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Monday, January 27, 2020

2020 elections: secessionists restrategized

Actions to try to prevent the holding of legislative and municipal elections on February 9 in NoSo are increasing on the side of the English-speaking separatists. Between an upsurge in assaults, attacks on candidates and even warnings launched by humanitarian organizations, all means are good to thwart the local elections, the electoral campaign of which began on Saturday 25 January.

The Ambazonia Restoration Force, often seen as the military arm of the interim government in southern Cameroon, said it would restrict movement of people between February 7 and 12. “These days, anyone seen anywhere outside in our towns and villages will be considered an enemy and treated as such. The information is published at this stage to allow the civilian population to take the appropriate measures to stay safe, "said a statement which said that the 2020 municipal and legislative elections would not take place in the two English-speaking regions. 

The rebels also abducted around 40 candidates for legislative and municipal elections in the northwest region in December. They said the hostages would remain in their possession until the February elections. In addition, according to information from the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR), attacks on those who express an interest in participating in the next elections have increased. 

Aid organizations banned from aid during election period

On January 7, fighters suspected of being separatists also torched an electoral office in the northwest region. According to Le Journal du Cameroun, these tactics pushed several candidates in the conflict regions, mainly of the Social Democratic Front (SDF), to withdraw their candidacies. 

Humanitarian organizations are not to be outdone, however, they are helping nearly 680,000 English-speaking people who fled their homes in the conflict and others who are suffering after a series of closings in 2019 that reduced commercial activities . The rebels have called on these humanitarian organizations to suspend all activities in NoSo while the elections are locked. This should make it difficult to obtain aid for displaced and vulnerable populations in the regions on election day.

U.S. plans 'coup' against Paul Biya

The leader of the Cameroonian opposition and the Americans are on the same wavelength.

The image or rather the images have been around the world. Maurice Kamto, president of the Movement for the Renaissance of Cameroon (Mrc), received at the State Department by Tibor Nagy, Under Secretary of State for African Affairs. An illustration of a great rapprochement between the one who is now presented as the leader of the Cameroonian opposition and who continues to claim his victory at the end of the presidential election of 2019; and the country of Uncle Sam now critical of the governance of Paul Biya. 

The first thing that struck at the end of the meeting between the two men was that it was very official. Besides, one of the photos taken was made in front of the insignia of the State Department. Within the Cameroonian state apparatus, this meeting is a snub. What creates a lot of agitation, according to information gleaned from the palace of Etoudi. We see with a very bad eye what now sounds like a dubbing of Maurice Kamto by the Americans. And yet, for a long time, American diplomacy had kept its distance from the boss of the Mrc. According to some indiscretions emanating from the diplomatic representation of the United States in Cameroon, Kamto was perceived as soft of the knee in his diplomatic approach with the uncle Sam. 

However, since Maurice Kamto came out of the clutches of the prison, things seem to have accelerated in his rapprochement with the Usa. He seems to have understood the importance of changing the game, especially since the French are bluntly sulking. We remember that during the visit of the French Minister of Foreign Affairs to Yaoundé, Jean-Yves Ledrian, it is hardly if he will dare to grant within the French Embassy, ​​a few minutes of exchange with Maurice Kamto . By the way, by way of meeting, it was a marathon meeting with the Cameroonian political class, including Rdpc. Kamto will come out of there angry. 

The Americans, however, seem to open up a field of possibilities for him. For a long time, the two camps have evolved in isolation. However, they defend almost the same position on the major issues of the day: end the English-speaking crisis, organize a more inclusive national dialogue, revise the electoral code before any other election ... 

We can well imagine the convergence of views, reading Tibor Nagy's tweet, after the interview with Kamto: “I met Maurice Kamto. We talked about democracy, peaceful elections and American support for the Swiss initiative ”.

The management of the Anglophone crisis in Cameroon is one of the subjects that bring together Republicans and Democrats in the United States. This is why the leader of Mrc also met Karen Bass, a democratic deputy who recently, with some of his colleagues, delivered corrosive correspondence to Paul Biya on his management of the said crisis. A posture also shared by the Republican president of the Senate foreign affairs committee, who made it known in a tweet. 

Another meeting, that with Herman Cohen, former under secretary of state for African affairs, who also has a hard tooth against Paul Biya. 

What are the Americans planning with Maurice Kamto? The question is on everyone's lips. Even if it is natural that a political leader does not neglect the diplomatic aspect, the timing leaves one wondering, at a time when the Americans have completely distanced themselves from Mr. Biya. Suddenly, Kamto sounds like a kind of alternative. Will France and Biya watch without doing anything? A million dollar question. 

Zephirin Koloko


Cameroon: the fate reserved for Atanga Nji after the February elections

Atanga Nji, the minister of territorial administration in Cameroon, and the brain behind the killings in the two English-speaking regions of Cameroon, will be appointed minister of state after the twin elections in February, a source close to the government said.

Mr. Nji, originally from the northwest region, committed atrocities to please the government of Yaoundé and to prove that he has no sympathy for those who defied the government.

The source also revealed that Mr. Nji was very concerned about the number of people killed in the past two years, but was very motivated by his desire to gain more recognition in Yaoundé and the need to amass a lot of wealth. 

The source added that Mr. Atanga Nji had just bought a large house in Miami, Florida, where he paid off his mortgage in full; something that even bothered American real estate agents and bankers. 

Other sources maintain that Mr. Nji could emigrate to the United States once he is removed from government because he will not stand mockery and criticism in the newspapers when he is out of government.

Mr. Nji, whose children live in the United States, tells his masters in Yaoundé that he will never live in his native northwest because his people will never welcome him. 

It should be recalled that Mr. Nji has divergent opinions on the crisis in Cameroon. 

At the start of the crisis, he declared that there was no Anglophone crisis. He said later that there was a problem, but that the anglophones could take comfort in the fact that he had been appointed minister. 

He also said there had been no humanitarian disaster in Cameroon, but spent much of 2019 providing humanitarian aid to displaced people in Yaoundé, Douala and Bafoussam.

Samuel Eto'o gives full support to Lady Ponce in Paris

In a video, the former captain of the Indomitable Lions affirms that he will indeed be present at Lady Ponce's concert at the Olympia on April 12, 2020.

After Maalhox, Lady Ponce receives major support for her flamboyant concert in the legendary French hall. The ex-member of Chelsea says he will come to support his "little sister" Lady Ponce in his project to make the bikutsi resonate at the Olympia. Believer and rationalist, Eto'o Fils claims that he could miss this cultural festival if and only if God decides otherwise. 

The presence of the 9 will undoubtedly make the mythical hall shine, a huge marketing support for Lady Ponce, because three months before this concert, receiving the anointing from Samuel Eto'o will encourage Cameroonians and Africans more to buy the tickets.

