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Monday, December 9, 2019

Election Boycott: Denis Nkwebo speaks fire on Kamto and Cabral Libii

The journalist says some of the politicians who have threatened to boycott the upcoming parliamentary and municipal elections are doing the opposite of what they announced.

On his Twitter account, the renowned journalist says that politicians who have branded the option of boycotting parliamentary and municipal elections are rather Elections Cameroon (Elecam). "I learn at the moment that politicians who had threatened to boycott the elections of February 9 have already gone to confirm the colors of their newsletters to ELECAM. Blackmail is not a political program, "he tweeted. 

Boycott threat 

To better understand this tweet from the president of the National Union of Journalists of Cameroon (Snjc), we must remember that last week, the Social Democratic Front (Sdf) and the Party for National Reconciliation (Pcrn) left a blur on their participation in local elections. Cabral Libii, the national president of the Pcrn, demanded a 15-day extension of the deadline for the submission of candidates from his political party.

He denounced the electoral fraud that was taking place. Among other things, he pointed to the party in power, the Rdpc. He raised the absences and refusal of some administrative authorities to sign documents of his activists. Hours later, it was Joshua Osih speaking on behalf of the SDF, who set the condition for the resolution of the crisis in the two English-speaking regions: the Northwest and the Southwest. After these two exits, the opinion has believed that the leaders of these two political parties will follow in the footsteps of Maurice Kamto president of the Movement for the Renaissance of Cameroon (Mrc). He made it clear that his party would not go to these elections. 


After the submission of the candidature files, Elections Cameroon to invite the political parties to come to choose the colors, acronyms and logos for the double vote. In one of his tweets, Denis Nkwebo said that these parties could not participate in the upcoming elections. Because having already submitted their applications.  "Candidatures for municipal and legislative elections are irrevocable. So truce lies. In 2018, despite its withdrawal Akere Muna's ballots were present in the polling stations. So whatever the Pcrn and the Sdf say, they are forced to be there, "he had tweeted.

Elections: All candidates are expected to present their files to the Constitutional Council

This exercise gives the advantage to the candidates. Because their files can be reconstituted in case of dispute or rejection at Election's Cameroon

Most of the candidates invested by their respective political parties in the two municipal and legislative elections of 09 February 2020 have already submitted a copy of their nomination file to the Constitutional Council. 

If some of them still lag behind, Me Hadjoda, Chief Clerk, told our colleagues in Cameroon Tribune that many political parties like the RDPC, the SDF, the UDC, the UPC, the PCRN, PADDEC, CARC, and even BRIC have already complied with this exercise. According to information gathered from one of their sources, our colleagues in Cameroon Tribune explain that "once a file received, it is thoroughly checked in the presence of the user, the goal is to ensure that all the component parts of the file are included. A folder on behalf of the candidate is then opened and an acknowledgment of receipt is given to the person who files the documents. This after the instruction of the document in a register prepared for the cause.

For Chief Clerk Hamadjoda, it is more than imperative for each candidate to submit a copy of his nomination file to the Constitutional Council. Because, "the candidates have the advantage that these can be reconstituted in the event of dispute or rejection at the level of election's Cameroon". Moreover, as informed by the newspaper headed by Marie Claire Nana "The electoral code has in its article 164, paragraph 2 that the declaration of candidacy is deposited and registered against receipt, the general direction of the elections or the level of the departmental dismemberment Elecam of the constituency concerned. A copy thereof shall be immediately forwarded to the Constitutional Council by the candidate or the representative against acknowledgment of receipt. " 

However, even if the law does not set a deadline for submitting copies of nomination files to the Constitutional Council, no file will be admissible on Monday next, when the lists of candidates will be published by ELECAM.

Elections 2020: What is Maurice Kamto preparing for Paul Biya?

Never forget that the power of Yaoundé organized the political death of the MRC through a construction of the correspondences between the existence of the MRC and the specter of an insurrection.

The government is working tirelessly to criminalize the membership of the MRC, the production of a fright vis-à-vis this party. The permanent logic of constructing the figure of the inner enemy is the object of the strategy of the political elimination of the party of Maurice KAMTO. 

But what needs to be understood is the increasingly outdated nature of this strategy in the age of communication. Government communication lacks coherence, since the elimination of a political actor consists in the ability to put it out of the spotlight, but in this case the MRC is the target of the projectors, including and especially at the time of its expulsion to the margin of the race track. The image corresponds to regiments of commandos tirelessly firing at the shell on a hearse. 

Never have any political party and politician been so slandered as the MRC and its leader. The arrest and incarceration of the latter and the militants with the relevant role proceeded from a maneuver of political killing through methods of humiliation and designation of the social deviant. Except that on the contrary, the mixtures and confusion between the political scene and the scene of cannibalism have had the opposite effect. 

The political scene is a scene of adversity and not a scene of enmity. The resulting confusion has shown that even after organizing the death of a political actor, it is constantly demonized, humiliated, accused of the failures of several decades of governance.

Hold an illustration, the day the first vice-president of the MRC is seized and tortured at the central prison of Yaoundé after the movement of mood of the prisoners, what was the interest to take in image and publish this photo of Mamadou MOTA naked, abused and in a bad way, if not to humiliate him. 

Only the feeling of bitterness and sadness aroused in a fit of pity enhanced the victim and his party in a spirit of solidarity that transposed this image to that of Patrice Emery LUMUMBA in a similar situation. As a result, the mobilization of the national hero categories is granted to the actors of the MRC. Political prison as a major lever of dictatorships has been tamed and transformed as a leaven for national and international endowment for the MRC and its leader as a political party. It is a verifiable fact that the peaks in membership growth inserted in the MRC correspond to the periods of incarceration, liberation of the militant political prisoners of the MRC. 

When this political party decided, against all odds, not to take part in the local elections of February 9, 2020, some people soon described this choice as suicidal. But the reasons for the non-participation are so intelligible and perceptible by all that the Cameroonians in a progressive majority recognize themselves in this decision of the MRC. It is not an empty boycott, but a conditioning on which the territorial and popular integrity of the country depends. This is the serious resolution of the NOSO crisis through an inclusive dialogue with relevant actors and topics, including the topic on the form of the state. It is also the reform of the electoral system through the adoption of a consensual electoral code. 

