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Thursday, April 18, 2019

Kidnapping: Paul Ayah's serious accusations towards Cameroonian soldiers

On Saturday, March 30, 2019 in the North-West, the international lawyer and coordinator of the NOW movement, Mr. Akere Muna is attacked by heavily armed men, while returning from the funeral of his older brother, Prof Wally Muna. He is in the company of several other people, when the attackers tear off three of their vehicles. That day, Akeree Muna was almost kidnapped. This chance to escape the kidnapping, will not smile to the 20 students of Buea University kidnapped on March 20, 2019, and released the next day, after payment of ransom, according to sources.

It is in fact a phenomenon that has become almost daily in the regions hosting Buea and Bamenda. Authorities, military, police, journalists, religious, traditional leaders, no one is safe. And an accusing finger is pointing to the separatist fighters, who have in the past, "recognized some kidnappings, not associated with requests for payments," according to Ayah Paul Abine, a retired magistrate.

For the former leader of the Popular Action Party, the recent kidnappings, are made by well-known personalities: "There are indeed kidnappings by forces of defenses;and the victims have found freedom only in exchange for payments of money. I say it knowingly, and without any dress, because two of my orphans were victims.Thus according to Ayah Paul Abine installed in Buea, promoter of a foundation and an NGO, there are "false amba boys".

Moreover, on April 2, the information website reported that "Ambazonians deny any role" in the attempt to kidnap lawyer Akere Muna. This states that "The South Cameroon Liberation Council (SCLC) condemns in the strongest possible terms the kidnapping of an indeterminate number of civilians in the Republic of Ambazonia, formerly known as the North-West and South-West regions. west of Cameroon ". Authorities As if to say in plain language, that another group would be operating on behalf of the secessionists.

Sharing this opinion, the geostrategist Jean Vincent Ntuda Ebode explains the phenomenon of the liberation of the hostages in the English-speaking regions, by the fact that either "the secessionists are drained financially because of the rise in power of the Nigerian and Cameroonian forces in the control of the movement of goods and people, along the border between the two countries, or they punish the people who support their cause less and less ". To put an end to this problem, the geostrategy proposes the reinforcement of the provisional intelligence, the return of the chiefs in their territory, for "a dense collaboration of the populations with the traditional authorities, administrative and religious".


EU Resolution, Weak, hypocritical and falls short, Cho Ayaba reacts

My fellow people,

We will not humble pie. More than 4 million people affected (that’s the entire population of Norway and two times the population of Berlin); 1.5 million people needing Humanitarian assistance (that’s three times the population of Luxemburg), more than 700.000 internally displaced; more than 300.000 refugees including those in Cameroun and more than 10.000 dead.

The perpetrator and creator of this statistic is Cameroun and for the EU to purport to call on the arsonist to attempt to put out the fire is shameful.

The EU must be reminded that failure to see us as Ambazonians (a people) and not a geographic location of the perpetrating state is rather fuelling the conflict rather than resolving it. The EU must be reminded that during previous meetings we have spoken with clarity in a way that has eliminated all doubts about the root causes of the conflict and any solution that is acceptable to Ambazonians, brings peace and stability and engenders a post conflict peaceful coexistence.

The EU must align its position to that of other stakeholders determined to resolve the conflict in a way that effectively decolonise Ambazonia and returns Cameroun to its borders at independence.

While we welcome external engagements that exposes the barbarism of the perpetrating state, we reject any cosmetic approach whether in description or prescription that fails to situate the conflict in its rightful realm or resolve it in a way that ends Camerouns occupation of Ambazonia.

Cameroun’s crimes in Ambazonia legally amounts to crimes against humanity, war crimes and culturally amounts to genocide. As a norm setting body the EU must live up to its founding creed and engage positively to terminate this conflict in a way that is satisfactory to our people.

Our team will continue with the engagements, but I call on our people to increase the resistance on Ground Zero designed to forcefully evict a brutal and unrepentant beast from our homeland.

Dr Cho Ayaba


Ambazonia Governing Council

What The International Community Should Note While addressing Ambazonians

The People of the Southern Cameroons (Ambazonia) have remain grateful to all the organisations, Partners,  Agencies, Associations and all Countries that have stood by them in this very momentous period of their History, their just Independence Journey. Every goodwill has been recorded and will forever last in the annals of the Ambazonian history.

Ambazonians have never expected a hundred percent support or perfection from any of the above sympathisers  because,  only she or he who wears the shoe knows where it pinches. That is why,  BaretaNews crew thinks it’s crucial to notify the international community and subsequent helpers of the Struggle on who we really are in few words.

Each time you address Ambazonia, a territory as though it’s an integral part of Cameroun,  it gives a wrong message,  misrepresentation and misinterpretation. The nation of Ambazonia or the Southern Cameroons should be called by that name. It’s the correct appellation NOT North West and South West as the case with many of you. When you call her Northwest and Southwest, Biya and his guys still think there is a possibility for these nations to ever think of unity again which is a mirage.   If you choose to do something good for the New nation, some justice, just do it rightly.

Note that before the fraudulent unity of both countries, there was only La Republique Du Cameroun and British Southern Cameroons, those 2 went into a failed Federation and (the Southern Cameroons suffered a split from Yaounde Into NW/SW) that won’t ever be again. Consequently, to continue addressing the Republic of Ambazonia as the North West and South West, makes it clear to biya of neighbouring Cameroon to think that he still has that territory. It won’t and can never be.

We have also called on our international supporters and nations of good faith who love justice and humanity,  to articulate the right thing. If you must intervene in the war, it’s not enough telling the stubborn foreign invaders of Yaounde to call for dialogue. Tons of letters, memos,  articles,  broadcasts  etc have been done to stop biya  but armour cars still emit smoke in local towns and villages in this West African country. War crimes are still being perpetuated on the people as more troops still invade the country and has caused hundreds of thousands of people  to flee. What is needed now is ground work. Talk and act,  especially big organisations like U.N, E.U,A.U, not forgetting countries like U.S.A etc. It’s  Time to call a spade by its name.

Therefore, each time you articulate on  the Ambazonian case,  do it in all honesty and in the right way to make work lighter.By the right Appellation, Ambazonians call NW,  Northern Zone and SW,  Southern Zone.It is NOT a fight for peace to return to The North West and South West regions of Cameroon. No!!! The war is Ambazonian War for Independence. If at any point you fear to soil your relationship with Yaounde, stand on the pillar by demanding for a Referendum for this people, which is the closest idea to collective justice.

We keep reminding the Cameroun Nation and the international community of the thirst Ambazonia has for independence.  it’s that which will take them to the grave if need be. As highlighted by Hon.Wirba when both countries  used the same parliament some years ago,  La Republic shall kill  till the last child on the Southern Cameroons soil before taking it that territory.

Ambazonia is far above North West and South West  under Cameroun.  We are a Nation. Note!!! God bless your support.  We shall remember you very shortly after our walk in the night.

Sumelong Ekane  BaretaNews

Biya Sends Back Human Rights Watch Delegation From Douala Airport To Hide Genocide in Ambazonia

The Southern Cameroons Liberation Council, SCLC has received a shocking revelation on the treatment of a delegation of the American Human Rights Watch, HRW, as they arrived the Douala Airport. In a public alert dated 16th April 2019, the SCLC explained in details how the HRW team from New York had been treated in Cameroun. After obtaining visas to cover the situation of the crisis in Ambazonia, they were intercepted at the Douala Airport with no reasons given. According to officials at the Airport, they were working on orders from “Top Hierarchy” in Cameroun. The delegation were forced to take another plane away from Cameroun.

This plan to completely blind the world about the atrocious crimes committed on it’s neighbour has been well recorded in the alert by SCLC. Information says, the team like many others that are always denied access, had already left the country. This enables the evil regime to continue it’s planned massacre in the Southern Cameroons.