As a reminder, several Cameroonian artists have already performed in this august French room, Anne Marie Nzié in 1974, doing the first part of the American artist Nina Simone, Manu Dibango has performed there several times, Yannick Noah, X Maleya, Charlotte Dipanda etc…


Investigations- Confidences: Carried out by Camerounweb revealed the film of the assassination of Me Sylvain Souop

On January 16, 2020, Me Sylvain Souop bowed out under conditions that many people considered mysterious. More than a week after his death, whistleblower Boris Bertolt outlined the details of his death. A post he titled "Cash to Investigation: THE FILM OF THE DEATH OF Me SOUOP SYLVAIN" that the Cameroonweb editorial team offers you to read.

He was only 53 years old. Hardworking, rigorous, enterprising, brilliant, affable, respectful. What praise to describe Me Sylvain SOUOP. This tenor of the Cameroon bar died of illness on January 16, 2020. News that has shaken the community of lawyers, magistrates, the political class, and public opinion in general. How can you die from a broken arm? This is the question that torments the minds. Two investigations have been launched to shed light on this tragedy. An investigation by the National Order of Doctors of Cameroon and the Administrative Inquiry ordered by the Minister of Health, Manaouda Malachie. This administrative commission is headed by Dr Zoa, Inspector General of Services at the Ministry of Health. The DAG, Me Boukar also director of legal affairs at MINSANTE, and includes two anesthesiologists, Professor Essiene and Professor Owono. The administrative investigation has been completed and is expected to be made public this week. Cash Investigation also sought to find out what really happened and what the government may want to hide in what should be called: the Sylvain SOUOP case. 


On Saturday January 11, 2020, Me SOUOP returns from the mourning of a friend who is close to him when he has an accident at the entrance of the town of Bafoussam. For the occasion, he is accompanied by his wife, Ms. SOUOP, collaborator of Haman Mana and his colleague Me Temate. 

Following the accident, he was first transported to the regional hospital in Bafoussam where he received first aid. He has a broken right arm. However, Me SOUOP is serene, smiling and responds to phone calls to allay the fears of his friends and family members. Residing in Yaoundé, he decides in agreement with the attending physician to be transferred to Yaoundé. It will be around 5.30 p.m. that he will then be admitted to the emergency center of the central hospital in Yaoundé. 

However, leaving Bafoussam for Yaoundé, he was not given a transfer sheet. An administrative document in the health care setting allowing authorization to transport a patient from one hospital to another. The transfer form which was to draw up the patient's condition, as well as the first reports was to be delivered to Bafoussam. It was not the case. Nevertheless, despite his fracture, Me SOUOP arrives at the Emergency Center in a state that does not appear to him or to those of his disturbing family. Moreover, they believe they can distribute very quickly to resume with its multiple files pending before the courts. 


At the emergency center, he will be looked after by a surgeon who examines him. The results of the analyzes show a fracture in the humerus which requires an operation. Informed of the situation, Me SOUOP does not object to the operation as well as his family. But doctors also detect during exams this Saturday, high blood pressure. According to doctors, some people may have high blood pressure and live with it without ever realizing it. Fortunately at this moment for Me SOUOP, her hypertension has just been discovered. 

The doctor will give the family a prescription. The surgical operation is scheduled for Monday morning at 6 a.m. Master SOUOP must therefore spend almost 48 hours in the hospital. The anesthesia department takes over to prepare for Monday's operation. A service composed of the anesthesiologist and nurses who take turns as far as it is a daycare system. 

The medical prescriptions having been made, the anesthesiologist is informed of the situation. But she is not in the hospital this Saturday and will not pick up the patient's news. Instructions are given to nurses by telephone. Sunday will end without Me SOUOP being able to meet the anesthesiologist in person. Only the nurses take turns to prepare for his operation, which must take place Monday morning at 6 a.m. This Sunday evening, after the usual visits, Me SOUOP falls asleep peacefully. The operation is in a few hours. 


Monday morning 6 am the team of surgeons is in place in the operating room and awaits the patient. The anesthetist is still not there. However, at this stage, he must be able to assess the patient and determine if there are additional examinations to be performed. The nurse anesthetists reassure that the prescription has been respected. The anesthetist always on the phone gives the order to bring the patient down without checks. Me Sylvain SOUOP is therefore transported to the operating room. 

The surgical team, which includes nearly ten people, is waiting for him. The nurses first administered medication to allow her body to relax before the sleep process. When the nurses decide to put her to sleep, Me SOUOP finds it difficult to sleep. The first concerns appear. He does not respond favorably to anesthesia. The anesthesiologist is called urgently. She is not yet in the hospital. We are at more than 7 a.m. She shows up around 7h20mn.


The various efforts of the team to put Me SOUOP to sleep are in vain. Blow of theater: Me SOUOP Sylvain has a cardiac arrest. Her heart stops beating. General panic in the operating room. The resuscitation procedure is immediately started. Second problem: one of the operating room devices does not work. Incredible but true. It is a scop. The parameters monitor supposed to take the patient's constants when he is asleep. How is it possible? It is directly changed. The doctors inject Me SOUOP with adrenaline so that his heart starts to beat again. After 8 minutes he comes back to life. At this moment the medical team believes to have avoided the worst. 

The surgery is canceled. The patient is given new tests. When Me SOUOP's state stabilizes, he is sent to intensive care. The goal is to allow him to recover. Brain scanners are performed. He is now in intensive care and in the hands of anesthesiologists who administer his care. 

On treatment since Monday morning, after a failed surgery where he had almost died, he died three days later. Or Thursday, January 16, 2020. But since Monday, he has lost all contact, including with his loved ones, who almost no longer manage to approach him. 

Thus ends this issue of Cash Investigation on this tragedy which accounts for the faults of the health system in Cameroon.


Littoral region: how public investment budget was wasted

Abandonment of construction sites, false guarantees, production of false documents, low level of maturation, non-compliance with procurement plans ... are some dysfunctions recorded in the execution of the public investment budget in the Littoral region. The physico-financial execution of the Bip 2019 in decentralized services and decentralized local authorities therefore shows catastrophic results.

Deconcentrated services and decentralized local authorities in the Littoral region are now aware of their public investment pool for the 2020 financial year. The launch of the regional Public Investment Budget (Bip) has been launched in the four departments of Wouri. The envelope intended for the Littoral amounts to CFAF 63.47 billion in commitment authorizations (AE), and CFAF 60.61 billion in payment credits (CP). The Bip 2020 for the Littoral region is framed around the general management of automatic delegations to decentralized services, and resources transferred to the municipalities. 

Unsurprisingly, the department of Wouri has the lion's share of this endowment, with FCFA 47.753 billion in commitment authorizations, and FCFA 45.991 billion in payment credits. The Nkam department is placed in the runner-up with an endowment of 5.9 billion FCFA in commitment authorizations and 5.9 billion FCFA in payment credits. For the Moungo, provision is made for 5.5 billion FCFA in commitment authorizations, and 4.4 billion FCFA and 489 million FCFA in payment appropriations. The Sanaga Maritime department has 4.2 billion FCFA in commitment authorizations and 4.2 billion FCFA in payment credits. 