If not, how does a party that commits suicide incite adhesions and the creation of new units?


Elections 2020: Cavaye Yeguié humiliates Paul Biya and Nkueté

The president of the National Assembly will lead the list of Mayo-Sava (Far North) in the legislative elections of February 9, 2020.

It had been said vomited by the base. Some analysts also argued that the circular of the national president of the CPDM, requesting the injection of new blood during the next local elections, was particularly aimed at the president of the National Assembly. Well, they were all wrong! 

Cavaye Yeguié Djibril will lead the list of the ruling party in the legislative elections of 9 February 2020, in the department of Mayo-Sava (Far-North) 

In its issue published on December 9, 2019, the biweekly La Météo reveals that the The 78-year-old oligarch was invested by his party to run for a new term as a member of parliament, 46 years after his first election.

Cavaye has indeed arrived at the National Assembly in 1973. Elected second vice president in 1983, the native of Mada (to Tokombéré) will leave the body in 1988 to return in 1992. It is that year that he is elected Speaker of the House. A function he has never left. 

This exceptional longevity makes him one of the oldest parliamentarians in the world.

Muyuka: four Ambazonians In connection with the murder of a soldier arrested

                           file photo

The detainees are being held in Buea for the murder of senior master Bernard Ndongo, who was killed two weeks ago.

Security forces recently seized four Ambazonian fighters involved in the assassination of senior master Bernard Ndongo. The unfortunate man was tortured and then buried alive in a bush in Bafia, not far from Muyuka, in the Ndian department. 

Master Master Bernard Ndongo had been detained in Muyuka for six months. He was kidnapped by secessionists about two weeks ago when he was out of his base to make a financial transaction to pay his children's school fees. 

The kidnappers took him to a bush where he suffered torture before being buried alive, sources told The latter are arrested a few days after their withdrawal, during an investigation that first allowed to get their hands on one of the mis en cause. He led the security forces to his accomplices.

The group confessed and led the security forces to the place where the remains of the soldier were lying. She transferred to the Buea morgue. 

Several other people involved in this case are wanted.


Anglophone Crisis: how Desmond, Emmanuel and Bo Fungeh, were killed by Paul Biya Soldiers in Mbingo

Cameroon government security forces have murdered three innocent Southern Cameroons civilians on lame and ridiculous reason that they were suspected to be members of the Ambazonia Restoration Forces in Mbingo, a locality near Belo in the Northern Zone in Southern Cameroons.

Eye witnesses say the three Southern Cameroonians were however not members of the Ambazonia Self Defense Force responsible for the implementation of the roadblock policy.

Local Southern Cameroons media houses have identified the young men as Desmond,Emmanuel and Bo Fungeh.

Troops loyal to the Biya Francophone Beti Ewondo regime raided the area and a number of houses were set ablaze.

By Sama Ernest

Legislative 2020: Bapooh Lipot accused RDPC of trying to scatter UPC, his party

The Honorable Robert Bapooh Lipot does not envisage the holding of the legislative and municipal elections without the Union of the populations of Cameroon.

He gave an interview to our colleague Mutations. Asked what he would do if the lists submitted by the faction of the Union of the People of Cameroon (Upc) to which he belongs, are not retained, the Honorable Robert Bapooh Lipot answers this. "We took the option of going to the elections. We also learned that there were parallel lists. We are calm because we have legitimacy; Elecam must handle that. The Constitutional Council where eminent magistrates are found must manage this. We need to be told if a country can operate without laws, if a country can exist without legislation. If this is the case, we will feel like excluded from the Republic and act accordingly.. If the UPc lists that we presented are canceled,

During this interview, Bapooh Lipot stated that the problems of Ucc come from different administrations. In addition, he accused the Secretary General (Sg) of the Democratic Rally of the Cameroonian People (Rdpc) Jean Nkuete, to seek to spoil the Upc. "The one who sows the disorder within the UPc is the secretary general of the central committee of the Rdpc, Jean Nkueté. He has to be careful because he can not himself have been active in this party in his youth and want to destroy it now. It's not good ! I told him more than six times in the face that we are in a country where we must not try to humiliate people. I told all the ministers of the Republic: there is a certain age when we no longer accept humiliation, "he said.


Paul Biya's nephew reportedly developed Cameroon's first industrial gold mine

The Minister of Mines, Gabriel Dodo Ndoke, on November 29 in Yaounde, signed the convention for the exploitation of the small gold mine of Colomine, in the East of Cameroon, with the company Codias SA.

The promoter of this company, Bonaventure Mvondo Assam (in white chechia on the photo), indicated, during this ceremony, that Codias SA is a mining company under Cameroonian law. Since January 5, 2017, it has been holding the Colomine exploration license, valid for gold and related substances, covering an area of ​​309 km2, located in the Ngoura district. 

"The operating method envisaged for extracting the Colomine gold resource is underground mining by the abutment method and this operation is planned for 5 years, with a production peak of 500 kg of gold. year from the 2nd year? the first year being devoted to the development phase (construction of the mine and other mining facilities)? ", we learn from the Ministry of Mines. 

According to this institution, the gold project of Colomine will be the first industrial gold mine in the country, thus ensuring the traceability of ore mined and making Cameroon a gold producing country on the international mining scene.

Moreover, this project will allow the establishment of a gold value chain around gold. It will range from on-site extraction to local processing of at least 15% of production, with the added value of creating gold smelting units (bullion production) and jewelery, thus contributing to strengthening of the national industrial fabric. 

At the social level, the government expects the creation of many direct and indirect jobs in order to contribute to the reversal of the youth unemployment curve and the fight against poverty. It is also expected to create opportunities for local small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) (subcontractors and other local suppliers) for the delivery of goods and services. To this must be added the capacity building of local staff, the transfer of skills and technologies for the benefit of national workers coupled with the training of students from universities and institutions, etc.


Revelations Of Kamto's To JeuneAfrica About Paul Biya And His Early Retirement

Two months after his release, he is back in the political arena While justifying the boycott of the February elections, the leader of the opposition advocates dialogue and appeasement.