Human Rights Watch, HRW, is said not to be the first to have suffered such world class injustice. Others like Common Wealth, World Bank, U.S State Department, Washington Post, Amnesty International etc,  have been victims of same situation not just once. All these denials are streamed by Biya and his  gang in order not to expose the terrible war crimes committed by the occupational soldiers of La Republique on Ambazonian soil. Crimes that are against international conventions and laws like Geneva Convention.

The SCLC has also expressed disappointment in the docility of the United Nations Security Council and the African union amidst all the happenings. The coalition of movements fighting for the independence of Ambazonia SCLC,  has also asked U.N to send a preventive humanitarian mission to the Southern Cameroons without further delay to prevent another Rwanda-like genocide.

One thing is certain,  Mr Biya cannot hide his sins committed on Southern Cameroon's soil. The innocent people are still being slaughtered in numbers everyday.  Their houses razed and many fleeing as refugees. Every single deed is being recorded and achieved in living or dying, Biya must be brought to answer war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Sumelong Ekane BaretaNews

Anglophone Crisis - Latest: European Union called member states to stop military cooperation with Cameroon armed forces

As part of the amendments, the EU follows in the footsteps of the USA calling on all its member states
to stop military cooperation with Cameroon armed forces as well as selling any ammunition to Cameroon, including logistic and training.

Update soon...


Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Plan of assassination: who wanted to kill Paul Biya?

In August 2001, in the greatest discretion and on instruction of Paul Biya, Marafa Hamidou Yaya. Secretary General of the Presidency of the Republic begins the process of acquiring a plane for the Head of State. This is a BBJII. A company, GIA International has been selected to serve as an intermediary between the State of Cameroon and the American manufacturer Boeing.

While it is question of pouring at first two million dollars so that Boeing can start the construction of the plane, Michel Meva'a m'Eboutou, Minister of Finance decides to transfer 29 million dollars in the accounts of GIA International. The American company will use this money to buy two aircraft that will be rented to CAMAIR led by the son of billionaire Bandjoun, Yves Michel Fotso. In March 2002, the date of delivery of the BBJII, there is no plane or money.

While the process of acquisition of the BBJII continues, on August 24, 2002, Marafa Hamidou Yaya is replaced at the General Secretariat of the Presidency of the Republic by Jean Marie Atangana Mebara. Having reviewed the file, the latter decided to suspend negotiations with GIA International and to negotiate directly with Boeing. When the plane is ready again at Boeing, its reception is postponed three times. In the end it will never happen.

In June 2003, while the plane is sitting in Boeing's workshops and waiting for payment, Paul Biya gives up the acquisition of a BBJII and opts for a 767. Waiting for a new 767 him delivered, Atangana Mebara chose a plane called "Albatros" which was to be rented by the presidential couple. The rest of the case we know. While traveling to attend a summit on the Lake Chad Basin in Paris, the wheels of the "Albatross" struggle to return, Paul and Chantal Biya are panicked.But more fear than harm. Everything will be back in order soon, but Paul Biya will never ride in the Albatross again. Some members of his entourage say they tried to kill him.

Who wanted to kill Paul Biya? Where did the $ 29 million go? Why the BBJII was not received? What are the games and issues of this business? Boris Bertolt's book offers the first lines of understanding of what can be considered one of the greatest scandals of the state of postcolonial Cameroon. Through a rich and thorough investigation, the reader is immersed in a world that reflects the heritage systems of Sub-Saharan Africa.


Revelations of the newspaper Le Monde on secessionists and Biya

The information comes from a very popular source from the French newspaper Le Monde.

The English crisis has taken the face of a dirty war in camera, with its share of atrocities, destroyed villages, alleged accomplices of a camp or the other executed, racketeering of the few entrepreneurs still active in the area and kidnap for ransom.

According to the UN, 437,000 people were internally displaced by the conflict and another 32,000 fled to Nigeria.

A situation that has become very worrying for Western chancelleries. Indeed, to believe the French newspaper Le Monde, negotiations, secret to preserve the pride of both sides, could open at a date and place still unknown. "The Western countries are exasperated by the level of violence of the Cameroonian forces and, if Yaoundé refuses to dialogue, the Americans consider individual sanctions against personalities of power," says the French daily a personality invested on this issue.

The latter also reports that the Cameroonian authorities could no longer benefit from the protective umbrella of Paris: "France, which has always been supportive of the government, is embarrassed.After his reelection, Biya has led the French to believe a government reshuffle in depth, from which the hawks would be excluded, and the creation of an independent commission to surround negotiations with the anglophones. France then lobbied to curb the chancelleries who were on a harder line. to see that power has rolled the French into flour ".


Serail: this high-ranking army who wants Ngoh Ngoh's head at all costs

Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh has cultivated since his appointment to the General Secretariat of the Presidency of the Republic a vast network that today makes him one of the most powerful men of the Republic or even the most powerful.

In the army he gradually consolidated his stature by getting closer to the Israeli BIR who also ensure the safety of Paul Biya. No wonder then that when he was kept in the government and promoted to Minister of State, they opened bottles of champagne. Because the links go well between them.

But, the ties are rather tense with the colonel of the presidential guard Raymond Charles Beko Abondo. Recently, Ngo'o Ngo'o, the man to whom nothing is refused, sends to the COM GP a list of mostly Nnanga Eboko officers who have to move on to higher ranks.

Beko Abondo opposes it by indicating that it answers only of the chief of the state.And rejected the proposals of the SGPR.While making a note to the attention of Paul Biya.

But this episode must simply be put in the context of power struggles in the presidency of the Republic between Ngo'o Ngo'o and MVONDO Ayolo. Beko Abondo being considered close to the current director of the civil cabinet.

Reporter: Boris Bertolt

Succession of Biya: Chantal bets on her joker and influences the decisions

The debate over Paul Biya's succession to the supreme magistracy worries more than one. He speaks both on the national and international political scene.

The ominous omens about the identity of Cameroon's third head of state are being replaced by the convulsions and crises that the country is going through. After the controversial edition of the pan-African newspaper Jeune Afrique of February 17, 2019, it is the turn of the French media The letter of the continent to maintain the controversy.

In its edition N ° 798 of April 10, 2019, the newspaper brings back to the taste of the day, the famous debate of succession, and understands that Paul Biya, in power for 37 years, would be at his last mandate.Without however departing from the wacky analysis of Jeune Afrique, the newspaper reveals in its columns that the incarceration of Mebe Ngoh would be the work of the Minister of State, Secretary general to the Presidency of the republic to distance this one presidential ambitions.

Our colleague in his article dated April 10, 2019 titled "Who Can Succeed the Biya Sphinx?", Confidently states that Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh would have an invisible hand on the arrest of former Defense Minister Edgar Alain Mebe Ngo ' o. Later, the newspaper indicates that the first Cameroonian lady plays an important role as regards the succession to the head of the State.


Amerìca Messages to Ambazonia By Ntumfoyn Boh Herbert (Yindo Toh)

Good news is rare, so when I find it, I want to share it soonest. There is plenty of good news in the attached video featuring United States Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs, Tibor Nagy. He was speaking earlier today and shared five big messages that every Ambazonian should know and be encouraged by.

First, Hon. Tibor Nagy recognizes that the diplomacy of our Diaspora in the USA has been very effective. He says he is hearing from the Congress the most about the Cameroons (read Ambazonia). Bravo Ambazonians in the USA. We must keep this up.

Second, Hon. Tibor Nagy explains what current US current policy is towards the Cameroons. He says it is current US policy – and he stresses that it is CURRENT POLICY – to recognize the existing boundaries of Cameroon. The unsaid message is clear. Current policy may not last long. Ambazonians, you are almost there. Raise your voices louder to ensure the lobbyists paid by the Biya regime don’t drown us out.

