Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Saraki Mourns The Passing Of The Chief Of Staff, Kwara State Government


The Minister of State for Transportation, Sen. Gbemisola Ruqayyah Saraki, has
conveyed her deepest sympathy to the family of late Chief of Staff to the Governor of Kwara State, Alhaji Adisa Aminu Logun. 

In a statement issued in Abuja on Wednesday, the Minister of State also commiserated with His Royal Highness, the Emir of ilorin, Alhaji Ibrahim Sulu Gambari, as well as the Ilorin Emirate in particular and the State at large for this irreplaceable loss.

“May Almighty Allah shower His mercies upon the deceased and grant him peaceful and eternal rest.” she said.

Titilope T. Anifowoshe Esq.
Office of the Minister of State for Transportation 

8 July 2020

Saturday, June 20, 2020

Official: MRC reacts to the arrest of Ernest Obama

The dirty weather experienced by the former director of Vision 4 television since Thursday, June 18, 2020, continues to arouse declarations within the media and now political Landerneau with the exit of the movement for the renaissance of Cameroon on this subject.

During the day of Thursday, June 18, 2020, information on the arrest of Dieudonné Ernest Obama Nana spread on the canvas like wildfire. Until then and despite the images in circulation, several Internet users did not believe it. It was the report of his arrest in the 8 p.m. newspaper on the TV channel Vision 4 that dispelled doubts among skeptics. In this report by his colleague Salamatou Badiang, we see the former editor of the newspaper Anecdote left the premises of the tower of Nsam with socks on foot and without shoes for the direction of the gendarmerie of Efoulan. 

This report aroused numerous reactions from his colleagues and several actors from civil society. Some sympathizing with his situation while denouncing the humiliation he suffered and others savoring the difficult moments that the former decryption presenter and Club of elites meet.

In a press release released on Friday June 19, 2020, Maurice Kamto's spokesperson reporting on the meeting with artist Longué Longué at the initiative of Maurice Kamto seized the opportunity to condemn the embastissement of Sir Ernest Obama. “It should be remembered that the tortures of which the artist Longue Longue testified that they were the object, are now commonplace today in the context of the savage industrial repression that the illegitimate regime of Yaoundé is leading against the freedom of opinion, thought, and expression, applied to the unquenchable desire for change in Cameroon, or simply in favor of the triumph of truth and law. The Samuel Wazizi case, for which justice must necessarily be done, is a sad illustration of this, as is the news related to a former media worker whose setbacks are in the headlines these days. », Writes Olivier Bibou Nissack. Journalist Ernest Obama has not always been kind to Maurice Kamto's political party during the aerials he hosted, but the party in its republican humanist posture still deplores the situation in which it finds itself. 

The MRC is the first political party to rule on the Ernest Obama affair. The journalist spent his second night yesterday in the gendarmerie jails.


Revelations: kidnapping of Obama, Belinga and the public prosecutor

The president of the National Union of Journalists of Cameroon (SNJC) has made new revelations about the irregularities observed during the arrest of Ernest Obama.

The media man was for several years the main figure of the L'Anecdote group. But, recently, he knows an improbable tumble. Released from his duties as Director of television, he was then removed from all presence on the antennas. Today, his boss decided to take him to court. Only, the arrest of the former presenter of Club d'Elites bypassed the legal procedure as indicated by Denis Nkwebo in a tweet published on June 19. 

“Ernest Obama was kidnapped in the office of Amougou Belinga with the complicity of the Prosecutor. Without any complaints. It was this Friday that the boss of Vision 4 filed a complaint, "wrote the unionist.

Accused of breach of trust, high treason, embezzlement and complicity with social media activists to whom, he disseminated confidential information about the company for which he worked, the former Director of Vision 4 benefited from the support from Dénis Nkwebo from the start of his mishap. The latter denounced the "inhuman" and "degrading" treatment he suffered on the morning of June 18. 

Yet barely a year ago, Obama was overwhelming Nkwebo with name-calling on African television.


Obama humiliation: 'Amougou Belinga who takes himself to be all powerful will not escape'

As a journalist and human rights activist, it would never occur to me to celebrate the unhappiness of someone who is more than a fellow journalist. In the name of respecting the right to the presumption of innocence and human dignity, I therefore condemn with the last energy the humiliating arrest of Mr. Ernest Obama Nana this Thursday, June 18, 2020 at the headquarters of the press group Anecdote in Yaounde. I plead for this former general manager of television vision 4 (one of the products of this press group) to have the right to a fair trial while respecting the right to defense.

Having said that, let's not have a short memory. Ernest Obama is today the victim of the monstrosities of a regime that he had to support yesterday with stripping zeal. Who does not remember Ernest Obama's calls on Vision 4 to massacre English speakers after the peaceful demonstrations of October 1, 2017 commemorating the 56th anniversary of the independence of the Southern Cameroons (English-speaking regions of Cameroon)? Result of the races: in 3 years of conflict, more than 10,000 dead. Men, women, young people, children, babies and elderly people, killed by Cameroonian soldiers, hundreds of razed villages, dispersed families, others sleeping under the stars in the forests of the English-speaking area. 

Who does not remember the call of Ernest Obama made to the General Delegate for National Security, Mbarga Nguele, to have Cameroonian diaspora activists Boris Bertolt, Ndzana Seme and Patrice Nouma arrested just for their opinions and written against the power of Yaoundé? When the video on the assassination by Cameroonian soldiers of two women and their babies began to circulate on social networks in July 2018 and to react to international opinion, Obama rushed to the sets of Vision 4 to shout to the plot against the Cameroonian army. Today, the soldiers accused face the Yaoundé Military Tribunal.

When the activist Patrice Nouma said of Amougou Belinga that he is a blackmailer who uses the cover of his friend Minister of Justice, Laurent Esso, for his business, to extort money from the dignitaries of the regime and to launder the public funds stolen by them, Ernest Obama once again went on the antennas of Vision 4 to defend tooth and nail his boss by threatening Nouma from Interpol and by announcing that the Group L'Anecdote will buy his village. Obama was far from imagining that it is the same Amougou Belinga he defended yesterday who will make him walk barefoot in costume in front of the cameras of Vision 4 which has also made a whole report on his arrest. 

From his cell (daily life is not very gay, I admit it) where he is at the Secretary of State for Defense (SED), Ernest Obama is undoubtedly realizing that Being a zealous servant of a villainous diet like Biya's does not guarantee you immunity for life. As the Burkinabé journalist Norbert Zongo said of late memory: "Any compromise with a dictatorship must be paid sooner or later. It is a rule without exception". Even Amougou Belinga, who believes himself to be all-powerful today, will not escape this rule.

Journalist: Michel Biem Tong

NOSO: militia close to Atanga Nji, accused of abducting English-speaking businessmen

The virtual government of southern Cameroon says that armed militias supported by Cameroonian regime forces have attacked dozens of Ambazonian businessmen and women, including senior officials in the northern and southern areas of the Federal Republic of 'Ambazonia, while the Biya regime in power continues its repression on independence militants.

Vice President Dabney Yerima, citing sources from Ambazonia Intelligence, reported on Thursday that pro-Yaoundé armed militias posing as Amba fighters are breaking into their homes and demanding huge amounts of money from local residents. Bamenda, Kumba, Buea and Mamfe. 

Several innocent civil servants and businessmen from southern Cameroon are currently detained in undisclosed locations by armed militias created and sponsored by the Minister of Territorial Administration, Paul Atanga Nji. 