Jeune Afrique: Your party, the MRC, has announced that it will not participate in the February 2020 polls. Why? 

Maurice Kamto: There are two main reasons. First, we can not go to the elections without the conditions being in place for the people of the Northwest and Southwest to go to the polls. This would exclude these two regions from the Republican game, in terms of local governance and representation in the National Assembly. As if we were resigned to acter, in fact, a partition of our country. Secondly, our electoral system has shown its limits, it must be reformed. We drafted a bill in 2014 and tabled it in the House, but it has not been brought to the attention of his office yet. 

In these circumstances, why have you been a candidate for the 2018 presidential election? 

Because we hoped to be able to mobilize the voters and to keep a close watch on the voting process and because this election also represented a chance to solve the country's problems. That being said, it gave us the opportunity to demonstrate, during the examination of the electoral dispute before the Constitutional Council, that the laws were not good and that, indeed, it was more than time to reform them to avoid post-election crises. 

But the government does not seem in a hurry to change the texts ... 

Yet even the international community insists on it. It has not escaped you that, in a resolution unanimously adopted, the European Parliament insisted that the electoral system be reformed before any new election. And the US Congress and the Canadian Parliament do not say anything else. 

Do you want to postpone the next elections? 

Naturally, and we have made it clear. We could have gone yet, and we would have won, so much is our popularity. But we think we need to sort things out before we think about elections. 

Did the RCM not participate at the end of September in the National Dialogue launched by President Biya, notably to appease the crisis in the English-speaking regions?

If, because it was to break the deadlock that our country has known for three years. But even before formulating our proposals to the Prime Minister, we advocated starting with the release of all political detainees, including people like Sisiku Ayuk Tabe [self-proclaimed president of Ambazonia], who have already been sentenced. Such a gesture of appeasement would have won the support of the population. But the government prefers to keep them in prison and goes wrong by choosing its interlocutors. 

For the authorities, would it not send a bad signal that to release individuals formally condemned by the justice? 

In the current situation, it is useless to identify the guilty and the innocent. We ask for their release because we are looking for a solution. There will always be time later to set up a truth, justice and reconciliation commission. 

What measures do you think should be taken immediately? 

In such a context of violence, one must first apply de-escalation measures. We want the withdrawal of the forces of the third category [the army] so that only the police and the gendarmerie remain on the ground. Then, the state must rebuild the villages and the infrastructure, as we keep saying, to enable the displaced to return home, and to make sure that the school starts again. Our requests have not yet been heard, but it is obvious that the solution to this crisis is political. 

Are you for or against a change in the form of the state? Would you, for example, favor a return to federalism? 

I am not, I have never been and I will never be for the partition of Cameroon. It's not even possible. Our country must remain united. However, one should not be afraid to discuss the form of the state. It must not be a taboo. We feel that hyper-centralization no longer meets the expectations of the people. I add that this reflection is not an English-speaking exclusivity, it concerns all Cameroonians. However, I am not in favor of a pure and simple return to federalism as it existed in 1961. We must not draw a line on the sixty years of life that francophones and anglophones have shared since the independence. 

How do you react to the fact that demonstrations in your party are so often banned? 

I do not understand that we are affuble insurrectional logic. We have always respected the law. The RCM was created seven years ago and it was never the cause of any incident. These reproaches that are made to us are unfounded. For three years, we have almost never been allowed to hold meetings. Worse! The police now invite themselves to meetings held at our headquarters when, according to the law, the seat of a political party is inviolable.

Is the tribalism of which the MRC is accused a construction? 

Of course, it's the same thing. At every election or every time a serious candidate threatens that of the power in power, these types of accusations emerge. To tax someone with tribalism is to delegitimize him. It is an incredible cynicism, which reached its peak during the last presidential election. It's time to stop it. 

You deny that your party is regionalist? 

Absolutely! No one can ever prove that I ever made myself guilty of regionalism or tribalism, either in my academic career or in my political career. 

Do not go to elections, is it your personal decision? 

There too, I heard a lot of things. Kamto is said to be a dictator. No ! The party's national council chose the boycott. I did not decide anything alone. What is true is that I was one of those who thought we should postpone the legislative and the municipal and start by solving the problems. One example: we are talking about the special status of English-speaking regions [a recommendation of the national dialogue], but nobody knows the content of this formula! 

What will you do to face the impatience of young executives who wanted to join the Assembly? 

We do not create a party to allow a few peers to have an experience. It is done to achieve goals of national interest. Let me explain: if we had gone to the elections, we would probably have won additional seats, as I told you. We would have entered the political establishment and we would participate in the institutional game. But we could no longer criticize the electoral code, and we would have lost sight of all the objectives for which our party was created, and that for the interest of the few. I am confident that comrades will understand that their political careers are not compromised. 

The rest of the opposition seems to be hesitant about what to do next ...

This is one of the peculiarities of the Cameroonian opposition. We do not know how to come together and find real areas of political convergence. I have always thought that the question of reforming the electoral system could bring us together precisely because it does not benefit anyone in particular. When the rules of the game are good, they are good for everyone. In 2014, I wrote to all political parties to harmonize our positions on this issue. I did not receive any answer. 

Your supporters have complained a lot about red tape. What is it? 

Some sub-prefects chose to refuse to issue deeds to some of the opposition candidates who asked for them. I say it with gravity, because by their behavior, they destroy the backbone of the Cameroonian administration. We must explain to the sub-prefects that we do not come to chase them, that we are not their enemies. 

Jean-Yves Le Drian, the French Minister of Foreign Affairs, was visiting Cameroon at the end of October. He met President Biya of course, and several politicians, including you. Did you expect more? 

I was not disappointed because I take things as they come. It would have been logical, in our context, for the Foreign Minister of a friendly country to pay particular attention to the one who officially came second in the presidential election. It was not the case. Jean-Yves Le Drian thought that a format with the leaders of all political parties represented in the Assembly was sufficient. Did he get the desired answers? I do not know. But it became very clear that he was accompanying the implementation of the resolutions of the dialogue, and one wonders whether the fact that he gave the impression of coming up with a position already decided is the right way to go. ' help solve the multifaceted crisis we face. At no time did he mention the crisis itself or the revision of the electoral code. 