Third, Hon. Tibor Nagy blames the Biya regime for the civil war. Not both sides. Not violence on both sides. He says the regime failed to offer solutions, leading to the current civil war.

Fourth, Hon. Tibor Nagy points out that Ambazonians are “fighting for their rights”. Did the Biya regime copy that? The US does not but their propaganda that they are taking out “secessionists”, “terrorists”, “criminals”, “rats”, “dogs”, etc.

Fifth, Hon. Tibor Nagy salutes the democratic changes unfolding across Africa, mentioning among them the toppling Wednesday night of Sudan’s erstwhile strongman and war criminal Omar al-Bashi. Then, Hon. Tibor Nagy adds that with Sudan behind him, his “next concern is Cameroon”.

Did you hear that Hitler Paul Biya?

At least 13 Cameroun Soldiers Die In A Fresh Gun Battle in Luh, Ndu Local Government Area-CNA Writes

At least 13 soldiers have died and several others collapsed in a 7 hours battle with Ambazonia fighters along the border between Luh and Wat in Ndu Subdivision.

Two fighters were seriously injured in the process with one , a twin from Luh whose house was also set ablaze, in a critical condition( shot on the head)

The Soldiers who crossed into Luh through Mbeng were trapped along the border Luh/ Wat when Ambazonia fighters destroyed a locally made bridge at Mankeng, located along the community road linking the two villages.

Back-up was called from Nkambe with 3 more trucks but the Soldiers later-on withdrew.The Soldiers did not enter into the heart of Luh village.

This is because the reinforcement that came ended around the boundary between Wat and Luh in a place called Mansah where one Ambazonia fighter was seriously wounded and 6 houses set ablaze.

Upon returning to base, the Soldiers were attacked around Mbot village but fighting lasted just for 10 minutes. They were 7 military trucks in total which went to invade Luh village. However, several neighboring Ambazonia camps from Nso, Noni and other villages were involved in the attack following an SOS call for back-up.

“Dozens of houses would have been reduced by flames had the Soldiers succeeded to enter Luh.”A source has said.

A certain, Fred, who was allegedly giving directives to the soldiers while in the bush was caught by the fighters and Phone seized. His father is on the run.

CNA News

Prince Nfor Hanson Nchanji

BaretaNews Alert: Kejom Ketinguh has been under military siege since 4am today

The upper part of Babanki Tungo or Kejom Ketinguh has been under military invasion since 4am today. There is fierce fighting going on between LRC soldiers and the Restoration forces. An eye witness says Babanki Door market is full of LRC soldiers. They have not been able to penetrate the upper part of Babanki Tungo but it seems they are bent on entering there today to kill and burn houses as they have been trained to do.

The Restoration forces of Babanki Tungo need an immediate back up from surrounding Restoration forces in Bambili, Bamessing and Balikumbat. No news of any casualties so far. Pray for our Restoration forces.

Mark Bareta

Anglophone Crisis: Security forces massively arrested civilians in Kumba

According to information gathered by camerounweb editors from the concordant sources, mass arrests are being made early this Saturday morning in Kumba 2 department in the North West Region.

According to a local source, people were peacefully going about their business when suddenly members of the defense and security forces arrested people in the localities of Kosala, Fiango and Metta Quarters. For now, the reason for these arrests is unknown.

In the middle of the week, six children were abducted by unidentified gunmen.We learn that the kidnappers are asking for $ 10 million against the release of the children.

But it must be pointed out that this Saturday, a soldier was murdered and his body thrown into a neighborhood in Bamenda.


Anglophone Crisis: Security forces massively arrested civilians in Kumba

According to information gathered by camerounweb editors from the concordant sources, mass arrests are being made early this Saturday morning in Kumba 2 department in the North West Region.

According to a local source, people were peacefully going about their business when suddenly members of the defense and security forces arrested people in the localities of Kosala, Fiango and Metta Quarters. For now, the reason for these arrests is unknown.

In the middle of the week, six children were abducted by unidentified gunmen.We learn that the kidnappers are asking for $ 10 million against the release of the children.

But it must be pointed out that this Saturday, a soldier was murdered and his body thrown into a neighborhood in Bamenda.


Anglophone Crisis: UN mission arrives in Cameroon to find a peaceful solution

In order to find a peaceful solution to the crisis shaking the two English-speaking regions of Cameroon, the United Nations through UN-Women want to evaluate Cameroon's action plan on the implementation of Resolution 1325 (2000) of the Council of security.

According to our information, a mission led by Mrs. LEYMAH GBOWEE, Nobel Peace Prize, will stay in Cameroon. She will be received at the airport of Douala this Saturday, April 13, 2019 at 15h by the Ministry of housing and urban planning Celestine Kétcha, the Minister for the advancement of women and the family and the Governor of the coast.

This mission will take place in Yaoundé. Update soon...


Anglophone Crisis: A Cameroonian soldier reportedly shot in Bamenda, his body was thrown into the Camion Park

File photo

According to information received by Cameroon's editorial staff, the Ambazonian fighters killed and threw the body of a Cameroonian soldier around a place called Camion Park, Four Corners Bambui, in Bamenda, in the north-west of the country early this Saturday. morning.

A local source tells us that every time a soldier is killed and a body thrown into the neighborhoods, there is a repression of the army. This caused a general panic in this locality.

It must be remembered that since the beginning of the week, fighting between secessionists and elements of the Cameroonian army is raging in this region.There are several casualties, especially in the ranks of secessionists and the population.

To try to find a peaceful solution to the crisis, the UN dispatched a mission to the Cameroonian capital to discuss with the authorities in place.


Gunfire exchanges, killings and kidnappings in Kumba, "A black Thursday" marked in Kumba

"A black Thursday". This is not the title of a movie or a book. It is rather so that the "kumba boys and women" qualified the day of April 11, 2019. So she was tumultuous. Exchange of shots by ci, killings and kidnappings by there, the city of Kumba seems to be far from out of the troubles.

This day, which gave the impression of having started well, opened with an ambush of heavily armed people who kidnapped two teachers from the primary school and kindergarten "Destiny" and Bonakama. Clashes between the elements of the defense fighters and the attackers will follow.

"These cracklings of rifles continue all day until a certain time of the night", reveals a young person of the city. This with breaks, which from time to time have made people who stay in Fiango, Sonang Fang, Kosala and the station quarter believe that the altercations are over. But each time and throughout the day, they were forced to hide in their homes.

The body of a young man, probably dead after being shot, was found by his family members in the same town. The deceased named Bekondo Orlando aka Becks would have been banned from leaving the house on the morning of the famous Thursday, April 11, 2019, according to his mother.

Orlando held the GCE Advance level, the equivalent of a bachelor's degree for Francophones. He would have suffered from a minor mental problem.


All Anglophone conference: Organization worries

For the initiators of this conference, it is a tool of reconciliation that will provide a response to the crisis in the South West and North West regions.

Supposed to take place in late November 2018, the "All English speaking conference" has still not taken place.Failing a quitus from Yaoundé, the meeting is even postponed sine die, "recalls the weekly Integration in its edition of April 15, 2019. However, Elie Smith the Secretary General and coordinator of the All Anglophone Conference, supported this April 5, 2019 on the news site fr.sputniknews that "the project is still in progress".

"This release of the journalist, secretary general and coordinator of the" All Anglophone Conference ", we learn that the consultation carried by Cardinal Christian Tumi also generates other concerns," says the newspaper.

"We have been labeled as radical, and some say that our goal when we organize this foundation is to declare our independence. It's archifal. We want to show them that this is an Anglophone problem, which emanates from the fundamental infidelity that created modern Cameroon in 1961, "says Elie Smith.

Sufficient for many boondoggles around the organization of this consultation undermine this intention of the organizers.Especially since, for the moment, the vagueness remains on the stage of treatment of the debates.

According to the newspaper, "in recent days, members of the committee of organizations contradict each other on the modalities that could govern this space of reflection".