Last month, the leader of southern Cameroon in exile raised the issue of the Atanga Nji Boys in a letter to the European Union and the United Nations in which he observed that the French authorities in Cameroon were also preventing the head of the government. 'Ambazonia imprisoned, lawyer Blaise Shufai, to receive the appropriate medicines. 

Southern Cameroonians have been organizing ghost town operations and armed resistance almost daily since the start of an independence uprising in western Cameroon four years ago. The inhabitants of the south of Cameroon-Ambazonia call for a complete separation and independence of the Republic of Cameroon. 

The Cameroonian regime, in turn, has ignored the calls and continues its repression and massive persecution against the people of southern Cameroon and their leaders.

Monday, June 15, 2020


The Internet Society ISOC, plays a vital role in developing human capacity all over the world. Of course, the Society has chapters in different countries of the world and has very interesting forum designated for youths, and then General forums. They are actively involved in capacity-building and assisting developing countries to build basic Internet infrastructures However, unlike previous years 2020 is different, it is the exceptional year of Covid 19 where the days run into months while the world stays at a standstill. The Internet Governance forums which take youths around the countries on the ticket of the Internet Society could not hold. Anyway, to drive home the point that it is not all about networking and travelling, the capacity development drive took over. Members all over the world were gathered for some weeks to improve their knowledge of the internet governance space. There were participants from Italy, India, Armenia, Zimbabwe, Bangldesh, South Africa, Netherlands, Ghana, Nigeria and so many other countries. The training was shared into different areas of specialisation with Zoom meetings, Videos, learning materials and personal projects. It was indeed an experience. The thematic focuses this year were on Community Networks; Securing Global Routing; Shaping the Internet; Open Standards Everywhere; and Encryption.


Yours sincerely participated in the training and my specialised training was on shaping the internet. One of the objectives of our training was the promotion of the Internet core values, such as openness. The relevance of understanding the internet, how it works and how we can all use it for common good cannot be overemphasized as all of our lives today revolve around the use of the internet. Our academic, medical and social data are all stored online. Educational institutions, government services, entertainment and industries now rely on internet infrastructures to deliver goods and services.  

In sharing my knowledge with you, let me start by letting you into the secret of ownership of the internet. But first, the internet is a network of interconnected networks. In a lay man’s language, it means your phone network connected to your provider and other networks from other providers make up the internet. According to the Internet Society, ‘the global internet consists of tens of thousands of interconnected networks run by service providers, individual companies, universities, governments, and others.’
It means that as individuals we also participate in the internet through providing content, selling products, offering services and carrying out other activities without obtaining permission from any central authority. This implies that the internet is decentralized and that we are all stakeholders. So who controls the internet? Simple answer, we all own the internet and no one owns the internet. However, in governing the internet space, we all play different roles. The people who play these roles (including those of us on different social media platforms – known as users) form part of what we refer to as the internet ecosystem or stakeholders. The following persons make up the internet ecosystem.

Technologists, Engineers, Architects, Creatives, Organisations such as the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) and World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) who help to develop and implement open standards. Some of us here belong to this Technology group as Engineers or Architects.
Global and local organisations;
 Those are responsible for managing addressing capabilities. These include Internet Corporation for Assigned Numbers (ICANN). The functions include the operation of the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA); Regional Internet Registries (RIR), and Domain Name Registries and Registrars.
Operators, Engineers and Vendors.  They provide network infrastructure service and include Domain Name Service (DNS) providers, network operators and internet exchange points.
Internet users. Those who use the internet to communicate.
Educators. Organisations, universities, schools, government agencies.
Policy and decision makers. 
There is a peculiar internet ecosystem, it is the Nigerian internet ecosystem made up of Nigerian Internet Governance Forum; Nigeria ICT Forum for partnership Institutions; Nigeria Network Operators Group; the Internet Society, Nigeria Chapter (ISOC Nigeria); Nigeria Internet Registration Association (NIRA); Nigeria Internet Group (NIG); Association of Telecommunication Operators of Nigeria (ATCON); Internet Services Providers Association of Nigeria (ISPAN); the Nigerian Computer Society (NCS); Ibadan School of Government and Public Policy (ISGPP); and the Federal Ministry of Communications (Commtech).
In all of these, we need a safe internet. We need the internet to be open to everyone, everywhere. While government will have to enforce latency, price and access through implementing regulations governing telecommunication industries, we need to keep the internet safe by minding the quality of our posts. 

However, the challenges of openness and a secure internet is our mandate and it begins with me and you. Avoid fake news. Fake news and fake headlines on our social media have made the internet a source of pain to governments, and the society at large. Sometimes, we promote fake news by passing them on and this makes us guilty. A starting point is to identify what fake news is so that we can break the chain of distribution.
To verify fake news, it is important to:
Consider the source against the topic. A medical or scientific advice should come from an expert.

Investigate the source by going online, consulting books or asking other experts.
See if it has an author
If the news is about an event that is linked to time, check to see if it is dated so that you don’t create panic by passing two years old news as if it were happening now. For instance ‘just happening: bandits kill 20 on Ore road’.   

Read beyond headlines, don’t just pass on.
Check out some sites yourself before forwarding the links, eg. ‘Click this link to access Federal Government Loans’
Do not share information which you do not believe in.

Finally, it is time to allow you move on to other activities. Thank you for reading my post. I took you through what the internet is, ownership of the internet, the stakeholders/ those in the ecosystem, the internet economy, role of government to make the internet available and our own role to make it safe.  Please let us make the internet safe, credible and open.
IJ Akhigbe (Member ISOC Ng) writes from Nigeria

Friday, May 29, 2020

Panic inside Etoudi: here is the emergency message from Brenda Biya to Cameroonians

The moving of Brenda Biya in relation to the deterioration of her state of health revives the debate on the supposed death of the President of the Republic Paul Biya despite his address to the nation on the eve of the celebration of the feast of Unity national.

In fact, in a short video posted on her Facebook page, Chantal Biya's eldest daughter raised an alarm cry against those who prevent her from receiving treatment by blocking her medical records. She suffers from "Basedow" disease which dangerously affects her eyes which continue to grow abnormally large.

Watch the video below;

In response to the release of the first daughter from Cameroon, Prof Franklin Nyamsi believes that this new episode confirms the plan put in place by the Biya clan.

According to him, Brenda Biya is now taken hostage by her father's close collaborators who fear that she will reveal everything that is currently going on at Etoudi palace. The academic specifies that this cry of alarm reveals four indisputable information, namely:

- she is kidnapped and forbidden to go out

- she has people around her organized to kidnap her

- the pathology from which Brenda Biya suffers

- she informs that the coronavirus has reached them.

Below the full analysis of Prof Franklin Nyamsi


Friday, May 22, 2020

Charles Ndongo, an intelligence crushed by the violent Biya regime

The Director of the CRTV made enemies after commenting on the national television, the speech of the President of the Republic Paul Biya. Since then, he has received attacks from all sides. After Valsero who called him a contemptuous little villager, it is the turn of Mr. Christian Bomo to tell him 'his truths'.

Me Christian seems disappointed by the editorial of the director general of the Crtv. In his gallery, he praised the talents of the journalist who are now used to praise the Biya regime. 

"You must immediately recognize in this outing, the mark of a proven and recognized speaking talent, set with a particularly chastised, pure, watched and melodically brought language. It was very beautiful to listen to. 