Among the major projects registered in the Bip 2020 for the benefit of the Littoral region, include the continuation of the construction of the Japoma sports complex for an amount of CFAF 8.5 billion in commitment authorizations, and payment credits, and additional work around this complex to the tune of 10.5 billion FCFA in AE and CP. The asphalting of the Douala-Bonepoupa-Yabassi road will receive an envelope of 8 million FCFA; the Douala Rainwater Sanitation Project (Pdp), nearly CFAF 10 billion; while the strengthening and stabilization of electric networks in Douala benefits from 1 billion FCFA.

It should be noted, however, that the physical and financial execution of the Bip 2019 projects on December 9, 2019 presented "mixed results, although up compared to 2018. The decentralized services are holding up better compared to the decentralized local authorities" , notes Ahmed Francis Ndjama Abouem, head of the follow-up and revival division, at the Ministry of the Economy, Planning and Regional Development (Minepat). 

Compared to the national average, the decentralized services of the Littoral show a financial execution of 29.84% of rate of scheduling. For a physical completion rate of 43.65%. These two performances are below the national average of 34.67% and 44.97% respectively. The performances attributed to decentralized local authorities are even more disappointing. Their rate of financial execution and physical achievement are alternately fixed at 21.2% and 39.91%, while the respective national averages show 31.69% and 44.7%.


Amougou Bilinga releases 1.5 million CFA as a support to Mama Nguea

The media pope, CEO of the Anecdote group, has decided to come to the aid of the patient who has just seen her feet amputated.

1.5 Million Fcfa, it is the sum that Jean Pierre Amougou Belinga, sent to the singer artist Nguéa La Route, currently nailed on a hospital bed because of a diabetes which she has been carrying with her for several years . 

"I would simply like to thank you for the fruit that you had just sent me. It will help me a lot. Thank you ... God bless you. Keep it filling your pockets, ”said Mama Nguea, author of the hit song“ December sun ”, in a voice.

The photos of Nguea Laroute, which are currently circulating on social networks cause big waves of emotion. Darkened and emaciated, the posture displayed by the singer on these published photos is the outward sign of the disease that has plagued her for over 15 years. 

An appeal that will certainly affect the former captain of the lions Samuel Eto'o, who had promised him the sum of 10 million CFA francs.


Cameroon: A Commissioner was demoted for fleeing war in Noso

The former public security commissioner of the city of Tombel in the South-West region judges the facts leading to a decision noting his alleged absences from his work station at the time of the Anglophone crisis to be wrong. His hierarchy hammered that he took as a pretext a precarious health to abandon his men and his service. The court orders an investigation.

Police Commissioner Nguenda Martin Roger, former public security commissioner for the city of Tombel in the South-West region, did he commit unjustified absences as is apparent from a decision by Martin Mbarga Nguelé, delegate General at the National Security (Dgsn)? This is the fabric of the debate which opposes its user administration before the Administrative Court of Yaoundé. Martin Nguenda has a hard time seeing his decline. He reiterated it during the hearing of December 10, 2019 at the start of the judgment of the dispute. After 37 years of service, the 55-year-old man finds himself in addition to the workforce in a police unit in Bafoussam in the Western region following a finding of irregular absence from the post signed by the Dgsn. An act of August 29, 2018 which deprives him of salary since then after having cost him his post. 

In his version of the facts, he took office in Tombel on February 5, 2014 and ensured his mission without interruption in spite of the security challenges related to the English-speaking crisis which rages in this region of the country and the plots and other blows of certain authorities of this locality against his person. On May 22, 2018, the complainant said that he had suffered a heart attack in his office. He was transported to a hospital in Loum more than 5 kilometers from Tombel where he went regularly for treatment and returned to go about his business in an office which also served as his bedroom. He signed with his own hand, the register taking the place of handrails and seized the daily service bulletins (BQS) for the hierarchy. 


From his point of view, everything was going well until July 9, 2018 when the building housing his police unit was attacked. The policeman was declared killed by secessionist militias but fortunately, he was not in the premises during the crime. His superior ordered him to resume service immediately. He did so but ran into a series of measures to keep him out. Stress, threats, insecurity and health deemed precarious by his therapist, ultimately lead to the prescription of medical rest. The police discover later that he was the subject of a report of irregular absences from the post between May 22 and July 12, 2018. He maintains that at that time, as the official record, he was indeed present .

According to the complainant, who claims to be a victim of relentlessness, his misfortunes come from the authorities in Tombel and some of his colleagues. These people managed to put someone else in their post and threw their belongings in a store. He seized the Dgsn to inform him of the situation. The authority decided that he should return to his post, but again, messages were sent saying that he refuses to return to the post. The Dgsn's decision was finally reported. 

Premature appeal? 

Mr. Nguenda explains that his detractors dispute the fragility of his state of health but do not seek medical counter-expertise to confuse him. They limit themselves to multiplying attempts to blacken it with the hierarchy. For the Dgsn, the appeal of its agent is premature. The administration explains that its approach betrays its ignorance of the nature of the act which it requests the cancellation. According to her, it is a preparatory act, an administrative procedural act which cannot be appealed because it does not adversely affect. It is an act intended to serve as a support for a disciplinary procedure at the end of which a sanction subject to appeal could be pronounced. In addition, for Dgsn, 

To decide between the parties, The court opted for an investigation to verify whether the police officer was absent or not during the period covered by the order noting his irregular absence. This took place on January 17, 2020. For the record, the Head of State signed on November 4, 2019, a decree imposing a penalty of lowering of grade against Mr. Nguenda Martin Roger, for absences unjustified in service for acts committed from July 20 to August 12, 2018. According to this decree, the police officer is no longer eligible for any promotion during a period of five years. This is another matter.


War between corporate bosses and the taxman: Minister Motaze takes a stand

                        file photo

Having been informed of a correspondence that the president of Gicam would have sent to the Head of State, and relating to the consummated rupture of relations between the Director General of Taxes and businesses, the Minister of Finance, Louis Paul Motaze, wishes to bring the following information to the attention of public opinion and the business community: Cameroon is engaged in a vast reform project aimed at eradicating the economic crisis which affects the sub-region of Central Africa. Among other things, the government is committed to maximizing the recovery of non-oil revenues in order to be less dependent on oil resources.

This is one of the recommendations of the extraordinary summit of Cemac Heads of State held in Yaoundé in December 2016 and is one of the targets defined in the economic and financial program concluded with the International Monetary Fund. As this objective of maximizing the collection of tax and customs revenue may present a potential conflict with the various taxpayers, the government is resolutely committed to the prospect of permanent and fruitful dialogue with the private sector. The Prime Minister moderates regular discussions with the private sector as part of the Cameroon Business Forum. 

Similarly, frameworks for consultations with the private sector were created by the Minister of Finance in 2019 and are very often held for the purpose of seeking avenues of consensus on the various problems that may arise. More specifically, a Minfi-private sector meeting is now held each year before the preparation of the finance law in order to inform the private sector and discuss with it possible innovations in the field of taxation. The government remains Convinced as he had committed himself to it, that the private sector must play a leading role in reviving economic growth.

Also, the Minister of Finance wishes to encourage all the actors not to depart from this spirit of dialogue and to use the frameworks of concertation mentioned above, for the examination and the resolution the resolution of the problems which would arise in their respective activities.

