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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Biafra group reacts to renewed violence in Cameroon

Biafra Nations Youth League, BNYL, says it has engaged Southern Cameroons separatists over the recent violent outbreak in Eyoumojock subdivision of Mamfe west, occupied by the Ejagham speaking people.

Ebuta Agbor Takon, the Deputy Chief and Head of operations of Biafra Broadcasting Service said the group is concerned over the situation in Southern Cameroons and thus revealed plans to extend the BBS coverage to the region.

It recalled it has reached an agreement with a Governing Council established by separatists in the past year, for mutual benefiting interest.

“recently a particular group has carried out an attack in Eyoumojock, killing 8 Cameroon security agencies, I think the Cameroon government attitude towards the people resulted in militia actions”.

Agbor Takon who hails from Etung, in Cross River State falls under the Ejagham ethnic group, he alarmed the people suffered many casualties during military operations shutting down the border of Ekok few kilometre away from Ikom.

He revealed that during the shutdown, Ejagham people across Cross River State and Mamfe in Cameroon who mainly focused on cross boarder business were affected more.

BNYL said the group and Ambazonia Governing Council are in working alliance for the interest of Biafra and Southern Cameroons and cooperation has been the results among them.

He said BNYL has called for dialogue between a new separatists interim government formed on 1st October 2017 in Mamfe and the AGC to avoid end disappointment.

Meanwhile, the group said Cameroon government is holding more than fifty of its supporters and allies.

“One is Geo Tang and Eric Ngu both of whom were arrested along with hundreds of others in Bamenda in connection to the riot, We are also asking Cameroon to release the AGC Deputy Leader Applaud Prince who led his team to meet with us in Uyo on 20th February 2016 where we held a fruitful discussion and reached a resolution, he has spent a year in prison, they have no hand in Bamenda riot.

Takon said the BNYL has made inroads into the troubled regions to encourage the people. “As an Ejagham man, I and my group cannot abandon the extended Ejagham family in Cameroon.

He said a lot were behind the group’s working alliance with Southern Cameroons.

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