systematical replaced with forced unity, but the people want outright separation"