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237actu| New clashes between secessionists and the defense forces have resulted in the death of three elements of the Cameroon Defense Forces in the Manyu Department, Southwest Region and in the Menchum North West Region.

According to sources contacted on site, two elements of the Cameroonian defense forces were killed during a confrontation that occurred in recent hours in Bodam, a locality in the Southwest region.

The same source also indicates that a member of the Cameroon Defense Forces was beheaded by the secessionists in another bloody clash between the alleged secessionists and the defense forces in the Menchum, North West Region.

These latest unclaimed attacks have been attributed to separatist groups that for some time have been attacking elements of the Cameroonian defense forces and the symbols of the state.

The English-speaking crisis, which has paralyzed the South-West and North-West regions for nearly two years, has turned over time into a low-intensity conflict between secessionist armed groups and Cameroon's defense forces.

On July 9, chief police inspector Doh Afred on duty at the central police station in the city of Buea, along with six other members of the Cameroon Defense Forces, were killed in an ambush by a separatist militia.

Friday, July 20, 2018

Appointment: The Head Of State Appoints Secretary Generals Of Some Ministries

The decrees signed yesterday, 20th July, 2018 by the head of state, President Paul Biya appointing Secretaries General of some ministries, see below 

Serbia Urged To Stop Selling Arms To Cameroon

Amnesty International Has Asked Serbia To Stop Exporting Weapons To The Country, Says Weapon Sold To Cameroon Is Being Used Wrongly By Cameroonian Army.

After a video of executions in Cameroon featured what seemed to be soldiers using Serbian-made arms, Amnesty International has asked Serbia to stop exporting weapons to the country.

Amnesty International told BIRN that Cameroon has used Serbian-made weapons in a pattern of “systematic violations” of human rights, and has called on Serbia to suspend arms export to the African state.

“Given the credible evidence of a Zastava M21 being used by Cameroonian soldiers to carry out the horrific extrajudicial executions of two women and two young children, Serbia – a major supplier of small arms to Cameroon – should suspend further supplies,” Patrick Wilcken, an arms-control researcher at Amnesty International, told BIRN.

“This is not the first time Amnesty International has documented human rights abuses by Cameroonian forces using Serbian small arms. Rather, it reflects a pattern of systematic violations,” Wilcken added.

The comment came after both Amnesty and Bellingcat stated that they had verified that the gun seen in the video of the execution of the women and children, accused of belonging to outlawed Islamist terror group Boko Harram, was a Serbian-made Zastava M21.

Source reports

Cameroon - Health: Government Brings Cholera Back To Cameroon

Ebongue Michele

In truth, the comeback of cholera in Cameroon was to be applauded. The government was to hail this triumphant arrival. Yes, he did everything possible to make it possible for the poor to die in the most ignoble and humiliating way possible. Why do I think so? But because even in countries where poverty has made its nest, this disease has been on the run for ages. This is not the case in the country of Paul Biya, which hosts in just a few months the Africa Cup of Nations men's football.

Precautionary measures are increasingly being communicated, including prevention and awareness. A bit like it was when I was still at the nursery. " How to avoid cholera? " What to do in case of illness?Etc. are so many questions that we ask ourselves every day not to catch this killer.

Today, we play the surprised, yet the disease is at the door for almost a year. As usual, nothing was done to prevent his entry. Besides, I wonder how she could put so many months before revealing herself? I'm sure she did not even want to contaminate Cameroonians, but the laxity of the authorities dissuaded him. If not, how can we understand that since people have complained of insalubrity in cities, nothing has been done? Yet we have seen
n television the reception of new garbage collection trucks; we heard that garbage bins were in full preparation ... brief information to reassure us of the recovery to normal, but nothing concrete on the ground. Just words and promises concocted by big liars.

To decry this, the Cameroonians, ingenious as they know it, created the " Hysacam Challenge " by filming themselves eating near a garbage dump. And this time again, no one felt interrupted. The company in charge of garbage collection that once passed twice in a day, has accustomed us to its unique weekly passage. You can imagine what that could bring. Despite this, the authorities have not paid the salaries of the employees of this company.

The late awakening

Unfortunately, it took cholera to knock on the door of Cameroon for our leaders to wake up. As always, it took the worst to happen in order for it to be taken seriously. Slim ! Who has not shared his meal with flies in this Douala? Let me tell you that I have done it in renowned hotels here. What could our friends do with "tournedos" if even the high standard suffered the same harm? I assure you that the situation is even worse at the central market. Garbage has invaded the entire alley that goes from the locality " Buéa market " to the egg market. But the smells that emerge there do not make back the traders who chose this space to carry out their activities. Yet, tickets are given to them every day. One way for them to pay taxes for the occupied space. It is either on the outskirts or on the garbage that they expose their goods.

Dirt also kills blacks

I still can not understand how these tradespeople get to breathe. Especially that every time I have to take this path to go shopping, I'm clogging my nostrils. An exercise that does not serve much, because the line of garbage is so great. In addition, even after passing the garbage dump, this nauseating smell comes back under a gust of wind to remind you that your efforts were in vain. Although I can not understand how our moms find the courage, but especially the appetite to eat at home, to the point of doing the exercise every day. I assure you that to look at their attitude, even the most insane would notice the indifference of these traders in this situation. A phenomenon that gives meaning to the saying that "dirt does not kill the black man". Yes, I was convinced of the truth of this formula before the announcement of the cholera deaths in the country.

By Ebongue Michele

The University Of Yaounde II Launches A Master In Decentralization In Partnership With The University Of Toulouse

CIN| An agreement was signed on July 12, 2018 between the University of Yaoundé II and the University of Toulouse I. It devotes the opening, at the University of Yaoundé I, a master's degree in Engineering of the development of the territory.