Should France be firmer, like the Americans, who, in mid-November, excluded Cameroon from Agoa? 

Those who are in business only hear the balance of power. A friendly speech will not make them move. That being said, any approach that will lead the government to understand that it needs to reform the system is welcome. 

You spent almost ten months in detention. What did you remember? 

This is not a place where I would like to see my own enemies, but the prison has not changed me. She reinforced me in the idea that we must fight for things to change in Cameroon. In my case, incarceration was an injustice. But lamenting his fate does not change the case. To say to oneself that it does not have to happen to others, it is already the beginning of something different.

What do you say to those who say you are rigid? 

That I am not. The proof: I reach out to President Biya for us to work together on a project for a new Republic that I have been working on for decades. To solve our problems, for the salvation of the country, and certainly not because I am looking for a job, I am ready to discuss with him. 

Did you expect to take so many strokes when you started politics? 

Public life is violent. I have sometimes seen hatred towards me, some wish even my disappearance, but this violence is good for nobody and will not solve any of the problems of Cameroon. Our political projects are not so different that we can not interact with each other. 

Social networks are not soft on you. Does it affect you? 

If the lie and the insult were killing, I would have died many times already! I do not read everything, but I see a lot of things happening. Does it hurt me? Yes, sometimes, especially as it happens that jealousy and hatred exceed my person to target the community where I come from. But no matter how much I portray myself as a devil, I have never read or heard reproaches. 

Do you think there is a risk of inter-ethnic conflict in Cameroon? 

Individually, Cameroonians are not tribalists! On the other hand, there is a small political and academic elite that instils the poison of hate in the veins of our country. But these people have nothing concrete to propose, and their project is doomed to failure.

Samuel Eto'o, the Cameroonian footballer Journey to the musical world

From the stadium to the stage, there is a step to take, an important decision that upsets the existence of the sportsman who wants to become a musician. Therefore, on his Instagram account, we see a teaser of a few seconds where Eto'o is performing.

Well dressed with a wide brimmed hat, a coat, a chain that bears his name, Samuel Eto'o looks like an artist who masters the scene. And the excerpt of the song is a hymn to Makossa, it is subdued that the voice is that of Samuel Eto'o or so of another person. Whatever the hypotheses, Eto'o has decided to offer a concert to customers of his company BETOO where he will be headlining. His first part will be made by several artists like Salatiel, Lady Ponce, Magasco, DJ Kérozen, Indira etc ... 

If this alternative conversion is proven Eto'o Fils will follow the footsteps of his older brothers Yannick Noah and Roger Milla who have embarked on music after stopping their sports career.


Operation Sparrowhawk: Convicted Atangana Kouna Wants To Give Back 1.2 Billion FCFA He Stole To The government

According to statements by the former Minister of Water and Energy, this money was withdrawn from the Cameroon Water Utilities Corporation (Camwater) while he was the company's General Manager.

On November 26, 2019, Basile Atangana Kouna, former Minister of Water and Energy was facing the panel of judges of the Special Criminal Court ( TCS ) to respond to alleged acts of embezzlement of public funds. During his hearing, the former member of the government made a statement that provoked reactions. He proposes to return to the Treasury all the funds for which he is being tried before the TCS. In particular, the sum of CFAF 1.2 billion withdrawn from the budget of the Cameroon Water Utilities Corporation ( CAMWATER ), while he was the Director General.

Indeed, through the voice of his lawyers, Me Atangana Ayissi and Luc Sack, the former minister asks the judges to order "the partial release of his bank accounts", which had been blocked by the examining magistrate Lord judicial information. The Cameroonian portal of Belgium ( Basile Atangana Kouna hopes "to write off the sum of 1.2 billion CFA francs which will be transferred directly into the public coffers, representing the restitution of the body of the offense". In his defense, Mr. Atangana Ayissi explains to the judges that his client "proposes and asks you to accept the restitution of the body of the offense such that the amount was stopped in the order of settlement which seizes you".

The latter reveals that the case had already been made before the public prosecutor's office near the TCS, which rejected the request in favor of the judge for jurisdiction. The prosecution does not hear it that way. The lawyer of the State of Cameroon asks the panel of judges composed of Lucien Eyango, Langmago and Jules Awoung to reject the request of the former minister. "You can not use the detention of public property that the investigating judge has presumed unlawful and asked the court to have the accused get out of the wedlock," he says.

Rather, it proposes to the judges to rule on the application at the time of the pronouncement of the minutes. After hearing the various parties, the court remanded the case to 17 December 2019. This hearing will be an opportunity for the defense of Basile Atangana Kouna to submit evidence of seizures of assets and blockages alleged accounts. And for the prosecutor to prepare his reply.


Sunday, December 8, 2019

Ambazonia: a village chief seriously injured, battling between life and Death

Reprisals continue in the English-speaking zone. According to local authorities, the traditional chief of the village of Jikenjem is between life and death.

He is currently fighting for his survival in a health facility in the North West region of Cameroon. 

According to sources, Fai Ndishangong was shot in the legs at home around 1 am on Saturday, December 7, 2019 by gunmen.

"Armed men are responsible for the shooting of our leader. They threatened to kill him several times, "said a relative of the Chief. 

Fighters from Ambazonia accused Fai Ndishangong of having close ties with Oku Sub division administration.


CAN 2021: CAF and Algeria plot against Cameroon

The level of progress of the construction of infrastructures meant to host the African Cup of Nations (Can 2021) worries the Confederation of African Football (CAF). The instance of African football would have asked Algeria if it could organize the CAN 2021 in case Cameroon could not meet its commitments. The information was revealed by Rfi.