Source: The Pelican N ° 338

Ambazonian 'general' reportedly beaten in Kondengui

'General' Nambere, a secessionist veteran from Ambazonia, visited his ex-comrades on Thursday 23 January 2020 in the high security detention center in Yaoundé, the capital of Cameroon.

According to our information, this visit ended badly. The English-speaking prisoners beat him well. Seriously injured and his face completely deformed, Nambere was saved only thanks to the intervention of prison officials. 

He is considered by the other prisoners as a traitor to the Ambazonian revolution.

It should be remembered that 'General Nambere' was fighting alongside the secessionists before laying down their arms. He was declared persona non grata by the Ambazonians. 

Source: Camerounweb

Kobe Bryant tweeted at 4:39 in the morning same day he died, making his last tweet

The late American basketball player had tweeted in the morning of the same day he died in a helicopter crash.

He tweets to congratulate James on his win with hashtag #33644.. meaning that the number of points James needed to beat his own record.

Few hours later, Kobe was involved in a helicopter crash in California, killing all aboard including him and his daughter, Gianna.

Rest on legend


Kobe Bryant and his 13-year-old Daughter Gianna reportedly died in a helicopter crash

Gianna and her father, Kobe including others aboard the helicopter also included another player and parent died.

Kobe Bryant was on his way to a travel basketball game with his daughter Gianna when the helicopter crashed. 

Till his death, koba was not only one of the greatest basketball players ever, he was also the hardest working player in the United States of America.


Urgent: American Basketball player, Kobe Bryant, his daughter and three others killed in a helicopter crash

American great basketball player, Kobe Bryant has been reported killed in a helicopter crash along three others in California this evening.

Kobe Bryant was on his way to a travel basketball game with his daughter Gianna when the helicopter crashed. 

Gianna and her father, Kobe including others aboard the helicopter also included another player and parent died.

Till his death, koba was not only one of the greatest basketball players ever, he was also the hardest working player in the United States of America.

Koba last tweet today...


Man predicted Kobe Bryant's death 7 years ago on Twitter

A social media user known as Noso has predicted that American Basketball player, Kobe Bryant will die in a helicopter crash back then in 2012.

The prediction was made in November 13th, 2012. At 23:32 am.

Noso is a big fan of the late basketball, Bryant. He had also tweeted about him few hours to his death. 

When Kobe passes greats, he’s usually on the W side. Just saying.

Kobe died along his 13-year-old beautiful daughter.


Donald Trump mourns basketball player, Kobe Bryant killed in a helicopter crash

The president of the United States of America, Donald Trump, has mourned the trageic passing of American legend basketball player, Kobe Bryant, his Daughter and three others aboard the helicopter that crash in California some hours ago.

In a tweet he released on his handle, the president says Kobe's death is a terrible news to contain, 

Reports are that basketball great Kobe Bryant and three others have been killed in a helicopter crash in California. That is terrible news!

Gianna and her father, Kobe including others aboard the helicopter also included another player and parent died.

Till his death, koba was not only one of the greatest basketball players ever, he was also the hardest working player in the United States of America.


Sunday, January 26, 2020

Promotion of bilingualism: Paul Biya makes changes

Strongly challenged on its role in solving the crisis in the North West and South West regions, the commission will have representations throughout the national territory.

The announcement was made on January 16, 2020 by Peter Mafany Musonge during the New Year 's greetings to the staff of the National Commission for the Promotion of Bilingualism and Multiculturalism (Cnpbm) in. "Thus, in 2020, our flagship actions will mainly focus on the effective establishment of our services in the regions", among others, argued the former Prime Minister. It also falls within the scope of the missions of the Cnpbm, which plans to continue listening to the population in the other eight regions of the country, ”added Peter MafanyMusonge. As he indicated, "I will do my best to ensure that all of these activities and those listed in the action plan are carried out under the best possible conditions according to the financial resources made available to us". 


In the field of awareness-raising, the Cnpbm's main mission is to carry out explanatory campaigns with the various stakeholders on the merits of the law promoting the official languages ​​of French and English. For Dr. Chi Asafor Cornelius, "these efforts will crown all that has been accomplished by this institution during the past two years and 11 months". The Secretary General has for the occasion, announced a strengthening of the workforce in order to carry out the missions assigned to the Musonge Commission. It is a major player in the evaluation of the effectiveness of the Commission's missions.

Source: Emergence N ° 1605

Social injustice - Corruption: the revolt of Monsignor Emmanuel Abbo

In his homily, on the occasion of the celebration of the nativity, Msgr Emmanuel Abbo, bishop of the Diocese of Ngaoundéré paints a grim picture of the deep discomfort that gnaws at Cameroonian society. The highest Catholic authority in the Adamawa region has reviewed the evils that plague the social cohesion and political stability of the nation. The man of God had harsh words against irresponsible civil servants, impavid leaders, greedy men of God. If Cameroon is going badly today, it is mainly because of the social injustice that has made its bed, the feeling of inferiority, the poor living conditions that inhabit certain Cameroonians. Hunger, misery, crushing the poor, social injustice, corruption,

Emmanuel Abbo invites the Cameroonian people to stand up against this fact, to dismantle these frustrations which are threats to peace in Cameroon. Today, in the country of Cardinal Christian Tumi, more and more to feed themselves and their families is becoming a real feat. 

Monsignor Emmanuel Abbo, describes with verve and above all bitterness, the sufferings of the hungry and speaks for the voiceless. 

We offer you the whole of his homily 

There are many situations in our country which constitute a real threat to peace. These situations that we can list here in the form of questions: Can the children of the poor still hope to get a job in our country? Or can we pass a competition in this country, to hope for a promotion without having a sponsor? Can the poor still be treated in hospitals? Can the poor still register their land? Can the children of the poor have access to quality education? Can we still hope to receive a free service in our public or private services? Do pastors, priests and even bishops welcome, listen and serve their worshipers equally? Aren't some of the faithful victims of discrimination in the service they are entitled to expect from their pastors, from their shepherds?

How can we pretend to build peace in our country when certain Cameroonians have a bad heart because of the injustices of discrimination, of which they are victims, without forgetting their miserable living conditions which are a real dehumanization. How can we pretend to build lasting peace in our country when, because of corruption and the misappropriation of public goods, some Cameroonians can no longer receive the minimum service that is due to them? How to build lasting peace in our country, when certain faithful can no longer receive the advice, comfort, spiritual support, services they expect from their pastors, of their shepherds? Who do they ultimately turn to? In short, can we really collaborate in the construction of peace when we have pain in our soul or in our body? Or even when we are not even able to say that we are in pain, that we are forced to say that we are doing well, when we are doing wrong? 

Following the bishops of Cameroon, let us therefore ask this question my dear brothers and sisters. Am I not in my thoughts, in my words, in my actions, in my publications, in my interventions and my everyday behavior actor or accomplice of the rising hatred or anger in my country? By my way of life, I do not maintain these scourges, I do not arouse anger, so many things that seriously harm social cohesion? These behaviors, certainly are not to be generalized on all Cameroonians, all the inhabitants of Cameroon. Because we know that there are many souls of good will in public services as in private services, in families or wherever they are people who work, who pray for the construction of peace in Cameroon. 