According to Cameroon Tribune of Friday, July 20, 2018, it specifically links, on the one hand, the Faculty of Economics and Management of the University of Yaounde II, and the Faculty of Administration and Communication of the University of Toulouse I Capitole , on the other hand.

According to the officials of the University of Yaoundé II, this Master is there to provide the Ministry of Decentralization and the communes, competent staff. It is a professional training.

" This agreement is original, remarkable and balanced. This convention is special in that it is a Cameroonian diploma that will be issued. But as it will also have benefited from the teachings of our university, this diploma is delivered in partnership ", explained Pr François Quérole, dean of the Faculty of Administration and Communication of the University of Toulouse I, Capitol.

The signing of this partnership benefited from the mediation of the French Institute of Higher Studies on Territorial Governance and Decentralization. The convention states that students will pay 50,000 academic fees.

The implementation of this three-year, renewable partnership began immediately with the inaugural forum on decentralization under the theme: " Accelerating Decentralization in Cameroon: Prospects on the Contribution of International University Cooperation ".

Gunmen Kidnap The Traditional Ruler Of Bukari In Bafut

JDC| The traditional ruler of Bukari, a village in Bafut Sub Division in the North West Region of Cameroon has been reportedly kidnapped by gunmen, villagers have said.

The said traditional ruler, Atancho Felix was abducted and taken away to an unknown destination. Reasons for his abduction are unknown but security forces have since opened investigations to trace the whereabouts of the traditional ruler’s whereabouts.

This follows the kidnap of the traditional ruler of Moli village, near Buea, Kinge Molombe, on Thursday Morning.

He is the latest traditional ruler to be kidnapped by the gunmen following the abduction of at least eight traditional rulers in Fako Division in the past week.

The eight chiefs that have been kidnapped, all from Buea, are: Chief Njombe Johnson of Wokaka, Philip Mokwa of Wokeka, Elinge Ndoto of Ewili, Herman Njumbe of Wokwei, Francis Molinga of Liwuh la Malale, Lieti Woloko of Woteva, Chief Mbanda of Lysoka and Chief Lieti Woloko of Woteva.

Presidential 2018: Support For President Paul Multiplies

237actu| The support to President Biya for the presidential election of October 7, continues to multiply, including in the ranks of some opposition political parties.

meeting in Yaoundé this Friday, July 20 around a movement entitled "All with Paul Biya on October 7, 2018", these political opponents of yesterday attract curiosity within the opinion.

Twenty political party leaders say of the opposition, and well known in the Cameroonian political landernau considers indeed that Paul Biya is "insurance all risk for Cameroon"

These include Jean De Dieu Momo, Fritz Ngoh, Banda Kani, Robert Bapooh Lipot, and Isaac Feuzeu

For well-informed observers of the national political scene as the young political scientist Sylvestre Ndogmo contacted by 237actu "these supports to President Biya are acts of sycophancy". He argues that "these attitudes simply enter a logic of positioning"

Recall that other leaders of opposition parties had long made their choices on President Biya, assuring them their ways on the day said.

Such was the case of the Issa Tchiroma Bakary National Front for the Salvation of Cameroon (FSNC), the spokesman of the government renewed its loyalty since 1997 to President Biya

"Our goal is to bring all the people of the Far North closer to Paul Biya's candidacy for the next presidential election. Even if it is the UN that comes to organize this election, nothing with the vote of the north, Paul Biya will win. We are very grateful to the Head of State for all he does for the Far North and his sons, "he said at a mega meeting in Pitoa on May 8, 2018.

We can also mention the National Alliance for Democracy and Progress (Andp) of Hamadou Moustapha, also Minister in charge of missions to the presidency of the Republic. Dakole Daissala from MDR and Bello Bouba Maigari from UNDP

Presidential 2018: Bello Bouba Maïgari's Of UNDP Says Party Members And Activists Should Vote For CPMR Candidate Paul Biya

CIN| In the communiqué reached to the Cameroon-Info.Net editorial, it is said that the National Union for Democracy and Progress (UNDP) has chosen not to present a candidate for the presidential election of October 7, 2018. This decision is motivated by the political, security and economic situation in Cameroon. "

Considering the economic recovery efforts of the current country; considering the economic recovery efforts of the current country; considering the challenge of the success of the "CAN 2019" organized by Cameroon; Considering all the security and humanitarian challenges facing our country today, including the challenge of the "Anglophone crisis" in all its dimensions, the challenge of the war against the terrorist group Boko Haram and other threats are rife in other regions of Cameroon: considering that the security and humanitarian challenges require of the whole national community a real impetus of solidarity towards the affected populations ", justifies the Central Committee of the political party of Bello Bouba Maïgari.

Second important point of the UNDP communiqué. The party invites its activists to support Paul Biya the candidate of the Democratic Rally of the Cameroonian People (CPDM) in the elections of October 7, 2018. He presents the latter as the " guarantor of unity and stability of Cameroon ". This political party is asking the Head of State to make every effort to resolve the Anglophone crisis. And this by taking new initiatives. In communion, therefore, with the national community the party has held through this communiqué to present its solidarity to the populations of the English-speaking regions as well as to the families of the victims of the abuses of the armed groups in all the regions of the country.

Two Men In Possession Of Human Skeleton Arrested

237actu| Two men were arrested by members of the security forces of the police station of the 16th arrondissement of the city of Douala with a human skeleton contained in a bag in their possession.

A police source said that these traffickers were apprehended by law enforcement officials on the morning of July 16 while they were preparing to sell their "goods" to the Yassa district, investigators also reveal that this stalking was successful thanks to the collaboration of the so-called bone buyer who later alerted the police.

"The businessman was contacted for the purchase of human bones. He pretended to adhere to the proposal by fixing the appointment. Subsequently he sold the wick by giving the information to the police. ", Says an anonymous police source.