Your qualities as a great journalist in this exercise, are undeniable. 
You are therefore a reference of the large French-speaking journalistic space ", declared the lawyer hostile to the Biya regime before attacking the latter.

"The regime that you serve today as Director General of CRTV, has never allowed you to release everything that you could have given as letters of nobility to Cameroonian journalism. 

It has rather distorted and formatted you in praise of 'a man: Paul BIYA 
This is why you can say without blinking, one of the biggest inconsistencies in a republic, namely that a public, national media is the "Tam-tam of the President of the Republic".

Source: Christian NTIMBANE BOMO

Monday, May 18, 2020

Anglophone crisis: this is the new reaction from Maurice Kamto

In a tweet this Sunday, May 17, 2020, the leader of the Movement for the Renaissance of Cameroon (Mrc) spoke of the case of a baby disemboweled in the English-speaking area of ​​the country. He also mentioned the assassination of the mayor of Mamfe by separatist Ambazonian fighters.

Following the recurrence of cases of violence in the two English-speaking regions of Cameroon, North-West and South-West (NoSo) in this particular period marked by the mobilization of energies for the fight against Covid-19, the opponent politician who came second in the 2018 presidential election decided to speak out. Referring to the cases of a ripped baby and the mayor of Mamfe shot dead by separatists, Maurice Kamto wants an independent investigation into these crimes. He also noted the urgent need for a cease-fire. The MRC leader maintains that an inclusive political dialogue is essential. 
“A gutted baby and a mayor murdered in the English-speaking regions of Cameroon. An independent investigation into these crimes is necessary. A ceasefire agreement between the parties to the civil war is imperative, as is a true inclusive national political dialogue, "wrote Professor Maurice Kamto on his Twitter page.

As a reminder, the brand new mayor of Mamfe, 35 years old, was killed on Sunday, May 10, 2020 in the morning. According to details, made by the Crtv the same day, he was shot by secessionists in Eshobi in his village. In fact, the separatists ambushed him on the pretext of wanting to lay down his arms. These separatists convinced the mayor to respond favorably to their invitation. It was, however, a trap that ultimately cost the life of the new mayor of Mamfe.

Sunday, April 19, 2020

Investment: Brenda Biya launches own business

The daughter of the President of the Republic, Paul Biya, announced it on her official Facebook account.

Brenda Biya goes into business! In the coming days, the daughter of Head of State Paul Biya, will officially launch her business. Called "Bree Culture Inc Shopping", the latter will specialize in the sale of wigs and craft shows. 

It was on Facebook that the only daughter of the presidential couple announced the imminent launch of her company. An announcement coupled with the official unveiling of the latter's logo. Yesterday (April 16, 2020), in the evening, Anastasie Brenda Biya Eyenga of her full name, then, through two short videos, shared with Internet users, the progress of the development work of her future business.

According to its owner, Bree Culture will also be social oriented. Indeed, part of the profits earned by the company will be donated to charity, announced Brenda Biya on Facebook.


Me Akere Muna junk in DRC?

The President of the Republic Félix Tshisekedi called on the services of the Cameroonian lawyer and opponent Akéré Muna, in particular for the fight against corruption.

Faced with this call, Noël Tshiani, Congolese economist and initiator of the Marshall plan for the DRC, asks to value national skills and only use the services of foreigners when we cannot find Congolese capable of doing the same job. 

According to him, the recourse to foreigners costs the country unnecessarily expensive. 

“In my vision of a big Congo, it is necessary to value the national skills and to resort to the services of the foreigners only when one cannot find Congolese capable of doing the same work. Otherwise, resorting to foreigners costs the country unnecessarily expensive., ”tweeted the 2018 presidential candidate.

Akere Muna is known for his involvement in the fight against corruption. Former president of Cameroon, he was vice-president of the international NGO Transparency International and founded his Cameroonian branch. 

A Yaoundé court found Akere Muna guilty of "concealment of proceedings" and "forgery and use of forgeries" on Tuesday, October 23, 2018 in a family inheritance management case. The Yaoundé-administrative center court sentenced him "to three years suspended prison sentence for five years", according to the court's decision.


Inside the Cabal: bloody war of nomination between Ngoh NGoh and Mbarga Nguele

Things get more complicated for the police. The latest news is a merciless war between Ferdinand Ngoh NGoh and Martin Mbarga Nguele for strategic positions of national security blocks the appointment of the police.

Proposals for appointment arrived more than 7 times on the table of the SG / PR who always returned these texts to its sender arguing that the choices of the SGPR at certain positions were not respected. 

Refusing to forcefully pass the text after replacing the people proposed by the DGSN as he often does elsewhere, Ngoh Ngoh always opted to return the text to him for corrections. The DGSN in turn refuses to have the law dictated by the one he considers to be a "child".

The SGPR has sworn that a police movement will not pass until it has obtained the head of Mbarga Nguele who does not want to comply with his orders, including on other files.


Revelation: this is who the late Manu Dibango's wife was

As the saying goes: "Behind every great man hides a great woman" The legend Manu Dibango was once accompanied by a great lady named COCO, who was his great love. The writer Arol Ketch gives us the opportunity to discover this great lady in the life of Manu.

If Manu DIBANGO has known the heights of success, it is also partly thanks to his wife COCO, a wife who has always been there to support him and push him upwards. Behind a tall man hides a tall woman. There would not have been a “Manu Dibango” without COCO because this lady of the shadows largely contributed to the success of Manu Dibango. 


Coco was very beautiful. She was a model and actress, she also did photo reports. Manu meets the love of his life in 1957 in Belgium. Her name is Marie-Josée and he decides to call her "Coco". They really get together on February 7, 1957 and Coco becomes his guardian angel forever. She believes in him stronger than he dares. She does everything for him, constantly looking for the best. While Manu plays "Taboo", she goes to concerts to track the American idols of Manu in order to bring them to the Cabaret to make "beef" with Manu. She has always watched over him and will protect him. 

Coco loved Manu so much that she will follow him to the end of the world. When Manu Dibango decides to try the African adventure, she gives up everything to follow him. She will support Manu Dibango in his projects and setbacks in Africa. It is with her that Manu composed the title "Soir au village". She will be with Manu in his adventures both Congo, Ivory Coast and in several other countries africains.FB_IMG_1587260575743.jpg 


Coco also had to face the parents and family of Manu Dibango. Indeed, when he left Cameroon at 15 to go to study in France, Manu Dibango had promised his parents that he will never bring a foreigner back but Manu Dibango's parents will end up having a deep affection for Coco while regretting that she is not a Cameroonian.

Ruined, Manu Dibango and Coco left Cameroon in June 1964. He suffered a real pain and Coco was there to help him. They are forced to rent a small studio in Montparnasse in Paris to live there. Note that during his stay in Cameroon, Coco had lost his father and could not even come to attend the funeral for lack of financial means. On their return to France, they will go through a real period of lean cow and Coco will always be by his side to support and reassemble him. 

However, she will also be present in her moments of joy since she experiences the flamboyant success of "Soul Makossa" at the forefront. She will be with him in the beautiful American and even Jamaican adventure. 


His wife Coco will die in 1995 and the legend will have a hard time recovering from this heavy loss. Coco was his muse, his guardian angel since 1957. 1995 is also the release of his religious album "Lamastabastani"; a powerful album strongly influenced by Coco. 

This is how, during his 50-year career, he said: "I am the man of a single woman".