The level of progress of the construction of infrastructures meant to host the African Cup of Nations (Can 2021) worries the Confederation of African Football (CAF). The instance of African football would have asked Algeria if it could organize the CAN 2021 in case Cameroon could not meet its commitments. The information was revealed by Rfi. "Since last year when CAF and President Hamad decided to withdraw the organization of the Can 2019 in Cameroon to give it to Egypt, it seems that everything stopped in Cameroon. In a year we will be told we are six months from the future CAN of 2021 ... The Algerian Minister of Youth and Sports was on a television set and the question was put to him; Is that' Algeria would be ready if necessary to replace Cameroon? He said Yes, we have all the infrastructure, we have the stadiums, "said Frederic Suteau RFI sport service before said that the same question had already been posed to Algeria by CAF; proof that the African Football Confederation is seriously considering the withdrawal of the next CAN in Cameroon.


Ernest Obama not yet named CEO of Vision 4-RCA

At least, at the time we publish this text the journalist remains reporter and presenter to Vision 4, contrary to information that announce it since Friday, December 6 in Central Africa.

Dismissed from his prestigious post of Director of Vision 4 on December 5, 2019 and replaced Parfait Ayissi, rumors make the presenter Club Elites the new "Director General" Vision 4 RCA. "Ernest Obama is now the new General Manager of the Anecdote Group in the Central African Republic. It is this December 6 that the former CEO of Vision 4, sent back just 24 hours ago, was promoted. His appointment was formalized during Vision 4's 20-hour paper on Friday night, just hours after the transfer to Perfect Ayissi, his successor at the head of private television. For example, can one read in the online newspaper Actu Cameroon or even on 237 Actu. 

Except that same Friday watching the titles of the 20h, Médiatude was able to realize that Jean Jacque Ze did not mention such an appointment. Contacted by our editorial staff, two executives of the blue chain of Nsam specify that it is nothing. "It's a fake", "It's not true. Myself I'm amazed since yesterday. They explain to Médiatude.

For now, the boss of Vision 4 RCA remains Perpetua Nganomo, who is also the star of the 20H in this TV channel in CAR. She has been assigned since 2018 after being head of chain of Satellite FM in Yaoundé. 

Jean Pierre Amougou Belinga having made appointments his dada, his former Director could undoubtedly bounce elsewhere very soon. "I would like to thank the CEO of the Anecdote Group for the trust placed in us since 2015. I confess that in 2015 I was 35 years old and such a mission was great. I think we did what we did. We were not perfect but we say infinitely thank you for that. Because we are in a society where there is very little trust in young people and when we have someone who can trust you once, you must be eternally grateful to him. Said Ernest Obama this Friday, December 6th in the show Tour d'horizon.

Insecurity: Paul Biya appoints generals and colonels to various positions

The President of the Republic, Paul Biya  on Thursday signed the appointment of new officials in the Ministry of Defense.

A total of a dozen generals and colonels have been appointed to various positions in the Ministry of Defense.

Below are the list;

Birthday in Etoudi: this is what happened between artist Singuila and Chantal Biya

The first Cameroonian lady celebrated her 49th birthday on December 4th, 2019. The party did not go unnoticed. Many personalities were invited, including Cameroonian or foreign artists. An artist has caught the spotlight, Singuila, the French singer of Congolese origin.

In a video that circulates on social networks, we see President Paul Biya, dressed all in white, weakened necessarily because of age, looks a little lost, who still had to live this moment with his woman. 

In the same recording, we find Singuila, the artist who breaks the hearts of women in many of his songs. He is the darling of 'women' and the first lady seems to notice it. With a charming smile, Chantal Biya offers a piece of her cake to the artist. A moment of embarrassment that Singuila did not know how to deal with Paul Biya, still looking lost.

Had he fallen in love with the first lady or was it really a simple embarrassment? It can not be said. But the canvas also noticed the gesture of the author of the song "the wife of someone". 

It should be remembered that Chantal Biya has blown 25 candles with Paul Biya since the celebration of their marriage in 1994. She is the mother of four children, including Anastasia Brenda Biya Eyenga, Paul Biya Junior, Franck Hertz and Patrick Hertz.


Lady Ponce 7th album out next month

Highly anticipated, the 7th album of the Cameroonian star Lady Ponce, entitled "Supreme" will be in stores on January 1, 2020.

According to the visual in our possession, the album includes 16 titles (included bonus), we also note 3 featurings. Lady Ponce will be in concert on April 12, 2020 in the legendary Olympia Hall in Paris, France.

Saturday, December 7, 2019

President Paul Biya Fires DG of Ceneema After 45 Years Of Rule

Ernest Roland Ela Evina was fired yesterday Friday, December 06, 2019, from his position as Director General (Dg) of the National Center for Studies and Experimentation of Agricultural Machinery (Ceneema).

The latter was replaced by Ms. Mebande Bate born Ekotto Andrée Caroline , appointed by a presidential decree read yesterday afternoon, on the airwaves of the Crtv, Cameroon government radio.

Appointed CEO of Ceneema in 1974 by President Ahmadou Ahidjo, Ernest Roland Ela Evina resisted all the movements of managing directors of operated state companies. With 45 years of teaching at the head of Ceneema, Ernest Roland Ela Evina was the dean of the dg of companies with public capital in Cameroon. 

Another presidential decree names Abdou Namba, chairman of the board of directors of Ceneema.

Mebande Bate born Ekotto Andrée Caroline, the new director general of Ceneema, was until her appointment that day, a manager at the Cameroonian Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

Source: Camerbe

Samuel Eto'o organized first concert in Douala

Samuel Eto'o organizes a big concert with his artist friends on December 20, 2019 at the Parc des princes de Douala. To have access to it you have to play on its Sportsbook site,

That is to say, the promotion of Samuel Eto'o's website is magic. After opening the first 4 Betoo agencies in Douala, Eto'o organizes a big concert of urban music. He announced this big event on his Instagram page: "We did not say that" Eto'o Can "? December 20, 2019 I will be present in Douala for my first concert with some friends. He wrote. 

The conditions of access to the concert surprise anyway. To get a ticket, you have to bet on Betoo. As he explained, "Do you want to see to believe? See you on December 20 in the park of princes to attend the first concert where you get a free seat trying to earn millions! Like Eto'o Bet on " Imagine the number of bets that will be on the site until December 20.