Once alerted, the elements of the police station of the 16th district of the city of Douala will lay an ambush and the guilty parties will be arrested.

Pending the continuation of the investigation, these traffickers of human bones were put in custody in the cells of the regional division of the judicial police of the Littoral. This unhealthy activity is gaining more and more space in the cities of Cameroon.

Last February, a young man was arrested at the entrance to a cemetery in the city of Bafoussam with a bag containing human bones.

Access Denies To CPP Headquarters In Douala

After Kah Walla Open Replied To Him, Minister Of Territorial Administration Sends A Squad Of Gendarmes To Prevent Access To The Headquarters Of The CPP Party In Douala.

CIN| Unpleasant surprise for the permanent staff at the headquarters of the Cameroon People's Party (CPP), located in the Bali district of Douala. When they came to work as they did every morning, they found that they could not get access to the CPP headquarters building because of a squad of police and police officers who had taken over the premises at dawn.

"We have the mission to let no one enter and to ban the demonstration that is planned here because those who organize it do not have quality," Cameroon, one of the men in uniform before the headquarters of the CPP. He also said that this is the logical consequence of the decision taken on Tuesday, July 17 by the Minister of Territorial Administration.

Minister Paul Atanga Nji had sent a correspondence to the governors of the Region to indicate that for the case of the CPP, which is internally conflicted according to the MINAT, only Samuel Titi Samuel Fon is now entitled to respond on behalf of the CPP in replacement of Edith Kah Walla.  

"Since 06:00 this Friday, July 20, 2018, the headquarters of the CPP in Douala is besieged by gendarmes, police and other plainclothes agents. These prevent anyone from entering and leaving. This is the day when the Stand Up For Cameroon Movement and the Cameroon Patriotic Diaspora intended to announce their alliance and express themselves on the presidential and the Anglophone crisis. This umpteenth serious violation of the rights and freedoms of the Cameroonian citizens that we are is unacceptable! It illustrates once again and once again that under this regime, the rule of law does not exist.

This violation also occurs the day after an absurd and unfounded decision by the Minister of Territorial Administration to designate the legal representatives of certain political parties. The Stand Up For Cameroon Movement and the Cameroon Patriotic Diaspora are in no way demobilized by these intimidating maneuvers. They reaffirm their determination to present to Cameroonians the options they consider beneficial for the country. We can not indefinitely deprive citizens of their rights and freedoms. We can not always gag the people. The wind of change is already blowing and it is not these gestures that will prevent the end of this system. This is the joint reaction of the Stand Up Movement for Cameroon and Cameroon Patriotic Diaspora.

Security: Yaounde International War School Graduates 62 Senior Officers From 22 Countries

Countries attended including Central African Republic, Mauritania, Democratic Republic of Congo, Nigeria, Niger, Madagascar, Guinea, Guinea equatorial, Mali, Morocco, Learn more

237actu| 62 senior officers from 22 countries received certificates and badges of end of training on Wednesday, July 18, 2018 at the Yaounde International War School.

The 62 senior officers are of origin: Burundi, Burkina Faso, Benin, Congo Brazzaville, Côte d'Ivoire, Central African Republic, Mauritania, Democratic Republic of Congo, Nigeria, Niger, Madagascar, Guinea, Guinea equatorial, Mali, Morocco, Chad, Togo, France and Cameroon.

For 11 months, trainees were taught the strategic missions in planning tactical operations. Thus, with the awareness gained in this temple of knowledge of security, the 62 trainees can now put their knowledge into practice in their various headquarters by contributing to strategic defense, conflict management and the resolution of conflicts. disasters.

Presidential 2018: This Is The List Of All The Candidates That Submitted Files For Presidential Election Of 07 October 2018 To ELECAM

CIN| Opened on Tuesday 10 July 2018, the registration of the candidates for the candidacy for the presidential election of October 2018 , was closed at midnight on the night of yesterday to Friday, July 20, 2018.

At the end of this operation, the Director General of ELECAM, Eric Essousse, gave the headquarters of this body in Yaoundé, a press conference to one o'clock in the morning to take stock of the files received.

He reported 28 registered cases. In this register, there are two women candidates and six independent candidates.

Below, the list of contenders for the succession of Paul Biya, the outgoing head of state

1) Mvomo Ondoua Aurel Cedric MCPSD (Cameroon Movement for Social Democratic)

2) Zeh Amvene Geneviève, independent candidate

3) Jean Blaise Gwet, MPCC (Patriotic Movement for Change of Cameroon)

4) Gabanmidanha Rigobert, independent candidate

5) Libii Ling Ngue Cabral Party Universe

6) Fomo Ngotta Jean Marie of the RSDC (Democratic Social Renaissance of Cameroon)

7) Habiba Issa UPC (Union of the

People of Cameroon) 8) Ndjoumou Leopold Steves UREC (Union for Economic Recovery of Cameroon)

9) Ndemmano Antoine De Padoue of the RDPF (Democratic Rally of the People without Borders)

10) Barin Koula Edouard, independent candidate

11) Etonde Etonde Jean Patrice, independent candidate

12) Choupo Kangaing Herve, Independent Candidate

13) Engono Valentin of UCDI (Cameroon Union for the Democracy and Innovation)

14) Boboro Kekomo, independent candidate

15) Kisop Bertin of the PJSC (Party for Social Justice in Cameroon)

16) Biya Paul of the CPDM (Rassem ably democratic Cameroonian people)

17) Kamto Maurice MRC (Movement for the revival of Cameroon)

18) Feuzeu Isaac the MERCI (Movement for the emergence and revival of the citizen)

19) Muna Akere Tabeng FPD (Popular Front for the development)

20) Garga Haman Adji of the ADD (Alliance for Democracy and Development)

21) Adamou Ndam Njoya of the UDC (Democratic Union of Cameroon)

22) Kum Ane Ihims, BIYA party (Bilingual Yaounde political party)

23 ) Chantal Roger DC Tile (Standing Cameroon)

24) Joshua Osih Nambangi of the SDF (Social Democratic Front)

25) Bile Olivier Anicet of the Union for Fraternity and Prosperity (UFP)

26) Ndifor Afanwi Franklin of MCNC (Movement national citizen of Cameroon)

27) Matomba Serge Hope of the PURS (People united for the social renovation)

28) Djapa Charly of the Socialist Party and the Cameroonian ecologists (PSEC)


Professor Essomba Sosthène of the MCPSD (Cameroon Movement for Social-Democracy ) was also overview in the premises of ELECAM in Yaoundé. It probably brings to 29 the number of registered candidates.