CONFIDENCE: Cabral Libii has rolled us all in flour! Joseph Claude

"Today in all sincerity when I step back I realize that we were wrong about the Cabral person. We were really amazed by his chronicles and his interventions in the media thinking that he could really embody the young dream. That no! Time flies and the facts show us the opposite. He embarked on politics not to improve the living conditions of Cameroonians but to improve the conditions of his own life. I will not go back on his post presidential hike in the USA where while Maurice KAMTO was fighting to restore the truth of the ballot boxes he deserted after multiple contradictions and expressly set up bad procedures in the Constitutional Council to be inadmissible.

This is why sometimes I understand the activists of the MRC who call him a rascal. In addition, Cabral began to have bizarre acquaintances with the laying of the Biya regime and when we denounced this internally, he told us that we must make a citizen opposition, however rumors mentioned the sums of money circulating. The most surprising thing is that after these meetings with the laying of the regime, we realized that those close to Cabral had completely changed their political target and launched a veritable fatwa against the MRC. Whether Armand Okol, (who declared nonsense on TV sets on Maurice KAMTO) Batoum, (the anti MRC fanatic) Messey (the hate tribalist and anti MRC) etc. they first fought all those who criticized internally like Noutack etc. And they launched themselves on the TV sets and on social networks to rather revile the MRC and from there we clearly understood that these are the directives given by Cabral under the control of the Biya regime. The proof is that today Okol leads a lifestyle beyond his means, Batoum has hit a house in Douala, Cabral himself has invested in Ivory Coast etc ... in short I pass . We realize over time that Cabral is never in the heat of the action and always comes back to give proposals that have nothing to do with a real problem because concerned with improving his personal living conditions. The worst part is that we realized that he is riding tribalism, particularly hatred of regard of the bamileke to manipulate the few young people who still naively follow him. Besides, if you are bamiléké and you are a little critical they will ask you to go to the MRC (Nourane, Olson Bao etc.) and if you are Bassa you will be criticized we will ask you to go to the MRC and we will traitor of the village. We realize over time that he has surfed on this tribal hatred to join the regime and fight the MRC which curiously is an opposition political party like the PCRN. Besides to be a deputy he convinced his followers that it is by being in the National Assembly that the lines are moved but did not hesitate to return to his village to be elected deputy. But I imagine that if it was KAMTO who was elected to Baham his fanatics would make fun of it. Besides, if you are bamiléké and you are a little critical they will ask you to go to the MRC (Nourane, Olson Bao etc.) and if you are Bassa you will be criticized we will ask you to go to the MRC and we will traitor of the village. We realize over time that he has surfed on this tribal hatred to join the regime and fight the MRC which curiously is an opposition political party like the PCRN. Besides to be a deputy he convinced his followers that it is by being in the National Assembly that the lines are moved but did not hesitate to return to his village to be elected deputy. But I imagine that if it was KAMTO who was elected to Baham his fanatics would make fun of it. Besides, if you are bamiléké and you are a little critical they will ask you to go to the MRC (Nourane, Olson Bao etc.) and if you are Bassa you will be criticized we will ask you to go to the MRC and we will traitor of the village. We realize over time that he has surfed on this tribal hatred to join the regime and fight the MRC which curiously is an opposition political party like the PCRN. Besides to be a deputy he convinced his followers that it is by being in the National Assembly that the lines are moved but did not hesitate to return to his village to be elected deputy. But I imagine that if it was KAMTO who was elected to Baham his fanatics would make fun of it. go to the MRC and you're called a village traitor. We realize over time that he has surfed on this tribal hatred to join the regime and fight the MRC which curiously is an opposition political party like the PCRN. Besides to be a deputy he convinced his followers that it is by being in the National Assembly that the lines are moved but did not hesitate to return to his village to be elected deputy. But I imagine that if it was KAMTO who was elected to Baham his fanatics would make fun of it. go to the MRC and you're called a village traitor. We realize over time that he has surfed this tribal hatred to join the regime and fight the MRC which curiously is an opposition political party like the PCRN. Besides to be a deputy he convinced his followers that it is by being in the National Assembly that the lines are moved but did not hesitate to return to his village to be elected deputy. But I imagine that if it was KAMTO who was elected to Baham his fanatics would make fun of it. elsewhere to be a deputy he convinced his followers that it is by being in the National Assembly that the lines are moved but did not hesitate to return to his village to be elected deputy. But I imagine that if it was KAMTO who was elected to Baham his fanatics would make fun of it. elsewhere to be a deputy he convinced his followers that it is by being in the National Assembly that the lines are moved but did not hesitate to return to his village to be elected deputy. But I imagine that if it was KAMTO who was elected to Baham his fanatics would make fun of it. 

Today we are at the PCRN like vigilantes or spectators who watch people eat at a ceremony however we too are hungry but hungry for change in this country but when we look at Cabral, it is rather his life that has changed and no action is taken to move the regime apart from fighting the MRC to distract us. I would not want to give here examples where we saw the MRC in action and the PCRN absent for fear that I would be accused of being of the MRC or bamiléké as they like to say but now what does it matter we must ask ourselves good questions . 

- Should we be a political opposition of convenience to the system or should we be an opposition of pressure which through its actions makes the system move? 

Cabral has opted for a system convenience policy in order to fill their pockets and the rest don't give a damn. 

- How can a political party pretend to be opposition when it never criticizes the flaws of a system but rather fights the party which criticizes and gives insomnia to the system like the MRC?

- In the end what is the objective of Cabral? 

- Who is their political target? 

- Should a true opponent be dubbed or adulated by a system he is supposed to fight to gain power? 

No my dear friends, let's open our eyes and be objective. We have released our energies to benefit Cabral and his entourage who rejoice today and manipulate us so that we forget the essentials 

The only thing they have succeeded is to be able to tribalize their party and mounted the Bassa fanatics against the MRC which according to them is the party of the bamileke.

This is Cabral in whom we put our dreams which today no longer crowds. He can no longer even raise funds because he is no longer credible and can only put Nourane at the forefront to save the image of the PCRN. 

Wake up dear friends and put ourselves on the right side of history that will judge us. 

The common target is the Biya system which completely wiped us out for 38 years. Our political target is not KAMTO or the MRC and all those who fight the real opponents are liars and profiteers” 


Journalist: Joseph Claude Ndjeck

Diplomatic humiliation: Macron 'completes' Paul Biya

It is known that in life nothing in life is done for nothing. If the civilian cabinet, which we know, is in conflict with the general secretariat for the presidency, thought it would take advantage of Paul Biya's meeting with the French Ambassador, Christophe Guilhou, it was a failure, because France knew very well what she did by engaging in this game. Cameroonians: understand that an ambassador does not travel for nothing. He defends the interests of his country and he reports to his country.

Indeed the opportunity was therefore dreamed for France to restore its image. Who is in the news today in Cameroon? It is France thanks to its ambassador Christophe Guilhou, because Biya immediately showed up and left without saying a word to the Cameroonians. What contempt for his people. 

Anyway, after this meeting which resuscitated Papi Biya and showing him to Cameroonians as a Messiah we expected, and to make the most of it, France, through its ambassador, makes donations here, donations by- there, even receiving congratulations from Cameroonian Prime Minister Joseph Dion Ngute. The same people who refuse a donation from Cameroonians through a fundraiser. 