Remembering the intersection of Abraham in favor of Sodom. The intersection in which God gave up on destroying Sodom, we mean that it is because of these people in our country who are praying, who are constantly helping to build peace, it is because of these people there, even if they are 50, 40, 30 or 10 out of the twenty million that we are, it is because of these people, that the lord continues to spare Cameroon, that the lord continues to bless Cameroon. 

The Christmas party invites everyone to be peacemakers in this country by welcoming the peace of the baby Jesus that we bring and by working to preserve it and disseminate it to us. Our collaboration with peace therefore consists in combating all the scourges that we have listed above and which are real threats to peace. This struggle for peace also requires that we anticipate certain behaviors which can generate hatred, generate anger, frustrations and dissatisfactions of all kinds, but rather maintain in us values ​​such as solidarity, fraternity, charity, forgiveness, respect for others, love in truth, honesty and so on.


Elections 2020: the words of Achu Julius Ngu Tabe that might displease the separatists

Me Achu Julius Ngu Tabe is for the holding of legislative and municipal elections. According to him, even if the situation in the English-speaking regions is unstable, the elections must be held.

The CPDM communicator thinks that not holding the elections would lead directly to anarchy. Using a metaphor from the human body, he argues that we are not going to suffocate an entire body because only one finger hurts.

"Even if the situation is unstable or not stable, there will be an election. Because we are in a democracy. If we cannot set up institutions, it is anarchy. In the human body, if your little finger hurts, are you going to asphyxiate the whole body for this ailment, ”questions Achu Julius Ngu Tabe before continuing with a very equivocal answer. "You are going to maintain this evil so that the body continues to live". Achu Julius Ngu Tabe was the guest of ABK Radio, on Monday. Denouncing the behavior of the secessionists, he indicates that they prefer to subdue the populations than to confront the military.


Ambazonia: Vice-President Yérima calls for an end or bloody war between Separatist groups

South Cameroonians in the diaspora and Ground Zero remain skeptical despite call to Ambazonia armed groups to stop violence Dabney Yerima, Vice President of Ambazonia, issued his strongest call to end the struggles intestines between the restoration forces, claiming that only unity could lead to the dream of a state of Ambazonia.

Faced with unprecedented international pressure from reports released by the highly respected Human Rights Watch and almost total diplomatic isolation, Dabney Yerima said in a statement released in Geneva yesterday that Cameroonians in the southern diaspora should put pressure on the leaders of the various armed groups of Ground Zero follow the directives of the interim government. 

Dabney Yerima warned militant groups of the serious consequences if they continued their attacks on other restoration forces in southern Cameroon, which he said were used by the French-speaking Biya regime to defend a brutal and unjust war against the Ambazonians . 

"I appeal again to all the frontline leaders of southern Cameroon in Europe and the United States to completely stop all activities, in particular the attacks against our own people that we have condemned and still condemned Said Comrade Yerima. 

It is not the first time that Vice President Dabney Yerima has called for unity during this fight, but his recent call to Geneva has been most outspoken. It was published after clashes between groups in southern Cameroon had killed at least six fighters, one of the groups reportedly kidnapped nearly 40 fighters from another camp. Some of the so-called leaders have allegedly accused the infiltration clashes by the Cameroonian army. But the army says the clashes are an internal rivalry for power between groups in Ambazonia.

In the midst of internal strife, French-speaking soldiers now freely roam the territories of southern Cameroon, picking up wanted men, killing innocent women and children and burning houses. On Tuesday and Wednesday, the army killed more than 35 southern Cameroonians in raids. 

The southern Cameroonian think tank reacted skeptically to Vice President Dabney Yerima's call for unity, saying it wanted action, not words. Leaders of dysfunctional extremist groups responsible for the infighting and chaos at Ground Zero said the attacks would continue. 

Vice President Who Avoided Question About Cameroon Concord News In Geneva Believed All Restoration Forces Should Respond Only To Occupation Of French Cameroon, Humiliations And Murder Of Women And Children In Ambazonia . "No leader of Ambazonia should tolerate these massacres," he concluded.

Teacher beaten in Ayos: the reaction of Martial Owona on VISION 4

The journalist on duty at VISION 4 claims at the heart of the TOUR D'HORIZON program that the philosophy teacher assigned to the Lycée D'AYOS nicknamed by the KAMTO students (ie opponent) displayed contempt for of the sub-prefect while shaking it up.

The journalist on duty at VISION 4 claims at the heart of the TOUR D'HORIZON program that the philosophy teacher assigned to the Lycée D'AYOS nicknamed by the KAMTO students (ie opponent) displayed contempt for of the sub-prefect while shaking it up. Without delay, the journalist calls on the hierarchy and the ministry of secondary education to take strict measures with regard to the act committed by the teacher or even to suspend teaching.

Source: CMR INFO

Toyota Prado vehicle cost 1.5 million belonging to mayor of Ambam carried away

The elected municipal official has just published an sos on social networks on this subject.

"My Toyota Prado vehicle, CE 122 FM burglarized on the night of January 22 around 8 p.m., while it was parked in the parking lot -front of the Le Relais St Jacques hotel located in the Coron district of Yaoundé at a place opposite Cami Toyota. This at the entrance of the Catholic University of Central Africa, while I was myself in the company of certain elites and vital forces of my department, "writes Hyacinthe Mba Mbo, the mayor of Ambam in his message d 'alert. 

Further on, he declines the subject of their consultation. “We were in a preparatory meeting for the launch of the electoral campaign for the legislative and municipal double ballot on February 9, 2020. This in a restaurant room of this hotel, however guarded (incomprehensible and even inadmissible because the hotel guard was seated in front of the hotel and next to my vehicle when I parked it, "continues the politician. 

Several losses

We then learn instantly that the attackers take with them a briefcase in black nilon fabric containing all the documents of the elected municipal official. He talks about his birth certificate, his passport with American and Schengen visas, his international vaccination certificate, as well as all his diplomas obtained in Cameroon and France, in particular at the University of Nantes. 

In this package, the attackers also take away a laptop containing all of his research work, including his Doctorate / PhD thesis in political science. He also speaks of the disappearance of a sum of one million five thousand CFA francs taken away.

Sliding date: Read how Paul Biya convinced Ahmad Ahmad

Previously scheduled for June 2021, the competition takes place in January and February of the same year.

According to the president of the African Football Confederation (Caf), Ahmad Ahmad, the 33rd edition of the African Cup of Nations today in Cameroon. Clearly, it is from January 9 to February 6, 2021. The boss of African football takes this decision after a consultation on January 15, 2020, in Yaoundé, the Cameroonian political capital. 

According to the final communiqué of this concertation, it is at Cameroon's request that the Caf proceeds to advance the competition. The reason mentioned, is simple, it is the weather conditions. Something that does not seem to be confirmed by the French newspaper La Lettre du Continent. For this duck, there were negotiations behind closed doors between the president of the Caf, and Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh, the secretary general of the presidency of the Republic. 