To avoid any hullabaloo, one current thinks that these discussions can only relate to "the non-respect of the constitution of 1961. Beside, others think that it is necessary to speak of the form of the State. Again, voices are raised to advocate for federalism and / or the completion of the decentralization process. The radicals have no other track than secession.

If these various tendencies do not draw a disorder as such, "they indicate that nothing seems to be stopped, to the dismay (certainly) of Cardinal Christian Tumi and other religious dignitaries who are in charge of animating these debates (and therefore to face the consequences) in case these would stand, "concludes Integration.


Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Military raids carried out in the North-West: the real reasons finally known

The governor of the North-West region, Lele Lafrique Tchoff Deben Deben Adolphe, revealed the reasons for the intensification of military raids in his locality in recent days.

In a statement issued on April 11, Adolphe Lele Lafrique explained that this decision of the army units is the result of the refusal of some secessionist fighters to ignore the call for disarmament launched against them by the head of the State Paul Biya November 6, 2018.

"The public is, however, aware that since the implementation of the Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration Program by the Head of State, His Excellency President Paul Biya, and the many callus made to secessionist fighters for disarmament have been heard by some but have been ignored by several secessionist groups that continue to attack security forces and commit abuses against innocent civilians. As a result, the Security and Defense Forces have decided to intensify targeted military operations on well-identified and local secessionist hiding places, "wrote Adolphe Lele Lafrique.

These comments follow the recent report of the Human Rights Watch (HRW) human rights organization accusing Cameroonian soldiers of killing and mutilating five civilians in the village of Meluf in Kumbo.

Charges rebutted by the North West Governor who claims there was no military raid on Meluf at the date reported by Human Rights Watch in his report.


Paul Biya is a prisoner of his wife, Says Chantal Owona

This statement, the Cameroonian political scientist reportedly made in a secret meeting held with US officials in September 2008. Four intellectuals Cameroonian took part in this meeting including Mathias Owono Nguini, Charles Ateba Eyene, the economist Pius Ottou and the Professor Justine Diffo Tchunkam.

The minutes of this meeting contained in a confidential memo of the US secret services specify, indeed, that Mathias Owono Nguini has addressed several topics, including the post-Biya era or the influence of the first lady Chantal Biya.

About the latter, the political scientist would have implied that the Cameroonian president was "prisoner" of his wife Chantal Biya who would exercise unlimited power in the seraglio. Extract…

Ateba Eyene and Owona Nguini argue that Biya is "prisoner" of three forces: the elites who surround him and who have an interest in perpetuating the regime he has created, his own ego and his wife, Chantal.

Chantal Biya would have no interest in giving up the immense power she enjoys.All four assumed that Biya would run as a presidential candidate, whether in 2011 or earlier, as some predict.

All four deplored the lack of credible national leaders to counterbalance the Biya regime, with some claiming that opposition party leaders Frf Ndi and Ndam Njoya, SDF and UDC parties respectively, had sold to the Biya regime since then. long and had promised to be "more Biya than Biya" if elected.


Biya's stay in Geneva: President of Swiss in the hot seat

They are about a dozen organizations of Cameroonians of the diaspora, gathered in the "Collective of the Cameroonian diaspora" to have undertaken to challenge the president of the Swiss confederation on his complacency vis-à-vis the Cameroonian president, Paul Biya, who has planned to secretly make a private trip to Switzerland with his wife, accompanied by an army of soldiers and gendarmes carrying war ammunition, to face the Cameroonian diaspora who threatens to give him a welcome of misery everywhere where he will land in Europe because of the mistreatment his tyrannical regime inflicts on Cameroonians.

In this correspondence, the Cameroonians blame the Swiss head of state who seems to be still the only leader of one of the countries of the free world to make soft eyes to the Cameroonian satrap, his pretense of not knowing in what indescribable sociopolitical chaos and humanitarian Paul Biya and his clannish regime plunged Cameroon, one of the countries.

Below, the entirety of the letter of the Collective, which invites to the extreme vigilance the president Ueli Maurer. "To Mr. Ueli Maurer, President of the Swiss Confederation, Federal Chancellery, West Federal Palace, 3003 Bern Mr. Ueli Maurer, President of the Swiss Confederation We, the Collective of Democratic and Patriotic Organizations of Cameroonians of the Diaspora (CODE), the Circle Belgo-African for Human Promotion (CEBAPH), the February 2008 Movement in Cameroon, Action Solidaire Internationale (ASI), the Folefack Collective, the Moumié Foundation, the Ceuta & Melilla Collective, the National Collective Against Impunity in Cameroon ( CNI) ... have received a lot of information from Cameroon and Cameroonians living in and around Geneva about the presence on the territory of Cameroonian police, armed and stationed around certain buildings of the confederation like the intercontinental hotel in Geneva, a private clinic and a private residence in Lausanne.

Indeed, this Cameroonian police presence, armed abroad and fully funded by the power of Yaoundé who has been home to the Intercontinental Hotel for ages, is the perfect illustration of the violation by the Swiss Confederation of the Directive (EU). ) 2017/853 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 17 May 2017, amending Directive 91/477 / EEC on the control of the acquisition and possession of arms

It will also be recalled that according to Swiss law on the police of October 26, 1957, entered into force on January 1, 1958, all the police services on the territory of Switzerland are placed under the authority of the chief state councilor of the department of security and the economy

The Cameroonian police by squaring certain buildings of the confederation, acting in foreign territory under the authority of the Cameroonian head of state, on a foreign territory violates this law cited above and deserves penalties as provided by law.

On April 4, your competent services received a fax message from Cameroon's Chief of State Protocol, Simon-Pierre Bikélé, asking to obtain from you, authorizations to carry arms for the benefit of the elements of the Presidential security Cameroon as part of a trip in preparation in Switzerland.

Mr. Ueli Maurer, we are aware that you recently notified the Cameroonian head of state that you were no longer able to mobilize your own officials to ensure the safety of the latter on a private visit to Switzerland.

Today, our country, Cameroon is going through a serious multidimensional crisis: political crisis, electoral crisis, economic crisis, social crisis, security crisis ...

On the security front, peace is the watchword of the propaganda of power.The public media rustles all day peace.Official speeches do not lack reference to peace. The President of the Republic is presented as the pope of peace.Paradoxically, Cameroon has never accumulated as many weapons of war as now. Whole containers, large quantities of weapons of mass destruction from China, the Czech Republic, Singapore, North Korea and recently Libya, are imported without the knowledge of the military high command.

At the electoral level, today unfortunately, it is clear that since 1982 that Mr. Biya is at the head of power in Cameroon, Cameroon has never known the practice of free, transparent and fair elections. Paul Biya has restored the unilateral organization of elections by the government and organs made by himself to defraud and drag on to power

On the social level, the situation is characterized by a great paradox.Cameroon is rich. Rich in raw materials, arable land, rivers and rivers, forests, sun.But Cameroonians are poor. Despite the huge revenues generated by these natural resources

More than 70% of Cameroonians live below the poverty line; their daily lives are endemic suffering: endemic unemployment, expensive living, lack of drinking water, electricity, kerosene, gas, lack of social protection, very poor access to health care, famine and malnutrition.

Meanwhile, the Cameroonian head of state, if he is not himself present in Switzerland, his delegation of more than a hundred people and some members of his family stay in Switzerland, in one the most posh hotels in Europe, squandering the money of the Cameroonian taxpayer.

All these practices that are part of a past of sad memory, that we believed forever, reflect the stubborn will power to go against the tide of history and restore chaos in Cameroon

In any case, Mr. Ueli Maurer, we invite you to be vigilant, and recommend that a Swiss government mission visit the Intercontinental Hotel located at Chemin du Petit-Saconnex 9, 1209 Geneva, Switzerland to ensure the veracity of our allegations and especially, ask the Cameroonian delegation to leave this hotel.