And the icing on the cake, the ambassador, the new administrator of recolonial Cameroon, will go on state TV CRTV, at prime time, to explain to his Cameroonian subjects, the response plan against the covid- 19 in place of the head of state was Paul Biya elected with 71% by Cameroonians who gave him another mandate of 7 years so that he would go to rest. And you really believe what we show you, is it healthy: “Shame on we”. 

Suddenly, France, vomits only a few weeks ago by Cameroonians for interference in the affairs of Cameroon, just because an activist had arrested Macron on the situation in Cameroon, during which the Cameroonians learned that it is the president French Macron who dictates the Agenda of Paul Biya.

Immediately after his meeting Thursday with the resuscitated president Paul Biya, the French ambassador became the darling of the Cameroonians for having succeeded in bringing Paul Biya out of his confinement and putting an end to speculations on his state of health or on his disappearance. 

Sometimes in life, certain events do not give the expected results. Do you think the ambassador did not understand that this is a good deal? He had Paul Biya. 

This is another further humiliation for our country after the meeting between Macron and Biya in Paris during which we saw Grandpa Biya having a lot of difficulty walking. 

As the President of the United States Abraham Lincoln said and echoed by the late Bob Marley, “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time. ”


Reappearance of Biya: Mota and Tiriane Noah neatly humiliate the Biyaists

N ° s 2 and 3 of the Movement for the Renaissance of Cameroon, did not remain indifferent to the return on stage of the Cameroonian head of state given for dead a while ago by a campaign which could have been initiated by his own camp for various and particularly twisted reasons. They made it known Thursday through reactions published on social networks, the common denominator of which was a warning from Maurice Kamto, warning Cameroonians not to fall into the stupid trap of a so-called death of the president. Paul Biya whose announcement could have a completely Machiavellian aim: to give Biya at the time of his reappearance the image of an indomitable, of a man who has defeated both the coronavirus and those who are interested in his funeral.

By putting in their place those who pretended to be surprised by the furtive reappearance of the president and to be happy about it, the two executives of the MRC, in their own way, reserved the welcome it deserved for the Cameroonian president returned from 'a… short-long absence of 35 days during which the Cameroonians, caught in the pincers by the pandemic of the New Coronavirus and their usual existential misery, asked all the time after a real leader to boost the war strategies on the different fronts, understood that the Coronavirus threatens not only human lives, but also to bring even the strongest economies into a severe recession. 

It is useful to note that according to a certain opinion, it is by dint of alerting the world about the disappearance of President Biya, that the Cameroonian politician Maurice Kamto who seized the National Assembly on Wednesday " by means leaving a written trace "to establish the vacancy at the top of the state, ended up scaring the kidnappers who had held the Cameroonian head of state hostage since March 11. In other words, it is Stuck in the necks by the turn taken by the resistance to the electoral holdup with this referral by Maurice Kamto of the National Assembly, that the retrograde forces who intended to take anti-democratic shortcuts to replace the Cameroonian president of which they would have made - or believe they have made - their puppet, were forced to drop ballast. 

The President of the Sovereign State of Cameroon and the Ambassador of France. Find the error ! 

True or false ? Hard to say. The fact remains that the reappearance of the first Cameroonian alongside the French Ambassador to Cameroon whom he said, “received in audience” - even if the images we gave gave the impression that it was the second who received the first, sign the end of the concern that paralyzed Cameroonians about the leadership of their country, and especially the end of what some call "the kidnapping of the president", initial phase of a coup d 'Smooth state whose ultimate goal was the arranged succession (over the counter) at the head of the state. 

Of course the proven or probable causal link between the presidential reappearance and the activism of his adversary Maurice Kamto has not escaped those who have the brains.

Quite the opposite of the “sardinards” never except for an inconsistency, who found there the sufficient reason for a jubilation difficult to explain: “Didn't you say that Paul Biya died? Here he is more alive than ever, and it is you who are going to die "or again:" Kamto wanted the death of Paul Biya to cowardly take power, let him know that he will never be president in this country, the better we spoils everything. He wanted to note the vacancy of power to put his brother Bamiléké Niat in the presidency, he knocked on the side. Biya is there, alive for years and years… ”. Amen! 

Far from gregarious concerns and other inappropriate jubilations, the 1st Vice-president of the MRC Mamadou Mota still detained, and the 2nd Vice-president of the same party, Tiriane Balbine Nadège Noah returned the ball to the center as soon as the leader of the State to explain to the “resurrected” president and the cohort of his praisers, what a people expects from a president of the Republic in times of danger: to show direction, to relieve, to set an example, for example by putting his mask instead of being used as an anti-model by not wearing his, simply to prove that we are in good health, that we are King-Kong and “incoronavirable”, whereas that can also mean that we going or want to be infected with Coronavirus on a large scale.Exactly like a certain president of a certain National Assembly who recently refused to submit to the measure of confinement of people arriving from abroad, and whose members are said to have contaminated massively since then, as well of his family than his friends and collaborators. 

In order for the two members of the MRC's Management Board not to be impressed by what excites the regime's friends so much, they must have smelled the whirlwind long before.

The sagacity demonstrated by Mr. Mota and Ms. Noah, which denotes the ability of great leaders to anticipate, the “President-elect… of the MRC” (dixit Fame Ndongo) himself showed it when, in his message of April 3, wrote: 

"I cannot rule out that Mr. Biya is trying through a political maneuver, the rumor of his own death of which it is customary to spread to try to test the reactions of Cameroonians in order to return to display his physical form and taunt his compatriots. " 

Sacred Kamto! At this pace, he could be considered by some as a PROPHET. Far too great a temptation, in these times or the pockets of resistance of the reigning Pharaoh in Crevettonia-Sardinavia, does not spare any provocation to make it clear to a whole people prohibited and attacked from all sides how much they intend to make them drink the chalice of their I don't give a damn up to the dregs.

Commutation of sentences: towards a popular uprising in the North

Since the promulgation of the presidential decree reducing sentences for certain detainees, this decision which excluded Iya Mohamed, Vamoulké, Mota and especially Marafa has provoked anger and general indignation in the Far North.

It is the same cry everywhere: that against what the citizens of the north consider as "injustice". At the Ngaounderé train station, in travel agencies and coaches, in the crowded markets of Garoua and Maroua, under the shade of the nimiers of Yagoua or under the fiery sun of Kousséri, this is the only subject of discussion and a dull anger comes from the commentators. Questions are popping up everywhere: even on account of illness, why is Michel Fotso, the so-called main perpetrator of the crime of embezzlement released and keep Marafa, just as sick, who has committed no offense, in prison, under the original pretext of "intellectual complicity"? Bouba Baldama, a young student sitting in front of his friend's shop, explains: “It's because we are cowards. We are sheep, we accept everything without flinching. The audience nods furiously: enough is enough, enough is enough! Another reminds us: "we are peoples of warriors, maybe you forgot it. Why be so fearful? We are ashamed of our great-grandparents who would never have accepted this situation”.

