Saturday, November 25, 2017

If You Dont Have Sex For More Than 66 Times A Year , You Can Die - Ghanaian Counselor Lutterodt Says

The controversial counselor has dropped yet another hot relationship advice and this time he is talking how much sex we should get in a year.

Counselor Lutterodt who is currently promoting his annual orgasm conference, in one of the posters used for promotion revealed that as human beings, there is the need to engage in sex for sixty six times and more in a year.

According to him anything short of that could lead to the death of people. read comments below

"I have not had sex for more than four years now and I'm still alive "

"That is not true , I have stay for some years without sex and I'm still living"

" My dad passed on in 1990 and my mum never remarried and know male friend ,she is 83 years old hale and health"

"I don't doubt him, maybe it happens in Ghana"

"Stop impacting bad advice to the youths"

And in my own Opinion , I don't believe him. What happens to Reverend Father's and Sisters??