The final list of validated applications will be published no later than 08 August 2018 by ELECAM

According To Report Thieves Chase Popular Business Man Of Buea To Death, Source Said Ambazonia Fighters Kill GSO In Wum

This is the circumstances surrounding the death of popular Anglophone business man in Buea and the death of GSO In Wum.

CIN| Hotel in Bomaka at about 10 pm Tuesday July 17, 2018, heading towards his residence located inside the hotel.

They shouted "thieves" alerting Mr Ngang who was trying to escape from the building, after succeeding to jump, he broke his leg and later died.

Sources say he was the first target by the men who were speaking French.

It remains unclear whether they were soldiers, who have taken advantage of the present situation in Buea to wreck havoc. The business tycoon is said to be a man when it comes to the Anglophone crisis thus the attack on his house has left many tongues wagging.

GSO Element Decapitated in Wum

One of the first and damaging attacks in Wum, Menchum Division in the North West region took place on Wednesday July 18, 2018.

Amabzonia fighters attacked the police post located inside Wum and guarded by two Groupement Special Operation, GSO, an elite unit of the Police . They decapitated Daouda Charles, took away his rifle and also kidnapped his colleague.

The incident occurred a day after Ambazonia fighters stormed major town in Bamenda. In a hot confrontation with security forces, one citizen was killed while a woman was seriously injured. Three Gendarme elements were shot dead while Ambazonia fighter was injured and could barely walk.

The town of Bamenda was in total pandemonium as shops were permanently shutdown. A nurse at the Bamenda regional hospital was arrested by Police after they saw videos on Anglophone crisis in his phone. He was only released after hi scolleagues protested against the move.


Thursday, July 19, 2018

Presidential Election 2018: This is the reason why Paul Eric Kingue will not be contesting

CIN| Ul was among the most anticipated contenders, since he announced his candidacy on June 4, 2017 in Douala at the General Assembly of his new party, called the Patriotic Movement for a New Cameroon (MPCN).

But this Thursday, July 19, 2018, deadline for submitting applications to ELECAM, Paul Eric Kingue responds to absent subscribers. He also decided to no longer apply.

For what reasons ?      

" For two reasons. But let me first say that the decision not to go to this election was taken last weekend after a meeting of the national bureau of my party. The reasons for our withdrawal are obvious. First, the legal conditions of this election do not allow my party to go there. Take, for example, the condition that requires having at least one municipal councilor. We believed it until the end because according to the order of the elections, the municipal ones had to take place before the presidential one. This order should therefore allow us to have the minimum of advisers required to be a candidate for the presidential election. Sadly. Paul Biya for reasons of personal positioning decided to be elected first because it is the most important for him. Then we thought that I could get 300 signatures, but even if I got 300 signatures, I would not be a candidate of my party. I would be an independent candidate, but for a president who has a political party, it does not matter. The MPCN office therefore felt it was taking a huge risk. In conclusion, We will not go to this election but, we launch a vibrant call for a single candidacy of the opposition. The Cameroonian people have already suffered too much. It is inconceivable that we continue to keep him in slavery for individual interests, "explains Paul Eric Kingue in a telephone interview with Cameroon-Info.Net

The former CPMR mayor, the political party in power, is therefore committed to inviting supporters to vote if necessary the sole opposition candidate.

Government Urges Election Observers to File Accreditation Applications

237online| In the framework of the presidential elections that will take place on 7 October in Cameroon, the Minister in charge of Territorial Administration (MINAT), Paul Atanga Nji (photo), invites election observers to subscribe to an accreditation within his ministerial department.

The member of the government therefore invites interested partners, particularly those working in the field of elections, democracy and human rights, to submit their requests to the MINAT central mail service by 14 September 2018 at the latest. 15 precise hours.

The files relating thereto consist of the following documents: a request addressed to the Minister of Territorial Administration, a copy of the act justifying the legal existence of the organization or association, the list of observers indicating the observation areas requested, and a copy of an observation report from a previous election or any other exhibit deemed appropriate.

Paul Atanga Nji states that the expenses related to transportation, housing and other amenities are the sole responsibility of the accredited observers or the organizations that have designated them.

Anglophone Crisis: Recent Armed Attacks In Bamenda Creates Panic

237actu| These past weeks have been particularly turbulent in the North West region. The violent clashes between the secessionist groups and the Cameroonian defense forces have increased.

There are reports that several secessionist attacks in and around Bamenda have created widespread psychosis among residents of Bamenda. "It's up to everyone to run and find where to take refuge, or stay flat on the ground, to avoid being killed by a bullet." People go in all directions, weapons crackle, "says a source to our fellow Mutation.

We also learn that a local drink flow denominated "champions league", was burned by the attackers during the attack of Tuesday, July 17 last.

Afraid of this instability, some inhabitants of these localities have deserted their homes to seek refuge in the surrounding towns of Mbouda and Bafoussam.

At the beginning corporatist, the socio-political crisis which paralyzes the regions of North-West and South-West takes from now worrying proportions.