What is power seeking? This Ngaounderé hotel student wonders, "Opening another front of protest in the North, do they think it will continue like this?" His comrade, seated on a bench facing the sun, wonders: "What is the strategy and the hidden designs of those who are so relentless against Marafa, Iya, Vamoulké and Mota, these northern figureheads? Is it President Biya who really decides? "In these difficult times that the country is experiencing on all fronts, particularly in the health, social and economic fields, can the government resist if the North enters the dance of popular protest? What is taking shape after Marafa and others are kept in detention? So many comments flowing from all over the North, whose populations are already offended and rebelled against the power of Yaoundé. Already, says a doctor, "that we claim in vain for a health barrier between the Holy North and the South infected by Covid19. The Ngaoundere-Kousseri corridor could be isolated in favor of the N'Gaoundéré-Touboro-Tchad corridor, to avoid the flow of passing travelers. Those who absolutely must enter this corridor should undergo screening tests ”… The Ngaoundere-Kousseri corridor could be isolated in favor of the N'Gaoundéré-Touboro-Tchad corridor, to avoid the flow of passing travelers. Those who absolutely must enter this corridor should undergo screening tests ”… The Ngaoundere-Kousseri corridor could be isolated in favor of the N'Gaoundéré-Touboro-Tchad corridor, to avoid the flow of passing travelers. Those who absolutely must enter this corridor should undergo screening tests ”…

Source: The Messenger

National Assembly: Cavaye Yeguie wants to severely punish those who 'Infected him with Coronavirus'

In his closing speech of the March 2020 session of the national assembly, Cavaye Yeguie denounced the proliferation of false information in this complicated health period that the world is going through, Cameroon in particular. "I would like to take this opportunity to castigate the authors of the fake news", launched the PAN from its piercer.

Re-elected head of the national assembly a few weeks ago, Cavaye Yeguie was one of the main victims of this fake news. Returning expressly from France before the borders closed, the 80-year-old man, with very fragile health, was for a long time announced reached of Covid 19. An information which will be neither denied, nor confirmed by the close relations of the PAN, leaving always cast doubt on his health. 

So on the roost this April 18, he took his revenge on these fakes news which he denounced the harmful character. "Intoxication and disinformation thus flood social networks. A real epidemic in the epidemic" declares Cavaye Yeguie. For the eternal president of the national assembly (roosting for more than 20 years), the authors of these news should respond to justice. "Such behavior is criminal and deserves the most severe sanctions." He continues: "I therefore appeal to the wisdom and good citizenship of all. On behalf of the National Representation, I invite the Government to crack down firmly, unceremoniously and without exception, against any offender, professionals of illicit profit and intoxication ".

As a reminder, Cameroonian law condemns up to 2 years in prison all authors of fake news on social networks.


Reappearance of Paul Biya: Jean Bruno Tagne violently attacked

Jean Bruno Tagne was surprised by these Cameroonians who refuse to rebel against what they experience on a daily basis. The journalist talks about a small people who support their executioners and end up accommodating the injustice they face. Like a real Stockholm Syndrome.

“What grieves me is not even the attitude of those who govern us. We can even understand them; they fight to perpetuate the system that feeds them. What is incomprehensible is this miserable little people who live all kinds of injustice and who accommodate themselves to it. He even finds arguments to support the executioners. And the little energy he has left, he directs it against other victims of the system. Is beyond me. I think it all comes under psychiatry. It's too strong, ”wrote the former journalist from Canal 2 International on his Facebook page. 

In response, a lawyer registered with the Cameroon bar gave him the right of reply 


Very dear Mr Tagne, I took a lot of time to read and analyze your exit after the recent action of the Head of State of Cameroon. The observation is simple, Mr. Biya certainly has more political maturity than you others. When I speak of you, I speak of myself. Evil took on all the diviners of the Republic Know that politics is a simple game of deception and in this game, the majority does not fundamentally subscribe to your project which for my part is highly disastrous. 

What good is it to install a media torpor around a people that you consider alienated by I don't know who. Believe it, if we ask the wrong questions, we get the wrong answers. So do not castigate the people who remain mostly loyal to their leader. If it is true that the people are free, suffer to accept their reactions, their choices and especially to offer them things much more concrete than the utopian reactions in the republic of Facebook. 

The presentation you give, yes this armageddon in which your supreme guide: who for many is nothing other than a chimera both in the awkwardness of his outings, and in the posture of savior that you grant him, doesn’t is nothing but a white beanie, white beanie. Please let the Cameroonians devote themselves ardently to the daily life of the very difficult they already know. 

Thank you for excusing the people you want to use to achieve your goals, it is sad to want to play the victims with a people already in the grip of great difficulties. If the purpose of your outing was to raise awareness, wake up and / or insult the Cameroonians just for having joyfully reacted to the sight of the President who was given for dead, then you are in a way to attract popular supremacy. Thank you for leaving those who, like me, do not subscribe to your ideals. Your guru is by no means our savior.


Saturday, April 18, 2020

Succesion of Biya: here are the 02 men who prepare the arrival of Franck Biya in Etoudi

If President-Monarque Biya were to disappear today, which, moreover, many Cameroonians nurture every day, openly or not, as wishes for a delivery guarantee of alternation in power, 2 men would be decisive.

1 - Jean NKuété the Secretary General of the CPDM He would then be responsible for bringing Franck Biya to the head of the Party-State as National President and therefore natural candidate of the CPDM in the presidential election ... This would be done through the organization of an internal front election and thereafter, it would ensure the national mobilization of members of the flame party, throughout the national territory, with billions of FCFA drawn from the coffers of the State. . 2 - Marcel niat Senate President

He would be responsible for organizing rapid surprise and destabilizing delays for the opposition, tailor-made presidential elections for the Crown Prince, who would obviously emerge victorious, therefore President of the Republic of Cameroon ... for 50 years to come ... 

This is the project and this is the reason why, these 2 personalities, now without great personal ambition, aged and not always in good health, are kept in precise strategic positions. 

Both are flanked by assistants who are committed to the cause and ready to replace them in the event of an accident. 

You will also understand why, on reading this, some "INTELLOS" have very ambiguous attitudes and which leave perplexed numbers of unsuspecting observers. In fact, they are preparing the ground by doing low-level intellectual patronage, hoping to be invited to Franck Biya's table soon.

Yes, the Cameroonians want change at the head of the state, they want new blood, but many ignore that BIYA the strategist has already planned all this for them ... Pfff, poor Cabral ... 

And all the old men still in activity find their own account there, since their offspring are intended to replace them by faithfully bringing their support and their contribution to the heir and future young President-ROI Franck Biya. 

You therefore understand why any desire for change for good governance, which could upset this project, will be crushed mercilessly, even in blood rather than in a dialogue that could abort secret projects ...: English-speaking area ...

'I propose that Paul Biya speak on Sunday in place of Christophe Gilhou' Wilfried Ekanga

The President of the Republic of Cameroon


Now, I would like Paul Biya to speak in front of his compatriots 

What am I saying ... he has the OBLIGATION to do so. It is the minimum in times of crisis. This is what all of its neighbors and all the presidents of the world have done. 

And it wasn't because they were stupid. He is not the only "old sage" on Earth. 

When a plague threatens a country, the public speaking of the chief makes it possible to boost the morale of the troops, to reinvigorate the medical personnel who is on the front line, and to strengthen the sick on their hospital bed in the hope for a quick recovery. 

It is a psychological fuel. It's called MORAL SUPPORT. 

This kind of evidence does not even debate. This is the BA BA of political communication 

If the Western leaders had not expressed themselves, if they had not come down on the ground and had not encouraged their people to stand firm in these difficult times and to apply Once the measures have been examined, do you say that the balance sheet would be much higher than it is already today.

It would not be 30,000 dead in Italy, but 300,000. 

Because a ship whose captain is absent or nonchalant is condemned to sinking. It is inevitable. 

So stop saying silly, "Where the leaders have spoken, has that changed anything?" 