With this in mind, the Cameroonian people will know that you do not contribute to the ruin of Cameroon and the homelessness of the Cameroonian people.

Do not do it Mr Ueli Maurer, would make you an accomplice.

"What would the people of Switzerland say, your people, if you spent more than three quarters of the year living in a hotel in Yaounde, surrounded by a battalion of courtiers who give you the illusion of grandeur, by shamelessly looting your country? What would your people say if you settled your family for more than a quarter of a century in a posh hotel in the Cameroonian capital at the expense of the Swiss taxpayer, far from the Switzerland whose destiny was entrusted to you? The answer to these questions seems obvious : You would be dismissed and judged

We dare to believe Mr. Ueli Maurer, that our message will hold your attention

In the hope that this correspondence will awaken the Helvetic State on the chaotic situation in Cameroon, we beg you to believe, Mr. President, in the expression of our perfect consideration. "

Done at Brussels, April 10, 2019.

• The Collective of Democratic and Patriotic Organizations of Cameroonians of the Diaspora ( CODE),

• The Belgo-African Circle for Human Promotion (CEBAPH),


• The February 2008 Movement in Cameroon,

• International Solidarity Action (ASI)

• The Folefack Collective

• The MOUMIE Foundation

• The Ceuta & Melilla

Collective • The National Collective Against Impunity in Cameroon (CNI)


'Sleeping with corpses is part of the job, we have to do it' an Employee of a morgue confesses

In an interview with Adom TV, the words of Lucas Sharkar, an employee of a morgue in Ghana, shocked the whole country.Since that day, the man, who lost his job, is actively wanted by the police.

An employee of the Korle Bu Teaching hospital morgue in Accra, Ghana, Lucas Sharkar was invited to television to talk about his job. But the words of the man shocked many people. According to the International Business Times, he said he slept with the dead. He added that it was part of his training. The purpose of these "sexual relations" would be to feel very comfortable with the corpses. "It's part of the job, we have to do it. Because once we've done it, we're never afraid again, "Lucas told the International Business Times, relayed by the Essential website.

"I'm relieving myself"

Then, the man confessed to having a lot of trouble attracting "living" girls because of his difficult job. "So sometimes, when I'm at the morgue, I go to a fresh woman's body and I'm relieving myself," he told the reporter in shock. Since that interview, the man has been discharged from the hospital. Frightened, he disappeared into the wild. He is now wanted by the Ghana police.


Estate of Biya: a Bertoua 2e municipal councilor exposed him, reveals everything


The councilor of Bertoua commune 2e, Georges Mindja Zam think that the caciques of the party covet the armchair Etoudi, reason for which subterfuges are noted here and there.

Below is his entire statement:

"While the President of the Republic has just started his 7th term as head of the country, the battle for his succession seems to be preparing behind the scenes. The caciques, like those who aspire to become one, dream of a presidential destiny which could be accessible to them at the end of this supposed last mandate of the president of the Republic of Cameroon. To this end, we already see subterfuges, like the problem of communication leaks, undermining the tranquility of Cameroonians.

But true to his habit, the President of the Republic seems to be impassive, while is played perhaps, according to social networks and the press, a ruthless clan war. In recent days, this scandal has set the whole Republic in motion with the problem of the leak of the fax message, which is actually the buzz. These leaks at the level of the administration to the presidency of the Republic, lead some lighthouse questions on the confidentiality of the documents and the security of the head of the State.

Particularly with respect to the confidentiality of documents, which remains the overriding problem, the status of the public service is invoked to address this situation.

In fact, every official is bound by the obligation of reserve and professional discretion in the exercise of his functions. How to understand that the official, moreover in service to the Presidency of the Republic, who must exercise professional discretion with regard to facts, information or documents of which he became aware in the exercise or on the occasion of the exercise of its functions, may be outside the regulations in force?Admittedly, it might be possible that an express decision of the superior authority had to release him from this obligation.

Not knowing if this restriction was given, this diversion or subtraction of this fax message, as it happened to the presidency of the republic, we remind it, is formally forbidden. Reproduction that has been made, unless it has been performed for service reasons, should lead after investigation, sanctions to the extent of the fault committed.

By summoning the texts that seemed to be flouted, we understand that there is a gradual grip of clan warfare at the Palace of Unity. Perhaps, we find traitors carpet in the shadows, who want to create schism or zizanie at the top of the state. It is becoming increasingly clear that some divisions are running in some specialized services. Thus, at the mercy of the entrances and exits of several senior officials on duty at the Presidential Palace, disgrace and ascents to the summit, each of these had to place men on all floors of the Etoudi palace. In the end, this leads to some competition between the various supposed clans.

This war is intensifying, because each protagonist is reluctant to give up some of his privileges. In this case, one or another member of such a clan should be anathematized to be considered a traitor and driven out of the Presidential Palace.

This method serves to demonstrate that the new Masters of the presidential palace are fragile, not mastering the information circuits, thus exposing the President of the Republic by making it accessible to all kinds of difficulties. In short, it is the struggle of the squares that rages, because those who have won the confidence of the Head of State will become emperors of the Presidential Palace. As for those who will be found as traitors, they will be ousted and this will open the way for others who can dream of the highest destinies.

We can simply say that, in the shadows, some people are happy that, as a result of the investigations, it may be possible to create immeasurable problems for the respondents.

In view of this scandal, we are comforting ourselves with the idea that we have, to review from top to bottom and make the investigation of morality of all the staff in service to the presidency of the Republic, to avoid attending any risk of dark affairs, which would hurt the President of the Republic.

To put an end to this kind of network of leaks, beyond the aforementioned solution, we think that it would be necessary to convoke the texts of the Republic and strike without complaint, after investigation, the culprits. If it is found that there has been an insufficiency or malpractice, the mis en cause should be dismissed or dismissed by the President of the Republic, following a disciplinary procedure before the Permanent Council of Discipline. public service. This could lead to criminal prosecution according to the legislation in force. This example will blur all attempts of state agents, any confessions, to put in public the top secret information. "


Paul Biya's bodyguards in panic over Leak of mìlitary documents

The leaks of information on presidential trips orchestrated in recent days are part of a destabilizing maneuver for actors in the immediate vicinity of Paul Biya. Sources announce auditions and arrests.

A sign of the times. This is the second time, in the space of almost two months, that the President of the Republic foils the plans of conspirators carpet in his immediate entourage. At the end of February, the flight plan of the President of the Republic, with technical precision, is disclosed in social networks. Evil takes those who, for purposes no longer doubtful today, have cleverly orchestrated the flight. Paul Biya will not make this trip to Switzerland.

But the enemies of the interior do not disarm. From the evening of Saturday, April 6, it is the message-fax signed two days earlier by the head of state protocol of the civil cabinet of the Presidency of the Republic which is found on the Web. In this message, the urgency of which is signaled, Simon Pierre Bikélédemande, in view of a stay of the Head of State in Switzerland, the ambassador of Cameroon to obtain from the Swiss authorities the necessary authorizations for certain elements of the close security of Paul Biya. The message provides details on the number of items, the weapons in their possession, their dates and places of birth, their passport numbers, types and numbers of weapons and the number of ammunition each.

Although the maneuver has already been exposed and abundantly relayed by the press, its authors are not discouraged.

They publish in social networks photos of some members of the head of State's close guard, as well as those of their offspring. Faced with this other maneuver of destabilization, the presidential trip scheduled from April 7 is postponed sine die. "Never before have such sensitive information been found in the public square. By revealing the identity of those who hold in hand the security of the President of the Republic, it is quite possible that we are subtly sending a message to people preparing or feeding the project of attacking his life "Blows a safe source.

