Tuesday, January 17, 2017


Last week, Alabama college, Talladega College’s band, The Great Tornado, announced on Twitter that they would participate in President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration and needed $75,000 to go to DC to perform. Twitter went haywire with the announcement.

A lot of people called them coons, threatened them with death and cursed them for wanting to perform for Donald Trump.

The Coach of the band and his family were threatened with death and all kinds of evil things ,but that didn't deter the coach and the band members. 

The historically black college, which was started by two former slaves in 1865, is officially headed to the nation’s capital, thanks to funds raised through a GoFundMe page by mainly Trump supporters.

As news broke that Talladega would participate in the Trump inauguration, a stiff debate ensued – from alumni of other historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs), band directors and even at Talladega College – expressing strong disappointment about Talladega’s participation, and seeming support for Trump, whose history with African-Americans and minorities hasn't been very good.

The Trump inauguration team excitedly shared the news on their twitter page.