Do not encourage laziness. 

And stop finding reasons for the contempt you suffer. 

Biya's silence did not prevent Cameroon from crossing the 1000 cases and joining the African top 5 of contaminated countries (2nd in black Africa). 

Translation: nothing says that we will be spared in the medium term, on the contrary, the curve is rising. 

So use your brain; and if you lost it, keep quiet until June 1.

Remember that it is because of their great negligence at the outset that Europe and the USA are so affected today. The same will happen to those who display the same lethargy.

Exactly like Cameroon at the moment, where you can hear yourself drinking after 6 pm behind the doors of closed bars (already that the virus does not wait until 6 pm) 

Without counting the mass of illuminated people who even think that Covid-19 does not exist. 

So your Zeus must confirm it for you so that you finally take it seriously; so even I agree that it is for you. A televised and solemn address. 

It is however not complicated. It is the function that demands it. 

You cannot disappear 36 days to your people and suddenly reappear in a chat with a Frenchman. It is a political aberration. It's childish and disrespectful 

Macron does not receive Cameroonians at the Élysée at the moment: he talks to his compatriots. It is his only priority. 

You screamed in genius because your president was spotted on a sofa chatting with a Frenchman, after a month of invisibility. You were jubilant like a girl excited to see her lover again, when when we were looking for him, you asked "Why are you looking for him?" 

I come to tell you here that we forgive you from the bottom of my heart, because it is not today that we discover that witchcraft is Cameroonian. 

Is ! 

It therefore seems that after his historic, magical, original and orgasmic meeting with Paul Biya, Christophe Gilhou will speak this Sunday on national television ... Basically, a Caucasian will come to explain Cameroon to Cameroonians in Cameroon and this in Cameroon ! ... 

am I the only one that bothers? 

Where did your steps go in front of the French Embassy to say no to French interference? Is lofombo out of stock? 

Why not Chad? Why not Gabon? Or Nigeria? (Our neighbours ). Why a French diplomat? Why always the colonist? 

What does the confession tell you: "I am the best student in France" in the light of recent events? 

And what does the mentality of the house slave inspire in your own attitudes?


The opposition is a force for proposal: so to bury the hatchet, I propose that Paul Biya speak on Sunday instead of Christophe Gilhou. You don't have any problem, I hope? 

I repeat: it is the requirement of function. A chef is at the front, not on the couch. 

I know that usually your only logic is collective wamakoulism. Make a little effort to think as adults for once. 

Because Christophe Gilhou is not Cameroonian; I dare believe that he was not elected by you; Yaoundé is not a Parisian suburb and Cameroon is not France; but above all, no French would sit down to listen to a Cameroonian ambassador on TF1. Besides TF1 currently has better things to do than invite Mister Nguini on its set at the moment. 

(Besides, he will never even go there!) 


Journalist: Wilfried Ekanga

Cameroon Survival: Cavaye Yéguié violently attacks Kamto

As usual, the speech of the President of the National Assembly, Cavaye Yeguie Djibril, was the highlight of the closing plenary session of the regular session in March this Saturday, April 18, 2020.

The distinguished guests, including members of the government, were alongside the deputies this Saturday, April 18, 2020 in the hemicycle of Ngoa-Ekelle for the closure of the March 2020 session. 

For the first time in the history of parliament in Cameroon, not all deputies were able to sit in the hemicycle during plenary sessions due to the coronavirus pandemic, which prompted the government to ban all meetings of more than 50 people. 

An unprecedented situation which led the President of the National Assembly to mention in his goodbye speech that the session held from March 20 to April 18, 2020 was one of the most trying sessions in the history of the lower room. He took the opportunity to salute the response strategy put in place by the government to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, not without denouncing "the smear campaign orchestrated by foreign media interposed which aims to convince the opinion of the weakness of national response plan and the deficit in presidential communication, ”said the President of the National Assembly. 

Cavaye Yeguie Djibril also denounced speculators who want to take advantage of the health crisis to get rich. "I denounce the propensity of others, charlatans and speculators in power, who do not hesitate to reap benefits on the back of honest citizens, while the excitement is general among our populations" 

The President of the National Assembly did not fail to shoot Maurice Kamto, president of the MRC and all the other leaders who organized fundraisers outside the solidarity fund created by the Head of State in the part of the fight against Covid-19. “I would like to remind them that His Excellency PAUL BIYA, President of the Republic, democratically and massively elected, has set up a National Solidarity Fund, the only legal framework, able to receive support intended for the fight against the Coronavirus. Any other initiative aimed in particular at appealing for funds, without the approval of the public authorities, will be considered a scam and will be treated as such. Laws exist in Cameroon for such cases ”warned the third personality of the Republic. 

Below, the speech of the president of the august chamber: 


- Mr. President of the Senate; 

- Mr. Prime Minister, Head of Government; 

- Mr. President of the Constitutional Council; 

- Mr. First President of the Supreme Court; 

- The Attorney General at the said Court;

- Mr. President of the Economic and Social Council; 

- Ladies and Gentlemen Members of the Government; 

- Excellencies Ladies and Gentlemen Ambassadors and Representatives of International Organizations; 

- Honorable Deputies and dear colleagues; 

- Distinguished members of Civil Society; 

- Dear Guests; 

- Excellencies, ladies and gentlemen; 

The National Assembly of Cameroon has just hosted one of the most difficult and even the most trying sessions in its history. 

Indeed, and as we all know, the first ordinary session of the 2020 legislative year took place and ends in a context of unprecedented health crisis in Cameroon and in the world. The Coronavirus, since it is about this pandemic, continues to sow death and desolation, mourning thousands of homes in the five continents. 

On behalf of the National Representation, I would like to express here our solidarity and our best wishes for a speedy recovery to all the patients, victims of the Coronavirus, still interned in hospitals and other structures created for the occasion. 

- Excellencies; 

- Honorable Deputies and dear colleagues;

- Ladies and gentlemen ; 

In a burst of total compassion, in order to honor the memory of compatriots and other citizens of the world, like the Cameroonians MANU DIBANGO and WEMBE Samuel or the Senegalese PAPE DIOUF, torn from our affection by the terrible virus, in order to '' also honoring the memory of one of our former colleagues, the Honorable JOSEPH MBAH NDAM, who has just left us, please rise to observe a minute of silence. 

--------------------------------------- - 

Ladies and Gentlemen, 

Continuing my remarks, I would like, from the top of this podium, to salute the response strategy put in place by the Cameroonian public authorities under the Very High impulse of the Head of State, His Excellency Paul BIYA, to bar the road to the spread COVID-19 in our country. 

The creation by the President of the Republic, of a National Solidarity Fund with an initial endowment of one billion CFA Francs, sufficiently illustrates, all the interest and all the importance that His Excellency Paul BIYA attaches to the fight against this global pandemic. 

The National Assembly thus and strongly denounces the smear campaign orchestrated at this time by foreign media interposed. A campaign that aims to convince public opinion of the weakness of the national response plan and the deficit in presidential communication. 

I would like to say as much to all the detractors, that it is not with flowing speeches that we will overcome COVID 19. It is by acting collectively, in solidarity, all backed by a well thought out communication , organized, relevant and controlled. 

I should point out that, faced with the threat posed by COVID-19, the initiative of the Head of State has boosted the action of donors who are becoming more and more numerous. On behalf of the Cameroonian people whom we represent in this Chamber, I would like to say to these donors, our sincere gratitude. I hope that many other actors follow their example. 