The stars who will then perform are paid. Headlining is Kerozen, Diamond Platnumz, Magasco, Salatiel, Tzy Panchak, Benash. Like other stars there will be sweet Kola, Kameni, Iza, Nernos, Sojip ... etc. In short a very big scene with the Ngambè and more. How he likes the microphone and concerts we will surely see him on the podium in real life.


Breaking: Popular Evangelist, Reinhard Bonnke Dies at 79

Popular evangelist, Reinhard Bonnke had died at the age of 79. He passed away peacefully sourrounded by his family members on Saturday, 7th December 2019.

Bonnke was known for his evangelism accros African continent.

Reinhard Bonnke was in Nigeria on many occasions for his gospel missions.

In 2005, Bonnke was in Kogi State for evangelism, from were he proceeded to other states.

The news of his death was announced on his Facebook page this afternoon, Saturday, 7th December, 2019.

He died Saturday peacefully, surrounded by his family members.

“It is with sorrow that the Bonnke Family would like to announce the passing of our beloved husband, father, and grandfather, Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke.

“He passed away peacefully, surrounded by his family, on December 7, 2019.

“For the past 60 years he has preached the glorious Gospel of Jesus throughout the entire world. We want to thank you on behalf of him and our family, for your kind love and unwavering support, which enabled him to preach the matchless message of salvation to countless people,” part of the statement read.

Bonnke visited Kano, Northwest Nigeria in 1991 where Muslims protested against his comments on Islam he made in Kaduna.

Menchum: a Cameroonian soldier reported killed during the installation ceremony of the sub-prefect

A member of the Cameroonian armed forces was reportedly killed during an exchange with Ambazonian secessionist fighters in Benakuma, in the sub-prefecture of the Menchum Valley in the North-West region.

"Four other soldiers and a journalist have been wounded," camerounWeb's editorial staff said. 

The wounded were reportedly evacuated by helicopter and are currently receiving treatment in a local hospital.

Despite the foiled attacks, the installation of the sub-prefect of Menchum, Fomla Foncha Azise Christian, was again successful. And it was during a brief ceremony held in the premises of the council of Benakuma which had been left to give up for a long time. The ceremony, however, brought together only the SDO and the members of its delegation. 

It should be noted that attacks against administrative staff in English-speaking areas have become recurrent.


Douala: Campost Is Burning

                            file photo

The Cameroon postal services (Campost) caught fire this morning from Saturday, December 07, 2019, in its seat of the Bonanjo administrative district in Doualala economic capital of Cameroon.

According to our information, large flames stormed part of the building, while firefighters were trying to find an opening.

Part of the building was damaged.  We are talking about several calcined documents.  "Firefighters have tamed the flames," says a source safe.

The origins of the Campost de Bonanjo fire remain unknown.  The firemen of Douala did not sleep at night: they fought the giant and gluttonous fire that devoured the snack bar "Vegas", Bonamoussadi, in the 5th Arrondissement of Douala.

Source: Camerbe

Friday, December 6, 2019

Breaking: France just promised to reconstruct the Northern and Southern regions of Cameroon

Representative of France was in Cameroon to meet with the president of republic, Paul Biya. The objective of his meeting with the head of the State is to discuss the crisis rocking the Northern and Southern zones of Cameroon and to find lasting solution.

After his meeting with the head of state while speaking with CRTV, the diplomat reveals that France is ready to reconstruct the falling Northern and Southern zones of Cameroon. He added that 62 millions Euros, which is 40.6 billions CFA would be disbursed for the purpose of reconstructing the Anglophone regions of Cameroon.

Stayed turned...

Thursday, December 5, 2019

Secret meeting in Etoudi: Paul Biya asked to step down from power by the International communities to save Cameroon from Civil War

Moussa Faki Mahamat of the African Union, Patricia Scotland of the Commonwealth and Louise Mushikiwabo of the International Organization of La Francophonie met President Paul Biya privately in Yaoundé and insisted that he give up power.

Our intelligence officer in Yaounde said the meeting, which was attended by representatives of the US and French embassies in Yaoundé, was held in a secret location. US diplomats delivered a clear and firm message that the only way to free the Republic of Cameroon from the civil war was for Biya, 86, to step down. 

The secret meeting took place after a televised meeting with Prime Minister Dion Ngute in which the Cameroonian public media, CRTV, reported that Biya was still in the good graces of the West and that his troops were gaining strength. restoration of Ambazonia for the control of the rich oil region of southern Cameroon. 

The interim government of South Cameroon announced last week the creation of the Bank of Ambazonia, which was followed by the appointment of the governor of the bank by Vice President Dabney Yerima, which would give a boost to the campaign of total and total independence of South Cameroon.

The Secretary General to the Presidency of the Republic, Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh, was heard after the meeting that the Biya regime would have welcomed the discussions, but only without preconditions. 

The Franco-Cameroonian army has changed tactics several times during the fighting in southern Cameroon since the beginning of the uprising of Ambazonia, nearly four years ago. 

State television, aimed at countering claims that the Biya regime was collapsing, broadcast images of ordinary life in southern Cameroon with students apparently returning to school. Biya refuses to withdraw despite pressure from the United States and the European Union.


Anglophone Crisis: UN condemns the brutal killing of one of its volunteers in North West

Pascal Ngwayi, from UN partner COMINSUD, was kidnapped on Saturday, November 30, 2019, then killed by unknown gunmen in Donga Mantung, a northwestern town in the grip of clashes between armed forces. order and security and secessionist fighters from Ambazonia.

According to local sources, the victim was conducting a humanitarian assessment to ensure that those in need were receiving timely and appropriate support. 

The UN Humanitarian Coordinator for Cameroon, Allegra Baiocchi, said in a statement on Sunday, December 1, 2019, that she strongly condemned the killing of this humanitarian worker in northwestern Cameroon. 