Another well-informed source agrees, arguing that it is not a simple leak of documents of proven sensitivity. On March 28, 2018, the then Prime Minister sounded the alarm. In a circular addressed in particular to all the government and heads of diplomatic missions, Philemon Yang deplored "the recurrent dissemination, particularly on" social networks "or other mass media, of documents of a sensitive nature and often coated the mention '' Confidential '', '' Secret '' or '' Very secret ''.It is also the dissemination of information relating to operations in the field of security and defense.

Moreover, to convince that the leaks on the presidential trips go beyond the statement of the former head of government, various sources are formal that some officials of the Palace of the Unit were auditioned and would have proceeded to interpellation. The investigations are mainly aimed at the Presidential Security Directorate (DSP), the President of the Republic's special staff, and the State Protocol.

"In the case of the flight plan, the state protocol and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are primarily concerned. Regarding the disclosure of the list of members of the close security of the Head of State, the suspects are recruited within the DSP, the special staff and the state protocol ", believes to know a source visibly well aware of the file. For her, "what is happening for some time in the immediate entourage of the head of state shows that people are part of the logic of an end of reign, and do not even hide their desire to rush his departure ".


United Arab Emirates: Anger resurfaces among Cameroonians

The renewal of Visa remains a nightmare for Cameroonians residing in the United Arab Emirates. The news of the suspension of consular activities displeased many of them.

In a statement dated April 4, 2019, Mr. Donancier MEBOUOGUE, Consul General of Cameroon in Dubai (United Arab Emirates), indicated that the suspension was aimed at obtaining a permanent office that will remain official.

While operating from the Canal Central Hotel, Business Bay, the Consul General and his assistant received two requests (January 26th and February 2nd) for the renewal of 101 passports and the processing of official documents.

The hopes of having the passports renewed are flying away because the official office of the consulate is uncertain.

In a message recently sent to Cameroonians in Dubai, Mr. Donancien MEBOUOGUE said: "The current crisis in the English-speaking regions of Cameroon makes renewing the passport very difficult".

The protection of Cameroonians residing in the United Arab Emirates is still far from conclusive for lack of official consulate in the country.


Anglophone Crisis: outraged by violence, Canada reacts!

For the first time, some of Canada's humanitarian aid will go to the Northwest and Southwest regions.

At a hearing given by Prime Minister Joseph Dion Ngute on April 10, 2019, Leslie Northon, Assistant Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Canada for Sub-Saharan Africa, announced that Canadian Cameroon for 2019 is $ 6.65 million.

The aid is intended for the far north, east and the recently added northwestern and southwestern regions of Cameroon.

Concerned about the plight of the people in Cameroon's northwestern and southwestern regions, Cameroon's High Commissioner to Cameroon Nathalie O'Neil added that Canada would continue to support refugees and displaced persons in Cameroon. both internal and external.

Discussions between Prime Minister Ngute and Canadian government officials also focused on economic issues.


Disappearance of a Chadian journalist: Idriss Deby shakes Yaoundé

Cameroon and Chad, which have good diplomatic relations, regularly use exchanges and mutual aid in the face of common issues. In the case of bilateral cooperation between the two neighboring nations, the provision of the authorities of the sub-region is of great necessity.

The case of the journalist Noubadoum Sotinan from Chad remakes, once again, surface. Indeed, missing since March 4, 2014, his family and loved ones have not heard from him.

Departing for Congo Brazzaville as part of a mission, the man named Noubadoum Sotinan and two of his colleagues stopped over in Cameroon, Douala.

They were part of a Chadian delegation to participate in the work of the International Forum on Indigenous Peoples of Central Africa. This forum was held from 4 to 7 March 2014 in Brazzaville in the Congolese Republic by the Economic Community of Central African States (ECCAS). Moreover, during the stopover in the economic capital of Cameroon, the authorities found that the latter did not hold a valid passport. Noubadoum Sotinan was therefore unable to fly to Kenya (Nairobi) in the non-CEMAC zone.

A necessary survey for relatives

Since that day, the Republic of Chad has not heard from him. Faced with the concerns of his relatives, the Chadian authorities decided to launch an investigation to trace the journalist. A press conference was held on 9 April 2019 at the Chad Embassy in Bastos.

Working at the National Broadcasting of Chad, he presented the program "SOS Environment" and according to his colleagues, had no political background.

Having dispatched a team a few years ago in Cameroon, a new team from Chad arrived in Yaounde. It is headed by Mission Manager Rémadji Ngaradoumbaye Adèle, Director of Legal Affairs, Documentation and Archives of the Ministry of Communication. The latter is accompanied by Abba Daoud Nangdjede, Director of Planning and Resources of the General Directorate of Broadcasting and Television of Chad. In their suite, we can also meet Larmé Laguerre, President of the Union of Chadian Journalists, and the younger brother of the deceased Serge Sotinan.

The SNJC solidary because of the disappeared journalist

Welcomed on arrival by the SNJC (National Union of Journalists of Cameroon) Center, this commission has long spoken with the media on April 9, 2019. In addition, a press release signed by the CEO of the Central Hospital of Yaounde, relayed by the CRTV (dated Thursday, March 21, 2019) called families to identify the bodies. They now have ten days to report to the morgues of Yaoundé and Douala.

After this period, the State will proceed to the burial of these bodies.

This is why the Ministry of Communication of Chad decided to send a mission to Cameroon to restart the Sotinan affair. The SNJC immediately mobilized to make this case clear. The president of the SNJC Center Thierry Eba, hopes that police and judicial investigations will succeed so close to the deceased can find peace.


Cameroon - Anglophone crisis: Paul Biya could (finally) open a dialogue with secessionists

The information comes from a very popular source from the French newspaper Le Monde.

The English crisis has taken the face of a dirty war in camera, with its share of atrocities, destroyed villages, alleged accomplices of a camp or the other executed, racketeering of the few entrepreneurs still active in the area and kidnap for ransom.

According to the UN, 437,000 people were internally displaced by the conflict and another 32,000 fled to Nigeria.

A situation that has become very worrying for Western chancelleries. Indeed, to believe the French newspaper Le Monde, negotiations, secret to preserve the pride of both sides, could open at a date and place still unknown. "The Western countries are exasperated by the level of violence of the Cameroonian forces and, if Yaoundé refuses to dialogue, the Americans consider individual sanctions against personalities of power," says the French daily a personality invested on this issue.

The latter also reports that the Cameroonian authorities could no longer benefit from the protective umbrella of Paris: "France, which has always been supportive of the government, is embarrassed.After his reelection, Biya has led the French to believe a government reshuffle in depth, from which the hawks would be excluded, and the creation of an independent commission to surround negotiations with the Anglophones. France then lobbied to curb the chancelleries who were on a harder line. to see that power has rolled the French into flour ".


Monday, April 15, 2019

MRC case: Francè turns its back on Mauríce Kamto

France shows its support for Paul Biya against Maurice Kamto, the information is the journalist and whistleblower Boris Bertolt.

Read the entire publication

Since the arrest of Maurice KAMTO, one thing distinguishes Paris from other European capitals: it does not openly demand the release of political prisoners. Although selo. Several sources Macron would have asked Biya Paul to let go of the ballast to get a calming of the socio-political tension.

Because, France reproaches one thing with Maurice KAMTO and its allies: never to have recognized the victory of Paul Biya. The ambassador of France in Cameroon, Gilles Thibaut and his advisor N1 no longer hide. They openly ask the MRC officials to renounce the "no hold-up". Those to whom Maurice KAMTO and his allies have strongly opposed to this day. Paris has not digested him and accepts the detention of 200 political prisoners in Cameroon. Take for example the attitude of Jean Yves Le Drian, the current French Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Beyond being simply very silent about the Cameroon case, he is also a liar. Thus in a note dated April 4, 2019 addressed to a French deputy to which we could have access, Le Drian states that: "Maurice Kamto was brought before a judge within a reasonable time after his arrest". Nearly two weeks of detention before seeing a judge for French, Le Drian is reasonable. I am not talking about inhumane conditions relating to his treatment or a search warrant that has become an arrest warrant. Drian adds: "He was able to access his lawyers despite some odds". For nearly 10 days nobody knew where KAMTO Maurice was. A serious violation of the rights of the Defense.

