Monday, January 9, 2017

Taken Another wife not proper at his age 'Jide Kosoko

Actor hide kosoko who lost his wife to a brief illness in June 2016 Say's no deed for taken other wife because of his age and that late wife left him with kids and two teenagers to take care of until they grown Recent interview with the Point he narrated the caused of wife dead, read below
'" She died of complications that arose from diabetes. Honestly, my family, friends and colleagues stood by me and I appreciate that.
Of course, you will always have one or two persons, who would say one or two negative things. But you see, in my life, I have fought so many battles and I have won all. It is only people who want to be crushed that would confront me in war, because the Almighty God has His plans for me. It is just quite unfortunate that these things are happening to me, but I would still thank the Almighty God for everything. There are reasons for everything and I want to believe that it is natural’.
When asked if he’ll be taking a new wife, he said,
‘If at this age, I still think of taking a wife, when I have over a dozen children, it is madness. On January 12, I will be 63. I am taking care of some of the children, while others are now adults. She left and left me with two teenagers’.