"I am deeply saddened by the news of the horrendous execution of a humanitarian worker last night. On behalf of the United Nations and the wider humanitarian community, our deepest condolences go out to his family, friends and colleagues, "said Baiocchi. Before stating that "Humanitarian workers risk everything to help those most in need. They must be respected and protected, not targeted. The continuation of attacks on humanitarian workers only adds to the suffering of civilians because we can not conduct operations safely. Deliberate targeting of aid and humanitarian workers is a war crime. The United Nations reiterates its call to all armed actors to ensure the protection of humanitarian workers, to fully respect international humanitarian and human rights law, and to respect the humanitarian principles of humanity, neutrality, independence and impartiality. "

Residents of the region accuse the Cameroonian army of being responsible for the assassination, saying that armed groups fighting for the independence of the English-speaking zone do not attack United Nations volunteers. 


Anglophone Area: administrative services reportedly empty

The Cameroonian government is facing the phenomenon of desertion of civil servants in the English-speaking regions in crisis. Job losses have increased in the two northwestern and southwestern regions, while state employees are targeted for kidnapping and assassination.

Officials from all sectors play the absent subscribers. In some schools that have only name, health centers, departmental delegations, boroughs and other services and structures this situation of discomfort is experienced and clearly poses the issue of the assignments of the state staff. 

In the run-up to the February 2020 legislative and municipal elections, the security situation in the NOSO remains "disrupted by multiple attacks against government forces," said a local administrative authority who requested anonymity. 

In the two English-speaking regions, it is mainly civilians who are suffering: hostages, killings, looting and village fires. 

Speaking on this issue, a local authority under the seal of anonymity states "we have seen the upsurge of this phenomenon in some towns and villages of NOSO". 

To the question of why NOSO is so scary to civil servants, no objective explanation is provided by those concerned. Several other sources mention security reasons

State agent Emmanuel Ako says "I arrived here in Kumba in 2018. I found colleagues who complained about the climate of insecurity in the city." 

The fact is clear. The worm is in the fruit. Public servants and public officials take the key fields refusing to work in English-speaking regions. 

Recall that the Cameroonian government is facing the phenomenon of desertion and refusal of officials to take service in the English-speaking regions, became theaters of confrontations between army and separatists. 

Job losses are increasing in both regions and state personnel are targeted for kidnappings and killings 

We still remember the kidnapping of the sub-prefect of the district of Batibo on February 11, 2017, of which we are still without news.


CPDM elections: war is waged between elites in Etoudi

Put in front of the scene in favor of his appointment to the post of DCC, Samuel Mvondo Ayolo, never stops undergoing the fire fed by the affidés of his predecessor who do not miss any opportunity to vilify him by transferring the facts weapon of the latter who was reputed in forgery and use of forgery, as evidenced by the many scandals that have furnished his magisterium. Otherwise, how to explain this cabal in order against him for two weeks where mixing free jealousy and nostalgia, the affidés or those who take the place, are literally to regret the prebends that distributed to them by turn their demiurge to shoot red balls on his successor by affixing it with all the names of birds.

In their posthumous kilav exercise, they do not take offense at grooming their language, which betrays their visceral hatred of the DCC; hoping to rehabilitate a memory that many Cameroonians want to see forever erased, given the multiform crimes that have been attributed to him and the most abject are not those of the prelates of the Catholic Church which he will be yet served as a screen to silence his insanities. fortunately, by tracing the rather tortuous course of the one he would like us to celebrate beyond the grave, we rather realize that it will have been just a curiosity in the wake of the Head of State that we know looking on the intrinsic quality of his close associates, as Samuel Mvondo Ayolo is ineluctably unlike his predecessor of whom we know nothing, except when he is credited with any academic course, sanctioned by any parchment. In other words, two rather antinomic personalities that only the function would have approximated somewhat.

Moreover, his rather sulphurous past earned him an unprecedented sanction, the refusal for the Catholic Church, which he said he would serve while he was raging there at the requiem Mass that was to be held in the minor Basilica of Mvolyé. but between villainous crimes like that of the young student Narcisse Olivier Djomo (sodomized then defenestrated the eighth floor of the Yaounde Hilton on August 21, 2006). This one will have written the darkest pages of the Civil Cabinet relegating Language Thopni of sad reputation to the rank of apprentice sorcerer. And, to further darken the picture, we are presented with drums and bugle as a "Principal Civilian Outside Scale." Second achievement worthy of a perpetual last class, having managed to alienate the power and authority traditionally recognized at all CCD.


Elections 2020: What is Maurice Kamto preparing for Paul Biya?

Never forget that the power of Yaoundé organized the political death of the MRC through a construction of the correspondences between the existence of the MRC and the specter of an insurrection.

The government is working tirelessly to criminalize the membership of the MRC, the production of a fright vis-à-vis this party. The permanent logic of constructing the figure of the inner enemy is the object of the strategy of the political elimination of the party of Maurice KAMTO. 

But what needs to be understood is the increasingly outdated nature of this strategy in the age of communication. Government communication lacks coherence, since the elimination of a political actor consists in the ability to put it out of the spotlight, but in this case the MRC is the target of the projectors, including and especially at the time of its expulsion to the margin of the race track. The image corresponds to regiments of commandos tirelessly firing at the shell on a hearse. 

Never have any political party and politician been so slandered as the MRC and its leader. The arrest and incarceration of the latter and the militants with the relevant role proceeded from a maneuver of political killing through methods of humiliation and designation of the social deviant. Except that on the contrary, the mixtures and confusion between the political scene and the scene of cannibalism have had the opposite effect. 

The political scene is a scene of adversity and not a scene of enmity. The resulting confusion has shown that even after organizing the death of a political actor, it is constantly demonized, humiliated, accused of the failures of several decades of governance.

Hold an illustration, the day the first vice-president of the MRC is seized and tortured at the central prison of Yaoundé after the movement of mood of the prisoners, what was the interest to take in image and publish this photo of Mamadou MOTA naked, abused and in a bad way, if not to humiliate him. 

Only the feeling of bitterness and sadness aroused in a fit of pity enhanced the victim and his party in a spirit of solidarity that transposed this image to that of Patrice Emery LUMUMBA in a similar situation. As a result, the mobilization of the national hero categories is granted to the actors of the MRC. Political prison as a major lever of dictatorships has been tamed and transformed as a leaven for national and international endowment for the MRC and its leader as a political party. It is a verifiable fact that the peaks in membership growth inserted in the MRC correspond to the periods of incarceration, liberation of the militant political prisoners of the MRC. 