New World Cup formula

“The Caf had a major problem. The Can 2021 fell the same month as the new formula for the FIFA Club World Cup, but also the organization of African football had to convince Yaoundé at all costs to advance the Can by about six months. Writes the French newspaper. 

At the finish therefore, Paul Biya, weighs with all his weight so that his advisers accept all the conditions of the African Football Confederation. In this same initiative, the old lion, "even publicly assumes responsibility for the date change". The argument of the weather is therefore only a staging skillfully orchestrated by Cameroon and the Caf. This under the dictatorship of Fifa. Can Cameroon meet this challenge?

Bishop Kléda doesn't want to hear about Cardinal Tumi

It is a decision that surprises most of the former President of the Episcopal Conference of Cameroon. Bishop Samuel Kleda has just forbidden the priests to quote Cardinal Christian Tumi during intercessory prayers during the Eucharist.

Qualified as "particular practice", this prohibition takes effect from the date of the signing of the decree that the bishop signed today. 

This decision comes once again to dismantle the deleterious climate that prevails within the church and which is due to the position of each other vis-à-vis the socio-political crisis than across Cameroon. 

Mgr Samuel Kléda stood out for his outings deemed "anti-Biya" since the assassination of his colleague Mrg Bala. He even questioned the victory of Paul Biya during the presidential election in October 2018.

Below is the dedication of Mgr Samuel Kléda 


Death of Magistrate Alain Kamni: a colleague of the deceased delivers his version of the facts

A family was completely wiped from the face of the earth following a traffic accident that occurred on Friday around 3 a.m. at a place called the Nlongkak valley in Yaoundé. He is a young 34-year-old magistrate, his stepfather, his pregnant wife and their 2-year-old son.

What we know about the accident 

A wide-body aircraft registered 858 ax driving direction Mbala 2 Nlongkak roundabout at full speed crushes a small Toyota Yaris car from Bastos. The magistrate Alain Kamni Dingha, his stepfather Emmanuel Tandon and his boy, just 2 years old, will give up the ghost instantly. The wife named Pélagie Nahbula, pregnant, died a few hours later at the central hospital in Yaoundé. 

The details of a colleague of Alain Kamni Dingha 

Contacted by the editorial staff of, a promoter of the deceased at the National School of Administration and Magistrates relates the progress of the accident. A version he claims to have from one of his neighbors who was at the scene of the tragedy.

“From what I could hear, the shock was very violent. There is a neighbor who was returning from a trip at the same time. He says that the colleague was leaving Bastos with his small family and you know that it is truck time. So the truck came from Emana. At the crossroads, he started the valley fire crossroads, the truck was at high speed. The truck picked it up from the bastos exit side and the car ended up on the opposite side of the road as we have seen, "says a colleague and former comrade of the late Sieur Dingha at under cover of anonymity. 

“My friend, my bench neighbor during the 2 and a half years of training. He was the one who brought me in his car to Nlongkak. ” Indicates Aude, another comrade of the disappeared, not without exteriorizing the sadness that inhabits him. 

Alain Kamni Dinga will never exercise the profession of magistrate he has chosen. A 34-year-old ENAM graduate, he was in the process of integration and was waiting to be assigned by the State of Cameroon.


URGENT: an Ambazonian 'general' reportedly shot dead this Sunday

The CameroonianWeb editorial team has just learned from concordant sources that the fearsome "General Chacha" of the 'Bui warriors' in the North West region of Cameroon was shot dead early this Sunday morning by the Cameroonian military. It is following an assault launched early this morning on the locality.

"Soldiers stormed Bui around 2 a.m., took everyone and even the combatants by surprise, he was killed in Kikaikom, on the road to Amba camp," said an attached source. by our colleague Mimi Mefo in Bui. 

For the moment, it is unclear how this operation was conducted in all discretion. Even the arrival of the military in the locality was not noticed by the secessionist fighters. 

The same sources state that the populations are in shock after this attack in this stronghold of the separatists.

Since the start of this year, the secessionists have recorded enormous loss of life and arrests. To this is added the internal war which opposes the different factions of this movement. Some English-speaking leaders based abroad like Ayaba Cho are accused of having delivered fighters to the power of Yaoundé. In the middle of the week, the war chief's wife 'Field Marshall' was arrested in Dschang. 

Source: Cameroonweb

Elections 2020: Patricia Njoya kicks against military presence

"When the Minister of Defense informs us that the military will provide security during the elections, we do not think it is correct".. Patricia Ndam

The Union of the Populations of Cameroon (UDC), the party of Adamou Ndam Njoya, criticizes the security measures announced by the government in the context of the legislative and municipal elections of February 9, 2020.

The Minister of Defense and the Chief of the Defense Staff recently announced military reinforcements in the North-West and South-West regions to secure the double ballot. 

"When the Minister of Defense informs us that the military will provide security during the elections, we do not think it is correct, that it is serious because nowhere in the world can we go to elections with the military who are decided on the way, "said Patricia Ndam Njoya, deputy of this party, after a press conference on January 18, 2020 in Douala. 

The elected official also denounces the presence of certain polling stations in military camps and traditional chiefdoms.

“We have seen in some constituencies that traditional chiefdoms continue to house the polling stations, as well as some barracks. And when we asked to respect the law, they just moved these polling stations a few meters; which is not reassuring at all ”, criticizes the Honorable Ndam Njoya. 

Despite these grievances, the party decided to go to the elections. The UDC believes that the reforms awaited by Cameroonians, in particular on the social level and at the level of the Electoral Code, can only take place if the voters go massively to the polls and they vote against the RDPC, the presidential party.

Source: Cameroon-Info.Net

Alert: faecal matter seen in sachet water

The national consumer network of Cameroon invites the Minister of Commerce to end this activity which destroys the health of consumers.

A few years ago, a study by the Pasteur center in Yaoundé noted the improper quality of sachet water. Despite the warning, nothing has changed. This water from a dubious origin at a reasonable price of 50 FCFA is sold everywhere. At the expense of people's health. 


Indeed, “faecal matter has been found in some of these waters whose dubious quality is no longer to be demonstrated. Also that many consumers have already lost their lives through the consumption of whiskey in sachets ", denounces the National Consumers Network Cameroon (RNC) in a press release made public this Saturday, January 25, 2020. Nothing filters where this waste was found. 

RNC has been seized by many consumers who denounce the questionable quality of water in sachets and whiskey in sachets. These products are sold in our different cities throughout the national territory of the Republic of Cameroon.

However, the network recalls, the trade in sachet water as well as that of whiskey in sachet is strictly prohibited by the laws and regulations in force in Cameroon.Even if "it continues to prosper... at the risk of the health and life of consumers," says Francis Hervé Eyalla Saba, the National Executive Chairman of RNC. 

The network invites the Minister of Public Health, the Minister of Commerce ... to take responsibility. And to provide a holistic response with sanctions to this phenomenon which destroys the health of many consumers. 