At the beginning of last May, numerous secessionist attacks perpetrated by a secessionist armed branch in Ediki, a locality in the Southwest region, had drained the population of this locality towards the towns of Mbanga and Nkongsamba in the department of Mungo.

Source: 237actu

Palm Oil, Cocoa Trade Hit By Crisis

APA| The crisis in anglophone Cameroon is damaging the Southwest Region’s economy, with palm oil plantations closing and the cocoa trade tumbling, an NGO report said Wednesday.

The Southwest Region faces almost daily clashes between the army and separatists in a conflict that originated mainly in Cameroon’s second anglophone area, the Northwest Region.

The state-run palm oil company Pamol has deserted some of its plantations, and cocoa and coffee production has stopped because villages have abandoned their crops, according to the Cameroon NGO Human Is Right.

Sources at the private firm Telcar Cocoa, a market leader, told the NGO that insecurity in the region had caused an 80 percent fall in cocoa trade.

Company officials should negotiate with fighters to secure their facilities in remote villages, the sources said.

Meanwhile rubber and oil plantations have been abandoned in two of Southwest Region’s six districts, Ndian and Meme.

The crisis has led to a 70 percent increase in unemployment in the agricultural sector, the report found.

Both the Southwest Region and the Northwest Region were once under British rule before joining francophone Cameroon in 1961 after independence.

For years, resentment built among anglophones, fostered by perceived marginalisation in education, the judiciary and the economy at the hands of the French-speaking majority.

Demands for greater autonomy were rejected by 85-year-old President Paul Biya, in power for more than 35 years, leading to an escalation that saw the declaration of the self-described “Republic of Ambazonia” in October last year.

Source: APA

Anglophone Crisis: I Am Not For Federalism, I Am More In Favor Of Decentralization, Says Titus Edzoa, Former SG Of The Presidency

CIN| Titus Edzoa says what he thinks of the Anglophone crisis. The former Secretary General of the Presidency of the Republic spoke about Canal 2 International on July 17, 2018. The guest of "The Great Interview" said that as a statesman, citizen, he has the certainty that the Anglophone crisis could be avoided. Because he argued, "Every country experiences crises. And when a crisis occurs, everything must be done to stop it. But not by force but by the opening of consciences, by the explanation of the crisis so that we can find appropriate solutions ". He spoke of a crisis "so serious" littered with a succession of facts, the "civil war".

The former prisoner of Paul Biya said he felt bitterness and sadness. He explained that the problem in English-speaking regions today is not a problem of bilingualism. According to him, it is found under three aspects which are the cultural aspect, historico-legal and socio-political.

Going back to his origins, the former Minister of Public Health of Cameroon declares that the crisis arises from the change of the name of the country doubled by the revision of the Constitution in 1984.Therefore he explains, "the anglophone part feels assimilated ".

For Titus Edzoa, the claims can be understood. He adds: "Even if I am not for federalism. I am more in favor of decentralization. To the extent that if we can not manage a state as we are demonstrating at the moment, it is not three states that we could manage ".

The former top state clerk thinks that if there had been the decree implementing the law on decentralization "there would not have been what we live today". After the failure of various government missions sent to the regions under tension, he deduced that only Paul Biya can solve the crisis. He prefers that the partisans of the armed struggle not be discarded during a possible dialogue. Because he suggests, we must see what leads them to take up arms.

Presidential 2018: Today is the Deadline for Presidential application submission

JDC| Aspirants for the October 7 Presidential election have until midnight today to deposit their files at the various Elecam head offices.

In conformity with the electoral code, just few hours are left for potential candidates to drop their files and so far at least twelve candidates have dropped their files.

Thus, it would certainly be a busy day at Elecam today as the other candidates struggle to beat the deadline and drop their files. It is the case with the Univers party whose flag bearer Cabral Libii has invited his supporters to accompany him today at the Elecam head office to drop his file.

However, other major political actors have already made it clear they will not be on the starting blocks at the Presidential election. It is the case with the CPP’s Kah Walla, the Manidem’s Anicet Ekane, Bernard Djonga of the Crac as well as Yondo Black and Hilaire Kamga. Most of these leaders say the situation in the North West and South West Regions is not favourable to hold elections in the country.

After today’s deadline, Elecam will study the various files that have been dropped and have until August 05 to publish the official list for the election. Those whose files have not been retained have a maximum of ten days after the publication of the lists to appeal at the Constitutional Council.

List of Candidates who have deposited:

Paul Biya – CPDM

Akere Muna-FPD

Isaac Feuzeu-MERCI

Bertin Kisob-CP

Maurice Kamto-CRM

Boboro Bekono

Adamou Ndam Njoya-CDU

Joshua Osih-SDF

Engono Valentin-UCDI

Roger Chantal Tuile

Garga Haman Adji-ADD

Kune Ane Ihims-BIYA Party

First Woman Candidate In Presidential Election Emerged

237actu| Invested by the Union of the People of Cameroon, Issa Habiba was elected president of this political party during the last elective congress of Upc held on October 6,7 and 8, 2017, at the Palais des Congrès in Yaounde.

Issa Habiba was inaugurated on Sunday, July 15 during a meeting of the Steering Committee, the decision-making body of UPc. His application was filed Wednesday at the office of Elections Cameroon (Elecam) of Douala.

This choice was not smooth. It was necessary to prevail with the majority on the militants eager to see the party support the candidacy of Paul Biya, the current head of the state in function for 36 years.

Cameroon - Security: China Donates 6.8 Million Euros To The Cameroons Army

China has granted a donation of 4.5 billion CFA francs (6.8 million euros) to the army of Cameroon facing security challenges in several regions of the country, state radio reported Thursday.

The donation was made official on Wednesday by Cameroon's Minister of Defense Joseph Beti Assomo and China's ambassador to Cameroon, Wang Ying Wu, according to CRTV.