For Drian it's a "hazard". Remember the lawyers' strike to gain access to their client. It is simply indecent for my brain the words of this French Minister of Foreign Affairs. Drian ended his correspondence in these terms: "for some hearings before the military court, it seems that he did not have the time and facilities to prepare them in a manner".

There it is the final one would have said the Minister of Communication of the Cameroonian government. He does not, from my point of view, doubt. French diplomats are sufficiently showered with money bags by the Yaoundé regime. It stinks of corruption. The candidate of France in Cameroon for now is Paul Biya. Just like their candidate in Algeria was Bouteflika, in Gabon they support Ali Bongo. Ohhh poor France.


Friday, April 12, 2019

Switzerland: all you néed to know about Paul Biya's illness

The president would be in bad shape if we believe the medical record of the dictator, that BAS Geneva was able to obtain thanks to the kindness of physicians acquired to the cause of our fight.

Indeed, suffering for several years already from prostate hyperplasia, which at its age, is quite in the order of things, we have also just learned that the tyrant has since 2003, been diagnosed with Waldenström's disease, that is to say, the same malady that once suffered and ended up succumbing to President Georges Pompidou on April 2, 1974. Alassane Ouattara, the Ivorian president, would suffer as well.

So, what exactly is Waldenström 's disease? According to specialists, Waldenström disease, also called macroglobulinemia, is a rare form of blood cancer. This disease of unknown origin has the particularity of being neither contagious nor even hereditary. All patients suffering from it suffer from a benign lesion of vascular origin, located in the anorectal region, and hyperalgesic intermittently. This explains the particular way in which these patients walk, and not to stand long standing. In addition to a rapid loss of breath, the patient's eye tends to deform due to excessive accumulation and concentration of metastases.

The blood tests of the dictator of Cameroon, dating back to 2003, that is to say at the time of the very first diagnosis, list the hyptheses as follows: "It is a blood disease that can be lethal in eighteen months, to be lasting ten to fifteen years. "No need to be a wizard since then, to conclude that if it lasts since 2003, we are in the second hypothesis!

Since his swearing, we learn that Paul Biya was considerably thin, eating very little, and still under the pressure of his companion. He suffers and bleeds profusely, spends a lot of time in his room,  and receives only his chief of protocol, and members of the first circle of his family. His wife, just like his daughter, urge him to leave all ceasing business in Switzerland, to continue his care.

The BAS, meanwhile, does not hear it that way, and intends to make his next Swiss holiday as unpleasant as possible. Informed in real time, by accomplices equipped with devices systematically tracking any aircraft that enters the Swiss air species, the BAS has mobilized 15,000 very determined fighters, who will move to the airport as soon as the dictator's plane touches the tarmac , as a welcoming committee. As I write these lines, our members are on a spotting tour in all the clinics in Geneva, Lausanne, Neuchâtel and Baden - Baden in Germany, where the tyrant sometimes has his medical habits.


CONFIDENTIAL: Biya regime on the verge of implosion

Who are those who make Etoudi's regime tremble? This is the question that the daily Emergence is trying to answer. In its edition of April 9, 2019, this daily listed the authors of concerns of the regime in place.

The daily began with the American non-governmental organization (NGO) Human Rights Watch. In its 2018 report entitled "Cameroon, events of 2018", it was the last straw that broke the camel's back, the Cameroonian government could not digest this report. The Minister of Communication, René Emmanuel Sadi made an exit on April 2, 2019 to denounce this NGO. The government "went further by considering a break of relations with the NGO".

Also, "the NGO Amnesty International, which reported escalating violence characterized by indiscriminate killings and large-scale displacement of people."These facts reported by the NGOs threaten the power in place and we see the interventions of members of the government to come and thwart them. It is remembered the intervention of the Minister of Territorial Administration, Paul Atanga Nji, where he states that in the English-speaking regions of Cameroon, there has been "swelling" of figures on the number of displaced.

Then in this list, the newspaper adds the Movement for the Renaissance of Cameroon (MRC). The MRC "makes more and more uncomfortable the men of President Biya who do not miss the slightest opportunity to index, even veiled, the demands of the party of Maurice Kamto".

Finally, in this list, the people are the most afraid of the current government system."While some people have long believed that the mass of people who are dissatisfied with the current governance, is amorphous, today fears have become more and more intense."


Chief Mukete 'The Biya system failed ... I do not care, go tell Paul Biya!'

Unbelievable ! Chief Mukete finally did it.And this time in the public square, without the possibility of shirking behind a "deformation-adaptation" of his remarks by a media, as was the case last year, when his spokespersons accused the weekly Jeune Afrique to have attributed to him statements similar to those which make talk the seraglio these last days.

In front of members of the government, Senator Mukete showed his misunderstanding about the suffering of his people who are dying while people are having fun in Yaoundé. By "people" means the Cameroonian leaders whose openly criticized the negligent management of the deadly "Anglophone crisis" in the two formerly British regions of North-West and South-West Cameroon.

"It took time!": Cameroonians are familiar with this slogan attached to its creation to an eponymous brand of beer brewed in their country by a local operator. But the slogan become proverbial is in the process of applying to the oldest member of the Senate of Cameroon, Victor Mukete, sickened by the perpetual misery that strikes the English-speaking Cameroonians of which he is a major figure.

A tragedy orchestrated by a particularly irresponsible Biya regime, which he would hardly deny has hitherto been considered - more correctly than wrongly - as a moral guarantee, in the company of this one to solve by the firearms and fires, the legitimate uprising of the English speakers, pushing some of them, to opt for regrettable separatist pursuits, the use of brute force against the protesters and their stigmatizing help.

The irascible quickdraw of an irreducible advocate of the English-speaking cause and the energy of an impetuous parliamentarian - as we see in countries where parliamentarians are really representatives of the people - in less (Senator Chief Mukete is 100 years old. years since November 15, 2018), the lament of the Paramount Chief of Kumba, raised last Friday for members of the government during a question-and-answer session in the Senate, has nonetheless raised deep questioning and invitation to introspection for the regime of which he is a fervent supporter, but which unfortunately is primarily responsible for the current chaos.

And the centenary senator to leave of an observation of which only the regime of Biya and its partisans, accustomed to deny the evidences, still succeed the exploit of refusing to admit the relevance:

"the system failed, the federation is the only way. Ten federated states for each region to manage its affairs. Why are people afraid of the federation? I do not speak like that because the country should be divided. No! I fought very hard for the reunification of the former Southern Cameroon and the former Republic of Cameroon. And I will never be able to destroy it. But the country should be federated. Look at America, South Africa, Switzerland, Nigeria, Canada, Belgium, Germany, Mexico, Russia and Rwanda.

A recommendation to return to federalism which, according to those who reported it from the Friday session in the Upper House, grew in intensity and increased tenfold the resentment of the speaker, to the point where facing his audience stunned by his output but, religiously respectful, he hurled the floor of his royal cane furiously, "What are all these absurdities? My people are dying; he suffers. And we play games here in Yaounde. We must be careful. I do not care. Go tell anyone. Go tell Paul! "(Biya gets along)

Last year, Fon Victor Mukete had a time in the news for making a statement that many had described as brave, magazine Jeune Afrique. He would have said in the columns of the journal of Bashir Ben Yahmed, about the Anglophone crisis that began to take proportions worrying: "if we had refrained from imprisoning moderate leaders who had ultimately than social demands. If we had also refrained from clamping down on the voices of the protagonists on both sides, that of the moderate ones like that of the secessionists".