Mr. Minister of Public Health, I would also like to express my satisfaction to you after your appearance before the National Representation last Thursday. The exchanges with the Deputies have, without doubt, sufficiently edified the Elected representatives of the nation, not only on the pandemic itself, but also on its impact and on the government's response strategy. 

As for your collaborators, health personnel, all orders and ranks, they who work hard, often at the cost of many sacrifices, I would like to send them all my encouragement and those of my colleagues here present. 

-The Honorable Deputies and Dear Colleagues,

I just said, we are the Representatives of the Cameroonian people. As such, we must be concerned about the well being of the latter. This means that blocking the way for the spread of the Coronavirus is a battle that challenges us at the highest point. 

This is a great challenge for us at the start of this parliamentary term. I therefore urge you to fully involve yourself, body and soul in this fight. After discussions with the Minister of Public Health, better than anyone else, we must be aware of the issues at hand because, the impact of this pandemic could significantly jeopardize the daily lives of the Cameroonians we represent, the stability of the fabric national economic, worse, mortgaging the implementation of the Great Opportunities policy, the workhorse of President Paul BIYA for the current seven-year term. 

Also, in addition to a contribution to the war effort, for those who can sacrifice there, we must make sure to make respect around us all the measures of restriction and hygiene intended to slow down the propagation of the epidemic in our country. This fight has no political color. He does not bear any denominational stamp and hardly comes under the jurisdiction of any tribe. It's a fight for life. Our common life. 


-Ladies and gentlemen ; 

I would like to take this opportunity to castigate the unconsciousness of some of our compatriots who deliberately violate the measures decreed by the public authorities. Just as I denounce the propensity of others, charlatans and speculators in power, who do not hesitate to reap benefits on the back of honest citizens, while the excitement is general among our populations. 

I do not forget the authors of the fake news. Intoxication and disinformation thus flood social networks. A real epidemic in the epidemic. Such behavior is criminal and deserves the most severe sanctions. Ignoring government directives is an attitude of mistrust vis-à-vis the state. This is all the more serious as we are in a context of crisis and potential danger. Taking advantage of the compatriots' gullibility or overbidding on the market in such painful circumstances is absolutely unpatriotic. 

I therefore appeal to the wisdom and good citizenship of all. On behalf of the National Representation, I invite the Government to crack down firmly, unceremoniously and without exception, against any offender, professionals of illicit profit and intoxication. 

What about these leaders of political parties who take advantage of the current situation to rebuild their virginity. Instead of being integrated into the saving response strategy put in place by our public authorities, they rather exploit the fears and resentments of the compatriots, promising mountains and wonders. They even set themselves up as the saviors of a Cameroon they say is on the brink of apocalypse. 

Who do they hold such a mandate from? I remain convinced that it is by sensitizing the populations on hygiene and restriction measures, that these people could then win the sympathy of Cameroonians. 

Finally, I would like to remind them that His Excellency PAUL BIYA, President of the Republic, democratically and massively elected, has set up a National Solidarity Fund, the only legal framework, able to receive support intended for the fight against the Coronavirus. Any other initiative aimed in particular at appealing for funds, without the approval of the public authorities, will be considered a scam and will be treated as such. Laws exist in Cameroon for such cases. 


-Ladies and gentlemen ; 

Open on March 20, 2020, the first ordinary session of the National Assembly for the current legislative year ends today. Despite the restrictive context of confinement and restrictions, just out of the ballot box, your elected officials got down to work. They thus examined and voted on four draft laws including that governing the Postal Activity in Cameroon. 

At the same time, our Chamber welcomed 13 new parliamentarians from the by-elections of March 22nd. I would like to extend a warm welcome to them in this hemicycle and send them the warm greetings and the sincere congratulations of the National Representation. With their arrival, the National Assembly of Cameroon finally fills up with its 180 seats. Once again, Dear Colleagues, welcome to join us. 

Furthermore, I would like to point out the appointment on April 14, 2020, of a new Secretary General of the National Assembly in the person of our former colleague Mr. Gaston KOMBA. He was installed in office last Thursday. Congratulations. 

With this, I declare closed the work of the first ordinary session of our Chamber for the legislative year 2020. 

-Live the National Assembly 

-Live Cameroon and His Illustrious Chief, His Excellency PAUL BIYA, President of the Republic, Head of State. 

Thank you. / -

Who is really Jean Nkuété, this personal friend of Paul Biya?

Doctor of quantitative economics at only 25 years old, the name of Jean Nkuété does not sound like that of someone who can think. Jean Nkueté, one of the first national economists to have influenced the thinking and economic practice of independent Cameroon. Cameroon has known such brilliant ones as Kodock, Osendé Afana, Pouémi, Monga…

The particularity of Jean Nkuété will be his long proximity to the government in place as soon as he entered the seraglio. This gave him the opportunity to test his thoughts on time and in the field. Since obtaining his Doctorate in 1969 when he was only 25 years old, Jean Nkuété has been called to serve his country. Upon his arrival, he was appointed Head of the General Planning Department of the Ministry of Planning until 1972. Subsequently, he was appointed Director of Economic and Technical Affairs until 1975. It was during this period that he will pilot Ahidjo's 3rd five-year plan. This plan will focus a lot on the agricultural sector. 

The expat Gérard Winter, who worked in the same Ministry, recognizes in his book "In search of development", that Jean Nkuété had "projected the 3rd plan to expire, the main quantities characterizing the Cameroonian economy", "plans who were at the heart of the plan's arbitration ”, with ideas“ consistent and that held water”. 

Nkéuté is said to be a "personal and childhood friend of Paul Biya to whom he refuses nothing". After his passage in this Ministry, Jean Nkuété is called to his very dear and tender friend Paul Biya. He will work in the Prime Minister's office, and they will strengthen their bond of friendship lasting many years. Thus after coming to power, Paul Biya appointed Jean Nkuété Vice-SG to the presidency in 1983. His main role is to "maintain contact with the business networks Bamiléké". 

In 1985, which marked the birth of the DPRK from the ashes of the UNC, Jean Nkuété was presented as "the most discreet, but in doubt the most influential", the "team coordinator". Jean Nkueté will also be appointed Minister of Agriculture, and since 2011, he is SG of the CPDM. 

Between 1999 and 2006, Jean Nkuété fully exercised his functions as an international economist and monetary expert. During this period, he was the Secretary General of CEMAC. With this sub-regional organization, the most important on the economic level, it will contribute to the monetary and economic integration of these different countries within the CEMAC.

Jean Nkueté is also an expert on FCFA issues, and the author of numerous books and reflections on the issue. In the preface to one of his books published in 1981, the preface suggests that Jean Nkueté "turns out to be one of our most fertile economists". In this year 1981, he was already the author of 04 reference works in monetary economics. 

Contrary to what one might think, his entry into politics, if it kept him out of the lecture halls, it did not keep him out of economics. Jean Nkuété will continue to write books and contributions around these questions. 

He is the author of numerous works: 

- Compensation mechanism in Central Africa, 1994 

- The CFA Franc in the face of changes in large account units, 1981

-An economic experience in Central Africa: Rwanda, 1990 

-The CFA franc against the euro, 1998 

-Money and finance as an engine of development: the case of Cameroon, 1980 

-A quantitative instrument of macroeconomic analysis -for Central Africa: case of Cameroon, 1977 

- Formalized method applied to Cameroonian planning, 1971