This is a "gift" to allow the Cameroonian army to "strengthen its capabilities in its peacekeeping and security operations in the region," said the Chinese ambassador.

Cameroon faces several challenges in the Far North region where the Nigerian jihadist group Boko Haram remains active, as well as in the English-speaking regions of North-West and South-West where armed groups are fighting to establish an independent state.

The Cameroonian army is regularly accused of committing abuses on the fronts where it is engaged.

A presidential election is scheduled in Cameroon on 7 October and the sharp tensions, especially in the English-speaking region, may disrupt the vote.

At 85, outgoing President Paul Biya, of whom nearly 36 in power, is running for his own succession for a seventh term.

A dozen other personalities have submitted their applications to Election Cameroon (Elecam), the body that organizes the ballot. These files will be examined before being approved or rejected by the Constitutional Council.

Source: AFP

Secessionists Demand Postponement Of October Presidential Election After Abducted Eight Traditional Leaders Of Fako

237Actu| The anglophone crisis lends itself to many abuses. According to a generally well-known source, armed individuals kidnapped and led to an unknown destination of eight traditional chiefs in the Fako department.

They would then have demanded before their release the postponement of the presidential election of October 7.

They are precisely: Wokaka Chiefs Njombe Johnson, Wokeka Philip Mokwa, Ewili Elinge Ndoto, Wokwei Herman Njumbe, Liwuh Malale's Francis Molinga, Woteva Lieti Woloko, Lysoka Chief Mbanda and Chief Lieti Woloko of Woteva.

These kidnappings have not been formally claimed, but there is every reason to believe that this is another secessionist act.

We still remember a list of traditional Southwestern leaders threatened with kidnapping by secessionists who toured the web last week

Accused by secessionists of "connivance" with the administrative authorities, these guardians of the tradition are now victims of kidnappings and assassinations.

For the record, the traditional leader of the village Mbeme located in the department of Manyu, had been abducted last April by individuals claiming the state of Ambazonia.

After several days of research, the lifeless body of his majesty Njang Boniface Achu was finally found the throat cut near the Mbeme public school.

Source: 237actu

Cameroon - CPP - Kah Walla Replied Atanga Nji: "It Is With Great Surprise That We Learned Of Your Interference In The Internal Affairs Of Our Party"

Cin| The Cameroon People's Party (CPP) means its disapproval to the communiqué of the Minister of Territorial Administration designating the officials of certain parties authorized to represent them.

Here is the open letter sent by Edith Kah Walla's CPP to Paul Atanga Nji :

To the attention of the Minister of Territorial Administration,


It is with great surprise that we learned of your interference in the internal affairs of our party on the radio.

As leaders of the CPP, we would like to inform you of the following:

There is no legal basis that gives you the right to enter into the internal workings of a political party and to decide on its leaders or legal representatives.
We have not received any official documents and we have not been contacted by telephone or in person by any officer of the Ministry of Territorial Administration regarding any dispute within our political party.
Given the behavior of some of our activists who did not respect the rules and statutes of our party, we sent a correspondence to the Ministry of Territorial Administration on February 14, 2018 and March 19, 2018 to remind all concerned parties the statutes and regulations of our party.
We have excluded the following from our party, in accordance with the CPP's by-laws and statutes:
Mr. Roger Ndebi , excluded on June 06, 2017 by the decision of the National Council of the CPP
Mr. Samuel Tita Fon , excluded on March 29, 2018 by the decision of the National Council of the CPP
So it was with the greatest surprise that we learned on the radio that you chose to interfere in our internal affairs without any administrative or legal procedure and without having even telephoned or communicated with party officials.

In this respect, Mr. Minister of Territorial Administration, We, officials of the Cameroon People's Party, regularly elected at our Congress from 04 to 07 December 2014, and remaining his legal representatives wish to inform you of the following:

Your communication read by the CRTV on July 17, 2018 is null and void because it respects neither the constitution of our party, nor any administrative or judicial procedure in Cameroon.

It follows that Mr TITA FON, appointed by you, has neither the legality nor the legitimacy to speak or act on behalf of the CPP.

We will continue our work as party representatives in accordance with the legally binding constitution of the CPP, a copy of which is held by your administration.

It is regrettable that at a time when Cameroon faces serious risks to its reputation in the international community for illegal acts that go unpunished against its citizens, you as Minister of Territorial Administration , undermine our fragile democracy by committing acts outside the administrative and legal framework of our country.

We are not fooled by your maneuvers and the Cameroonian people even less. We are not at all impressed by these low works which dishonor even more Cameroon and reveal, to those who cradle illusions, the true nature of the regime which you serve. This attempt will not demobilize us, let alone prevent us from acting in accordance with our objectives.

The CPP, headed by Mrs. Edith Kahbang Walla , remains firm in its strategy to achieve a democratic political transition that begins with the departure of this regime that sinks us a little more every day in chaos, misery and tears.

We will continue to mobilize, inform and train Cameroonians to act to achieve the change they have been seeking for so many years.

In the respect of the Nation that is the Republic of Cameroon,

Done at Douala, 18 July 2018



Rebounding? A communiqué from the Ministry of Defense published on July 18, brings new elements on the famous unsustainable video that some netizens attribute to the Cameroonian army and others to the Malian Army.

The Defense Minister denounces a campaign of disinformation in progress via social networks, for the unacknowledged purposes of discrediting the professionalism of the Cameroon Defense Forces.

He also accuses the activist and writer Patrice NGANANG to be at the helm of the editing of this video where we see men in military outfit coldly run women and children and this continues to make the cabbage on the web.

"The activist PATRICE NGANANG, who is the author, simply manipulated a series of images taken outside Cameroon, which he later mounted in a scenario to overwhelm the Defense Forces. "Can you read in the press release.