A few weeks later, this former minister of the government of Tafawa Balewa in the late 1950s when the former Western Cameroon, only trust territory of Great Britain, was still attached to the British colony of Nigeria, but also a historic player in the reunification in the 1960s of both Cameroon (English and French), kicked in touch and rejected everything. He had never given an interview to Jeune Afrique, and the words attributed to him, in the forms as they had been returned by the newspaper, were pure deduction or distortion of journalist telling him what he wanted to hear, had it been read in the newspapers relaying the tidbits of his family members who said they were talking "for the old man". With his permission, of course.


Geneva: without Biya, the Intercontinental Hotel will close [Revelations]

Paul Biya, president of Cameroon since 1982, and his wife, Chantal, spend so much time on private visits to Switzerland that the staff of the Golden Corridors of the Intercontinental designate them by simple code names: "He and She".

"It's like they're at home. They live there, "said one of the three former executives who regularly attended the ritual of paying bills.

Like other employees, this executive recalls signing a confidentiality agreement regarding details of Mr. Biya's one-month stays: "If Cameroonians do not come, the hotel will close."

The Intercontinental Hotel management said it would not comment on guests for privacy reasons. "Our employees have been thoroughly trained not to disclose information," said one representative.

It is not unusual in itself for world leaders to spend dollars on luxury hotels. What distinguishes Mr. Biya's escapades in Geneva is the abundance of time and money that he and his entourage spend there. The President has spent four cumulative years on personal journeys since 1982, the vast majority in Switzerland, according to the flight data collected by the Geneva Dictator Alert website, and the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project, an anticorruption group that has followed his travels. Some years, he spent a third of the year out of his home country.

"He still pays in cash," said Herbert Schott, retired director of Intercontinental who first welcomed Biya in 1969.

For a quarter of a century, Schott hosted US presidents and offered Ronald Reagan a mattress to replace the hardest mattress in the House White House. But confirms that Mr. Biya was his best client. "He prefers to come to Geneva and sit down and no one would bother him."

"The lion-man, as Mr. Biya's followers call him, is currently the oldest leader in the world, counting his arrival at the post of prime minister in June 1975 in Cameroon.Since 1982, he is the president. He is the highest-paid African leader, with an official salary of $ 610,000 a year (about 35, 11 million CFA francs), according to Africa Review, a periodic review.


Yaoundé II: strange scene in the deputy Paul Eric Djomgoué cabinet

It was a day of work like no other yesterday morning at the Parliamentary Cabinet of the Honorable Paul Eric Djomgoue, of the constituency of Yaoundé 2.

A spontaneous mobilization of the young people of Yaoundé II came very massively to testify their support and unfailing to this politician who has been the subject of several controversies in recent days.

"DPE", as it is affectionately known in this riding, abruptly interrupted her morning sporting session under the incessant appeals of her chief of staff, herself surprised by this event, to respond to the unannounced call of these youth.

"We are aware of the socio-political news that prevails in our borough, so we came to reassure our MP and tell him that tribalism will not pass through us. Here, we preach to live together. We are fully mobilized by his side, notwithstanding the irresponsible actions orchestrated by a small handful of our fellow citizens, "said one of the protesters.


People executed after the putsch: the Biya regime secretly hide the list

The organization demands, among other things, the establishment of an individual certificate of the death of the putschists shot or dead in detention and the return of the remains of those shot or killed in prison.

It was in 2011 that the Committee for the Restitution of the remains of people shot or killed in prison as part of the events of April 6, 1984 was born.

According to Guibai Gatama, the publication director of Le Triweekly Eye of the Sahel, who reviews the news in the newsstand edition of the April 5, 2019, "this Committee is not directed against the Government of the Republic of Cameroon, because he considers the respect of institutions as sacred. The Committee is no longer a questioning of history, a tool for the trial of April 6, 1984 ".

In the context of strengthening national unity and respect for human dignity, the Committee asks: "To establish an individual certificate of the death of the putschists shot or dead in custody during the events of 6 April 1984, so that the families of these can have a legal document allowing them to liquidate the inheritance rights pending, and to benefit from their effects. With these documents, families will benefit from the application of the amnesty law.

The second claim concerns "the places where the various people were shot or died in prison so that families could mourn according to their religions, traditions and other rites". And finally, "return the remains of people shot or dead in prison in the context of the events of April 6, 1984, the rights holders. These three fundamental demands are the missions assigned by the Committee. It will sensitize both national and international opinion so that human dignity is respected, whatever the circumstances".

Nine years after its creation, the organization is still waiting for its grievances to be taken into account by the government. On the opportunity of its creation, Guibai Gatama explains that, "its constitution comes 27 years after the events, the return of the remains of the former president Ahmadou Ahidjo has supplanted in recent years and for symbolic reasons and restitution to the legitimate owners of the remains of people shot or killed in prison as part of the events of April 6, 1984. There is also the silence assumed political actors, who could not or wanted to relay this deep feeling of population".

"We think, however, that it is happening well enough in time to remind the collective conscience of this thorny problem so that the witnesses still alive, before it is late, provide credible information about the places where the various remains rest. Cameroon needs this work of memory to be reconciled with itself and for its own history, "says the editor.


CONFIDENTIAL: here is the new reveals secret plan of Biya against Kamto

Faced with the indignity imposed Tuesday, April 9 by President-elect Maurice Kamto and his allies by refusing to go to court to endorse a trial of Kafkaes, the dictatorship of Yaounde multiplies midnight meetings to try to regain control.

Sources close to the Cameroonian intelligence services, meetings of crisis convened by the Secretary General of the Cameroonian presidency Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh were held until very late at night in a secret place in Yaounde, the Cameroonian capital.

Also taking part in this midnight Mass were the Cameroonian ministers Gregory Owona, Paul Atanga Nji, Jacques Fame Ndongo, Jean De Dieu Momo, Luc Sindjoun. Chiefs of intelligence and military officials. "Some army officers summoned have shone by their absence," Africa Info told a source close to the case.

"After the failure of their trap set for Professor Maurice Kamto and his allies today, Paul Biya is preparing to have them kidnapped if possible by night and have them tried by the military court in front of a fake public, mostly soldiers at his disposal. balance and condemn them, "said our source.

"But if the Cameroonian people play their part by mobilizing themselves massively over the territory, the tyrant Biya will have enormous difficulties to implement his plans Machiavellian," she added.

"In the coming weeks, in light of this ubiquitous trial, Cameroon will be put on the bench of the international community and sanctions will be pronounced", Africa Info whispered a European diplomat, fearing an implosion of the country which will not only lead to a civil war, but also and above all put in danger the big interests of the foreign powers.

"We must do everything so that the situation does not degenerate," he concluded, visibly pessimistic.


Justice: Secessionist leaders get assistant from outside

Cameroonian nationals gathered in front of the High Commission of Nigeria in South Africa to demand the release of Julius Ayuk Tabe and his companions in detention in Yaoundé.

No action has yet been taken to comply with the decision of the High Court of Abuja in early March to return Ayuk Tabe and company to Nigeria, where they were arrested in January 2018. A situation that On Friday, April 05, the diaspora of Cameroon in South Africa was decried.

Cameroonians from South Africa gathered in front of the Nigerian Embassy to demand the return of the "Ambazonian leaders", arrested in the context of the Anglophone crisis.

The Abuja High Court had ruled the extradition of secessionist leaders in Cameroon "illegal" and "unconstitutional". She based her observation on the fact that there is no relevant agreement between the two countries. The decision is slow to be implemented. Activists brandishing placards with the words "Free Sisiku Ayuk Tabe", "Nigeria must execute the judgment of the High Court of Abuja".

Sisiku Ayuk Tabe and companies were arrested on January 27, 2018. The same year, a trial was opened against the "Ambazonian leaders" at the Yaoundé Military Court. A trial that has run into difficulties related to their nationality and their refugee status.