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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Cameroon gets 13bn FCFA EU donation to help refugees


The European Union (EU), through the Emergency Trust Fund (FFU), has donated 13 billion CFA francs to Cameroon to take care of refugees and displaced persons in the far-north region of Cameroon fleeing Boko Haram, APA learned from official source.This aid is also intended for victims of acts of banditry and insecurity in the northern regions of Adamawa, the Far North and the North.

The financial support, according to the head of the EU delegation in Cameroon, Hans-Peter Schadek, aims to ensure the stability of the local population and enable them to carry out income-generating activities, as many of them were forced to leave their localities because of insecurity.

“This support from the European Union in an emergency situation is not an isolated action. The EU is mobilizing these instruments in response to the situation prevailing in these regions, a way for us to participate in building peace through local development,” the European diplomat said.

Hailing the efforts made by non-governmental organizations (NGOs), associations, institutions and states to fight terrorism in Cameroon, EU is positioning itself as a major player in the social reintegration of victims, where more 60 billion CFA francs are mobilized for the rural development sector.

In this perspective, the 13 billion CFA francs released by the EU will be mainly invested in projects related to agriculture, livestock and fisheries.

Source : Cameroon journal