"Are customary manipulations orchestrated for cybercriminals. The Cameroonian Defense Forces are not at all concerned by these scenes, "the statement added.

Since the publication of this video, the author's Facebook account remains blocked. A new exit of the government which goes against that of the NGO AMNESTY International which says to have gathered "credible proofs" which attest that they are indeed Cameroonian soldiers.

In a statement released Thursday, July 13, the NGO said the video was shot in northern Cameroon where the Cameroonian army is engaged against the jihadist Boko Haram.

For their part, the United States, in a statement issued on July 16 on the site of the United States Embassy in Cameroon, request a transparent investigation.

Presidential elections 2018: Opposed to its general secretary who calls to vote Paul Biya, the president of the UPC announces his candidacy

CIN| It is a Habiba Issa very recovery that appeared at the very first edition of the show "Equinoxe evening" (Equinoxe television) July 16, 2018. The president of the Union of the populations of Cameroon (UPC) elected on October 9 2017 in Yaoundé denounced the attitude of some of the members of the elected office at the same time. For example, Ms. Habiba said she realized that everything in the acts of Secretary General Pierre Baleguel Nkot was calculated, targeted and that she found herself in a situation of fait accompli. She explains that she was not consulted, found herself "like someone who had no more functions, like a puppet". "I think they made the wrong choice. Later they realized that I can not give in on some things. "

Although she states that this is not what led her to run for office, the decision of Pierre Baleguel Nkot to make the UPC vote for the candidate Paul Biya is a decision that is binding only because is not the congress that decided it. She argues that it was she required that we first go through the steering committee she had convened.

Habiba Issa accuses Baleguel of writing to the administration to challenge him the right to convene the Steering Committee finally met according to him. "We have come to say that we are not the party behind the President of the Republic. If we have to be in alliance, we will choose a party that has the same ideology as the UPC. So we decided to go to the elections.

Habiba Issa reports that contrary to a certain "Doctor Moune", it is finally she who was chosen to defend the colors of the UPC in the next presidential elections. Habiba Issa could submit his application on Thursday 19 July 2018 in Douala.

Ruben Maclik Djoumbissi Dumped Journalism To Study Banking And Finance

Ruben Maclik Djoumbissie Pens Massage As He Finally Dumped Journalism To Study Banking And Finance, Says He Slept On The Street And Stave All Night Starting Over Again.

Ruben Maclik Djoumbissie is now fully ready to leave the world of the media to definitely devote himself to his studies in Banking and Finance.

"I waited two years to do it but it is not late today to tell you. This thing that bothers me and whose necessity decides me: I leave the Press. Since my departure from Canal2 International, life has not been tender with me 'I experienced unprecedented suffering to my little existence, lacked food, slept in the street and wiped mockeries simply unbearable. But this was my fault, because I did not know how to get up and move forward without feeling depressed.

Today I leave the press and devote myself definitely to my studies (Banking and finance) hahahaha, my father dreamed so much of this profession for my younger sister who she chooses rather to be a journalist. I have plenty of advice to give him. For my part I leave this job that gave me everything and showed everything. Apart from studying online at a Canadian University, I will in the very near future unveil my new employer if all goes well ... It's a multin. with Singaporean capital, "he wrote on his facebook page.

This making Ruben Malick Djoumbissié an ex-investigative journalist, he worked in several media houses including STV, LTM or Canal 2. Fired from Canal 2 International television in June 2016 for opposing the decision of his boss.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Ministry of defence accused Prof Nganang for women execution video

Video of execution of women and babies in far North causes stir again as ministry of defence blames Prof Nganang yesterday for posting the video as the ministry still hold up the claim that the video is fake.

After several process to get the killers of women and their babies in the far North Cameroon arrested by the government, the ministry of defence again accused Prof Nganang for posting the video on his Facebook page.

Without investigation, the ministry is concluding again that the video is fake even after the us asked the Cameroon government to make findings public.

The memo released yesterday via a Facebook post by the defence ministry pointing directly to Prof Nganang is written in French, see below

Mr. Eazi's girlfriend, Temi Otedola shares vacation photos

Temi Otedola is living the best of days, this is the 4th vacation she has been on in just 7 months this year.

She recently went on holiday with her boyfriend, Mr. Eazi to Sicily in Italy and how shes been on vacation to Thailand, she shared some of her recent photos. See another one below,

Meet the woman in Kylian Mbappe's life, Queen Alicia Aylies, Miss Guyana

Mbappe quickly dedicates his victory to his love and his winning bonus of over $500k to charity after the tournament. 

Followers of the 2018 world cup in Russia would know that France teenage sensation Kylian Mbappe won both the trophy itself and the best young player at the tournament. But there's a third trophy that he already won- his beauty queen girlfriend Alicia Aylies.

The stunning Guyanese-born model was seen celebrating France's win on Sunday and the world can't get enough of her.

Miss Aylies was crowned 'Miss Guyana 2016' and contested for France in the Miss Universe competition in 2017.

Cameroon: another Traffic accident killed three along Douala Yaound highway

Douala Yaound highway again experience another fatal traffic accident this evening, Wednesday 18 July, 2018.

Three people confirmed dead while several injured and currently on medication.

The Minister of Transportation has visited the scene of the accident this evening.

This accident occurred barely few days after over three dozens of travelers were killed in a traffic accident caused by reckless sleep and ride driver.

Opinion: Gregory Owona "The Mrc Does Not Leave Me A Good Impression, I Hear It's Tribal Party"

Principal guest in Sunday's Arena on Canal 2 International, one who says he is devoted to Paul Biya has not made any gifts to his opponent as part of the "duel" during this high-profile program

Grégoire Owona, the politician and deputy secretary general of the CPDM center committee, in the face-to-face meeting of about fifteen minutes with Alain Fogué of the MRC was rather hard.