“We think it may be lax but more of a lack of coordination of government action.Which is actually a thorny problem in our central administration. Such an action needs to unite the energies of all the administrations concerned. In short, a real punch operation over an average duration of 6 to 12 months. ” Explained Francis Hervé Eyalla Saba, last year in the columns of Community Barometer.



Elections 2020: the UPC re-states its ambitions

In a press release dated January 24, 2020, the Union of Populations of Cameroon (UPC) declares that despite the rejection of several of its lists by the Administrative Chamber of the Supreme Court, its faction will participate in the double ballot of 9 February 2020.

The secretary general of the UPC, Pierre Baléguel Nkot, elected on October 8, 2017 after the last party congress, as well as his supporters are determined to take part in the legislative and municipal elections of February 9, despite the rejection from several of the lists by the Administrative Chamber of the Supreme Court of Cameroon. 

It was the regional coordinator of this faction of the UPC in the Littoral region, who announced it via a press release dated January 24, 2019. According to the coordinator, this decision was taken during a session extraordinary of the political bureau extended to regional and departmental coordination, sections, proxies and head of lists. 

“At the end of this meeting, the Union of Populations of Cameroon (UPC) took a new decision, that of taking part in the legislative elections where the lists were accepted, namely: Wouri-Est and Sanaga-Maritime. To this end, following this new position of the Union of the Populations of Cameroon, activists and sympathizers are invited to respect this position of the party and to accompany the UPC lists in these elections ”, can be read in the said press release.

Has the UPC turned its jacket over? 

A decision considered as an admission of failure on the part of the UPC. Pierre Baléguel Nkot announced indeed, the day after the rejection of his party lists by the administrative courts during the pre-electoral dispute that his political party "renounces to participate in the double ballot of February 09, 2020 unless to be restored, as soon as possible , all the lists invested by the legitimate and legal management elected at the congress of 06, 07 and 08 October 2017 ”. Finally, Pierre Baléguel Nkot and his supporters chose to go to the polls.



Poverty is gradually having stands in Cameroon

According to a UNDP report, the gaps between the rich and the poor have widened a little more in recent years.

Between 2001 and 2014, income inequality increased in Cameroon. This is revealed in the “National Human Development Report 2019” released on January 16, 2020 by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP). According to this document, the Gini index - which measures income inequality or the degree of concentration of consumption - initially fell slightly, from 40.4% in 2001 to 39% in 2007; before starting to rise again to reach 44% in 2014. Or, 5 percentage points more during the last seven years of the reference period of the Ecomatin written report. 

This translates, emphasizes the UNDP, "a worsening of consumption inequality" within the Cameroonian population. However, this inequality is also examined through the distribution of household consumption. Also, we learn, the consumption share of the poorest 20% of the population is declining. It went from 6.2% to 5% between 2001 and 2014. While the wealthiest households benefited from it "since the share in consumption of the 20% of the wealthiest households goes from 48.7% to 50 , 6% over the same period ”. 

The UNDP also specifies that “the increase in inequalities constitutes an additional concern for the government, because, this increase is in itself an obstacle to poverty reduction. Indeed, the greater the inequalities in a society, the more difficult it is to get the poorest out of their poverty situation ”. 

The organization of the United Nations system also gives an assessment of the Multidimensional Poverty Index (PMI), which makes it possible to identify poverty in its multiple facets, with the advantage of appreciating the different deprivations of individuals or households based on three dimensions: education, health, and living conditions. The IPM of UNDP, in the case of Cameroon, shows overall that "the access of the population to basic social services is an important and constant challenge".

It has been shown that 55.3% of the Cameroonian population is multidimensionally poor and that the poor suffer from deprivation in 52.8% of the indicators. It is also indicated that the differences between the urban and rural areas are very large. "Indeed, 85% of people living in rural areas suffer from multidimensional poverty due to multiple deprivations against 23% in urban areas", underlines the report of the UNDPD. 

“This situation suggests that multidimensional poverty, like monetary poverty, is an essentially rural phenomenon. This could be the consequence of the low availability of socio-economic infrastructure, the provision of services and job opportunities in this environment, "once again underlines the report written under the direction of Paul Tasong, Minister Delegate to the Minister of Economy and Jean Luc Stalon, Resident Representative of UNDP in Cameroon. 

To finish on this subject, the UNDP report indicates that 33% of the Cameroonian population lives in extreme multidimensional poverty with notable differences between the urban environment (8%) and the rural environment (56%). As for extreme deprivation, it affects 37.7% of the population, according to the strict criteria of deprivation.


Saturday, January 25, 2020

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Obituary: Dangote Cement Cameroon branch loses its commercial and marketing director

After a professional career in companies such as Dangoté Cement, Guinness Cameroon, Maurice Diekem will be buried on February 1 in Mbouda, department of Bamboutos, in the West region.

Maurice Diekem, sales and marketing director of Dangote Cement is no more. The 50-year-old from West Cameroon died on January 8, 2020 in Douala as a result of illness. In his entourage, he was recognized for his discretion and his efficiency at work. 

According to testimonies, the graduate of the 7th class of the Higher School of Economic and Commercial Sciences (Essec), begins his professional ascent at the Littoral refinery company in Edéa where he held the position of sales director from 1990 to 1995 In 2002, he joined the Guinness Cameroon group as commercial director between October 2008 and October 2011.

Then, from July 2010 to December 2011, it is in Lagos in the Nigerian capital represents the interests of Guinness by holding the position of sales director at Guinness Nigeria. Finally, he was promoted to the position of regional director of sales development for the West African and French-speaking sub-Saharan Africa markets within the Diageo group. His career leads him to the Cameroonian cement plant Cimaf from February 2014 to November 2015, as sales and marketing director. His journey will then end at the Cameroonian branch of Dangoté Cement where he has been in post since 2015. 

The native of the village Bamendjo, located in the arrondissement of Mbouda, department of Bamboutos in the West Cameroon region was born on February 8, 1966 and will be buried on February 1.


Maurice Kamto expected in Montreal as a special guest at the University of Quebec IEM meeting in Montreal

Organized by the IEM, it will surely be one of the intellectual meetings of this beginning of the year at the University of Quebec in Montreal (UQAM).

The Cameroonian academic and politician, Maurice Kamto will give a conference this Friday, February 7, 2020 from 12:30 p.m. to 2 p.m., room J-2805 (Woodwork), of the Judith-Jasmin pavilion (UQAM) 

The author among others of the work “International law of governance” He to whom a large fringe of his compatriots lend an alleged victory to the presidential election of 2018 in his country - which victory would have been stolen from him by his opponent, the outgoing president, Paul Biya- will talk to your audience on the theme "International law and unfinished decolonization" 

Maurice Kamto seen by the IEM 

Professor Maurice Kamto is a lawyer, academic and former Minister for Justice of Cameroon. He has led the main opposition party in this country since 2012. Member and legal adviser of the Cameroonian delegation to the diplomatic conference in Rome for the creation of the International Criminal Court, he was from 1999 to 2016 member, then president of the Commission international law of the United Nations.

Professor Kamto is a member of several learned societies in law, including the Institute of International Law. He is a member of the curatorium of the Academy of International Law in The Hague, which provides scientific direction. Founder of the African Society of International Law, he represented several States before international courts and served as an arbitrator at the Permanent Court of Arbitration established under the Hague Conventions of 1899-1907. 

