Tuesday, January 17, 2017


 Donald Trump controversially from its foundations, has caused an earthquake in the traditional way of doing politics, attacking immigrant communities, surfing among waves of fraud, who still insistently hit headlines, but in spite of all this on January 20, President of the United States of America.

And in the mean time, I wonder, what is the press's desire to show you and educate you about conflicts of interest? Would not it be perfect, let him make the most mistakes ?, And see him to the final where he belongs? In a jail for his multiple fraudulent activities?

That will take care of the time, if it is the Russian spy, or a simple puppet of Vladimir Putin we will not be able to support us in such strong statements, what if we can is to reaffirm the series of doubts that remain latent as that Mr. Trump is arrested Of confidential and privileged information that may have been subtracted from it, and of which the rumors must be true must be held accountable that could lead to a cell that is not very comfortable.

But let me leave my brows with Mr. Trump to focus on an issue that concerns us, and is the constant outrage to the immigrant community and especially Latinos, I understand that "contempt" is mutual, but the title of president Of the United States of America requires, and will use the word "perhaps" since in this future administration nothing is written and much less can be taken for granted, that the new head of the administration adjusts his verbal cavalcades and gives them a turn Diplomat that allows him to carry out the nation, without bias or put at risk the great majority of Citizens who have rejected it.

And is that, although ironically Donald Trump was elected by a minority, and should rule for the majority or at least try to do so?

A somewhat complicated task, since the triumph gained elevates his ego, and reaffirms his self-esteem, however, with the passing of the days and perhaps months of his presidency, he discovers that it is not only Hollywood, and super entertainment stars that They give their backs, if not also a large majority of citizens, who do not endorse their discriminatory positions that put at risk the fundamental pillar of the United States of America, a nation of immigrants for immigrants, where equality in rights is fundamental .

Perhaps the brain awakens from the night of victory that has kept him asleep, and relegates the ego that has led a campaign of attacks on the press and immigrant communities to strengthen an economy that requires immediate attention, to strengthen a middle class that is beaten By the crisis, and to extend a hand to the working class that shouts for help, not forgetting to give respect to immigrants without this means neglecting our borders, or many less surrender before terrorism.

All that and much more can only be understood as the days pass, however, we can not afford a second of silence, our voices must be heard, our rights respected, and the achievements of civil society remembered.