According to him, Maurice Kamto's party lacks "solidarity" and "knows a huge identity withdrawal"

"The Mrc does not leave me a good impression at all. I also read in social networks, I hear that it is a Tribalist party, a party that knows a huge identity withdrawal; an extremist party in its positions, the main opposition party that is against a coalition that has yet made the opposition dream, because there was talk that the opposition makes a coalition to fight Paul Biya. The MRC lacked solidarity, "he says

Source: 237actu

Tantoh Felix Ngang reported jumped out through window to his death

The wealthy Anglophone business man whom we report his death early was not shoot but injured while trying to escape assassin.

Tantoh Felix reportedly jumped out of his hotel room through the window as French speaking assassins arrived his room.

He sustained several injuries and bleed internally to death.

He is a successful business man and had won several contracts including the building and renovation of two universities in Cameroon. 

Alleged Abuse of the Army: The European Union Refuses to Condemn Cameroon Without Evidence

CIN| In its July 18, 2018 edition, the daily Mutations reports that Louis Michel, Member of the European Parliament and Co-President of the African-Caribbean Union (ACP-EU) Joint Parliamentary Assembly, commented on the socio-political situation in Cameroon. It was July 17, 2018 at the Palace of Yaounde convention at the opening ceremony of the 16 th regional meeting of the National Assembly ACP-EU. " Your country and the DRC will experience elections this year (...) It is crucial for the stability of the sub-region to succeed in these elections based on the values ​​of equality between men and women regardless of their membership ethnic, political, cultural and religious, "he said.

The case being part of current hot news in Cameroon, the MEP spoke about the subject of the video summary executions allegedly made in Cameroon by the army. " So I guess everyone here expects to say a word about the broadcasting of unsustainable and shocking videos and photos ... As long as it has not been authenticated, as long as we will not have complete clarity on this issue, I do not wish to comment publicly, "he said. Having followed the management of this affair by the Presidency of the Republic, the MEP hailed the instruction given by the Head of State on this matter. " I think it is important to underline and welcome the announcement made by the authorities of your country, to initiate an investigation which should make it possible to identify the responsibilities and bring to justice the perpetrators. these abominable acts so that they can pay, "continued Louis Michel. In the name of the European Union, he has expressed all his compassion to the people who have been the victims of these acts.

As a reminder after the videos of men in uniform executing people who have been put on the web, the Government of Cameroon by the voice of its spokesman Issa Tchiroma Bakary the Minister of Communication has denied the rumor that attributed these actions to the Cameroonian army. " We note, in the review of this video, that these men wear colorful uniforms for certain types of forests while the landscape and terrain clearly indicate that one is in the Sahelo-Saharan zone. In such circumstances, it is common ground that the combat suits used by the Cameroonian army are still Sahelian. The weapons planted by the alleged soldiers presented in the video are not those used by the Cameroonian army in this area of ​​operations, "said Issa Tchiroma Bakary during a press conference given on July 11, 2018 in Yaounde.

Two killed as Ambazonia fighters imposed ghost town in Bamenda

JDC| At least one police officer and an armed fighter lost their lives in the shootout that resulted from the invasion of the town by the armed men in broad daylight.

Residents say the armed men invaded the town parading the streets with their motor cycles and guns around the Hospital Round about.

Many resident were forced to flee the streets as security forces launched a fightback which led to a prolonged shoot out as locals remained indoors.

Sources say the armed men had invaded the streets to force the population to respect the three-day ghost town which they recently imposed despite an earlier call by activists to respect ghost town only on Monday.

An uncertain calm has returned to the city with a timid resumption of activities as most residents still remain in panic. Noella, a resident who owns a shop at the Food martket told on Wednesday morning that she could only open her shop on Wednesday by midday after she had assurances that calm had returned. She however said it is a precarious calm as some shops are still close while the market is far cry from its normal buzz.

Cameroon Crisis: We Can Not Give Them Secession, says Grégoire Owona

What Do They Want Today? They Want Secession? We Can Not Give Them Secession. Let Anyone Who Wants A Federal Cameroon Go To The Presidential Election, Win The Elections And Propose Cameroonians A Federal Cameroon!" Says Grégoire Owona, CPDM Secretary General.

CIN| On July 15, 2018, Grégoire Owona, the guest of the show L'Arène (Canal 2 International) did not miss the inevitable questions about the current crisis in the North West and South West regions. The ruling secretary general of the CPDM, the party in power, was somewhat embarrassed by the demands of the leaders of the protest movement. " This problem does not have a very clear definition for everyone. Even for myself.

Because, what do they want today? They want secession? We can not give them secession . The minister in charge of the work continues: " that whoever wants a federal Cameroon goes to the presidential election, wins the elections and proposes to Cameroon a federal Cameroon! That whoever wants another form of the state wins the elections and offers Cameroonians if the Cameroonians agree he will do that. But President Paul Biya has committed to something he must respect "

Gregory Owona believes that decentralization is the main concern of most of his compatriots. " The majority of Cameroonians today are not convinced that it is necessary to go to federalism. The majority of Cameroonians today demand that we accelerate the decentralization that was decided but that could not be put in place . He acknowledges, however, that "there are things that block", that decentralization has fallen behind "like everything in the realm of the unknown".

Returning to the disturbances of a few months ago in the National Assembly, Gregory Owona maintains that no one opposed the idea of ​​opening a debate on the Anglophone crisis but that it is the SDF deputies who refused to respect the procedure for inclusion on the agenda of the Anglophone crisis. The then acting minister of his colleague Amadou Ali, in charge of relations with the Assemblies, said he had reminded the opposition members of the procedure to be followed. He said he feared that a validation of "disorder" would be a precedent.

When asked why the President of the Republic does not go to crisis areas, he replied: "Cameroonians are right to want anything they want but the President of the Republic strong information that he All that is done makes decisions that he thinks good for the country "