Montreal Institute for International Studies (IEIM) 

The Montreal Institute for International Studies (IEIM) was created in 2002 to support, strengthen and deepen research, training and knowledge mobilization initiatives in research centers and chairs belonging to the Faculty of Political Science and UQAM law involved in the field of international studies. Since then, its action has extended to other research centers and chairs attached to the Faculty of Human Sciences and the Faculty of Communication at UQAM. This extension and openness had a major impact on the way he envisioned and put into practice the international dimension of his activities. 

Obituary: the writer of Chantal Biya, from the street to the palace, Bertrand Teyou passes on

The Author behind the book "Chantal Biya, from the street to the palace and the whore of the Republic" Bertrand Teyou has died on Wednesday 23th, January at a hospital in Douala.

Bertrand Teyou who has always been hard on the first family of Cameroon recorded a two controversial works on first lady Chantal Biya apparently.

The cause of his sudden death is yet unknown but report says Teyou gave up the ghost at a hospital in Douala.


Embezzlement: Hilton hotel accountants announced in court

The Kalara newspaper reports on a case of alleged fraud mechanism which took place at the Hilton hotel in Yaoundé in 2015. The hotel establishment accuses its cashiers of having introduced a fraud mechanism on invoicing. This allowed them to fill their pockets on the back of the state.

They are four ex-cashiers to have worked for the Hilton hotel in Yaoundé. Gilles Auguste Nguezong Atsafack, Elie Duclair Djomeni Moaha, Thaddée Désiré Abanda and Dieudonné Atangana, to avoid naming them, were dismissed in 2015. An audit carried out in the establishment revealed a number of anomalies from their accounts, in particular fraud on the invoices of hotel guests. A package which caused a missing estimated at the total sum of 15.3 million CFA francs, qualified as embezzlement of public funds. The case is on trial before the High Court (TGI) of Mfoundi, informs the weekly. 

Unfair dismissal? 

And it was the respondents who decided to bring the case before the social judge of the TGI of Mfoundi to complain about what they called "unfair dismissal". For their part, the leaders of the Hilton hotel filed a complaint against the accused before the criminal judge. If the social judge has already emptied his referral by dismissing the respondents, the trial continues before the criminal judge, we learn.

It was on January 14 that the parties were to respond to the judge's summons, but that was without counting on the absence of all u, each. The hearing resumes on March 10. 

As a reminder, in 2014, Robert Valette Julian Paul, the financial director of the hotel, claims to have noted several anomalies on certain invoices from hotel customers. He therefore investigated an internal investigation which consisted in verifying the accounting documents for the period from December 2011 to October 2014.


ART: Chairman of the Board refuses to sign important documents

The Chairman of the Board of Directors refuses to sign documents important for the proper functioning of the Telecommunications Regulatory Agency.

This is information relayed in the columns of the Eco Matin newspaper. The Chairman of the Board of Directors (Pca) Hessana Mahamat refuses to sign the draft resolution adopting the budget for the financial year 2020, as well as the resolution taking note of the annual performance report for the financial year 2019. So far the Pca and the Director General (Dg) Philémon Zo'o Zame always look at each other like faience dogs. 

On January 8, 2020, the Pca sent a letter to the Art Director. And its purpose is: "Non-signature of the draft resolution adopting the 2020 budget for Art". In said letter, the Pca wrote: "I have the honor to inform you that ART's Administrative Performance Project (PPA) for the 2020 financial year was not adopted at the end of the 45th session ordinary of the ART's board of directors, which was held on December 30, 2019 and in which you personally took part ”.

In the same letter, the Pca adds that “in order to better appreciate and decide on the figures indicated in the said PPA 2020, the board of directors asked the general management to produce three documents which are detailed, l 'financial impact on ART's annual payroll; the state of execution of the resolutions of the board of directors dated December 20, 2018 relating to the consolidation of the personnel file and the balance file of ART; the payment for the regularization of the advancement of all ART staff, frozen by the general management since 2010, ie almost 07 years; the application of the decree of the President of the Republic No 2019/322 of June 19, 2019 fixing the categories of public establishments, the remuneration, the allowances and the benefits of the leaders ”. 

In this same letter, Hessana Mahamat reminds Philemon Zo'o Zame of two things. The first relates to the production of these documents. These were to be sent to the Board of Directors. And they are important in the sense that they allow for a PPA review. The second thing is that there is a discrepancy in the figures on the gross payroll. This discrepancy in a variation of nearly two billion FCFA "has already been the cause of the convening of two ordinary sessions at the end of which, the accounts and financial statements for the 2018 financial year were definitively closed", specifies the Pca.


Election 2020: read what the CPDM did to MRC Women President in Kékem

Resolved to campaign within the MRC despite the warnings of local authorities subservient to the regime in place in Kékém, the president of the women of the MRC sees her pharmacy sealed without legal reason.

Everything started with the new enrollments and the setting up of new MRC entities in this commune in the Haut-Nkam department last weekend. Popular and appreciated, the mobilization had enough to arouse the indignation of the Sub-prefect and the CPDM of Kékem. 

The latter previously demanded that the president of the women of the MRC resign from Maurice KAMTO's party, failing to see his pharmacy suspended. Bold and loyal to the Cameroon Renaissance Movement, she categorically refused this request. In the country of Paul Biya she has just paid the price for her freedom to choose and her freedom to believe in what he wants. Cameroonvoice learned that yesterday morning the lady saw her pharmacy sealed by the Sub-prefect and the mayor.

This in defiance of the Constitution. Faced with this serious attack on the freedoms of Cameroonian citizens, it is important that the majority say their fed up in order to preserve the future of Cameroon. The turning point in which Biya brings us is undeniably condemnable as it is worthy of a fascist and anti-democratic regime. And to say that Biya presents himself as the one who brought democracy to Cameroon.


Elections 2020: Source reveals that full briefcase of cash arrived the magistrates' table

Tens of millions of CFA francs distributed to political parties to avoid a boycott of the legislative and municipal 2019, it is an open secret.

But the regime of Paul Biya did not stop there. Several sources confirm that the magistrates of the administrative chamber of the Supreme Court were also corrupted to favor the lists of the CPDM. Thus each judge would have received tens of millions of CFA francs. 

At the heart of the maneuver two men: Philippe Mbarga Mboa and Yoki Onana. Concerning Philippe Mbarga Mboa, in the mafia he would have occupied the role of emissary. The one who takes care of the low negotiations for the sponsor. It is also the same Mbarga Mboa who on mission to the Vatican on behalf of the CPDM will threaten with death Albert DZONGANG in December 2018 following the post-electoral contestation.

Our sources indicate that Philippe Mbarga Mboa and Yoki Onana spent nearly 100 million CFA francs to bribe the magistrates. The lawyer of ELECAM, Me Atangana would have received approximately 30 million CFA francs. 

But in reality, those who decided to participate in this masquerade have only to blame themselves.

Journalist: Boris Bertolt