When this political party decided, against all odds, not to take part in the local elections of February 9, 2020, some people soon described this choice as suicidal. But the reasons for the non-participation are so intelligible and perceptible by all that the Cameroonians in a progressive majority recognize themselves in this decision of the MRC. It is not an empty boycott, but a conditioning on which the territorial and popular integrity of the country depends. This is the serious resolution of the NOSO crisis through an inclusive dialogue with relevant actors and topics, including the topic on the form of the state. It is also the reform of the electoral system through the adoption of a consensual electoral code. 

If not, how does a party that commits suicide incite adhesions and the creation of new units?

Source: camrbe

Attack on Camair aircraft: this is what really happened!

A plane of the national airline was attacked this December 1st during his landing, if this attack did not make a victim, it is reported that in this part of the country a humanitarian agent was killed, probably the resultant of the lack of outcome for the crisis.

The Amba boys are, without a doubt, more and more tense of the two-speed daily life of Cameroon. While they still want to make their ideas prevail, it is in elections and other muffled meetings that the eight other regions of the country take care of. The fury of the separatist fighters was first attacked on a plane MA60 Camair-Co this Sunday. 

The aircraft registered TJQDB from Douala landed in Bamenda in the stroke of 9:30 GMT with 28 passengers on board. He is greeted by heavy gunfire. The agility of the pilots will have been beneficial for the crew. 

Commander Marcel Bonda (Cameroon) and co-pilot Obiang (Gabonese) performed a maneuver that allowed them to land without difficulty. After inspecting the aircraft, they noticed a bullet impact in the luggage compartment. An official statement from the company confirmed that there are no casualties, but the device should be unavailable for days or even weeks. In the same area, the irreparable happened. The coordinator of the United Nations System in Cameroon announced on her account tweeter the killing of a humanitarian agent.

Allegra Baiocchi said, "This unacceptable murder must be condemned by all. The humanitarian family in Cameroon is united in its determination to help those in need. ". A determination that has nothing to discourage armed groups. There are good reasons to believe that their wrath is due to the ostentatious negligence granted by the regime in place to their situation. 

So we could have had more than thirty dead this day. Biya probably wants to see more blood flowing to try rational or interface measures as usual.


Lawyer strike: Jean de Dieu Momo very angry with his colleagues, he said Bar is not a political party

Jean de Dieu Momo is fed up with the repetitive strikes of his fellow lawyers. Faced with their new strike to denounce the inconsistencies of the bill on tribalism, he is still in the niche to reframe. In his release, the minister reminds men of rights to conscientiousness and denounces the nicknames "politicians sheltered in the dresses of Lawyers" who harm the corporation.

Below, its output

My dear colleagues, the Bar President says that the Bar is not a political party and I add neither a counter power. The Barreau's vocation is to defend purely professional interests. But the reality is different. A bill on the promotion of official languages ​​is being studied in Parliament. Our confreres, having been informed by people who manipulate them, set out to defend purely political causes, training thousands of confreres and citizens in battles that do not concern them in the first place, in the absence of organized political parties. 

The National Assembly represents our people from whom it is the emanation and I can testify that it discusses firm there to be myself past it. Are we moving towards a democracy of street protests? Why does the permanent threat of markets and other boycotts take precedence over dialogue and consultation? Why always the way of the struggle against the power that one tries to erect falsely as an enemy of his people? Let's build or destroy our country doing it. 

In any case, it is clear that some politicians sheltered in the dresses of Lawyers enlisted the Bar of Cameroon for unacknowledged political objectives. In doing so they hinder those like me who are acquired and devoted to the cause of our country by posing as the enemies of our people.


Port of Douala: the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Bolloré

The administrative chamber of the Supreme Court rejected the power of the Autonomous Port of Doula against the group APM / BOLLORE.

Indeed, the BOLLORE-APM consortium had appealed to the administrative court of Douala to contest its exclusion in January 2019 from the market of selection of companies to manage the container terminal of the main port platform of Cameroon. The administrative court ruled in favor of the Bollore group on August 16, 2019. The Port Authority of Douala decided to contest the decision with the Administrative Chamber of the Supreme Court. 

While the judgment is suspended, a dramatic twist. On 16 September 2019, Cyrus Ngo, CEO of the Douala Port Authority announced that it is the Swiss company TIL in business with Cameroonian billionaire Baba Hamadou DANPULLO (Allias Ali Baba) who will now manage the PAD. It was without counting on the power of the Bollore networks.

Soon Biya frees Maurice Kamto and the political detainees and gets an appointment with Emmanuel Macron. After Paul Biya's stay in France where he met the French President, Paul Biya instructed NGOH NGOH in October 2019 to ask the government to suspend the awarding of the Douala container port contract to the Swiss group TIL. This is the disaster in a group of senior officials involved in a case of more than 2 billion retrocommissions for the granting of the PAD to the Swiss company. 

The TIL contract was to begin in January 2020. The decision of the administrative chamber of the Supreme Court puts things back on track. A fight to the death is on the horizon.

Source: Boris Bertolt

Here is the strategic man of the Yaoundé regime against Field Marshall

Former commander-in-chief of "Field Marshall", the boss of the armed group Red Dragons who controls the Lebialem (South-West Anglophone), "General Ayeke", announced for death on March 21 by the communication division of the Cameroonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Defense, is today at the head of an armed group called "Gorilla Fighters" based in the locality of Alou, in Lebialem.

In a video currently circulating on social networks, General Ayeke, a former soldier of the Rapid Intervention Battalion (BIR), an elite unit of the Cameroonian army, announces that he and his men have waged a victorious battle against troops of the Cameroonian army. But in the same video, he accuses his ex-boss Field Marshall of terrorizing people during a mourning, kidnapped for ransom and raped girls in front of their families. 

This attitude of General Ayeke is actually the implementation of the plan developed by the regime of Paul Biya through the Division of Military Security, his military intelligence service, to destroy the Dragons RE. As we have explained to you many times in our writings, the sinister Emile Bamkoui, the boss of this villainous crime laboratory known by the acronym SEMIL, has put in place a plan to break the unity in the revolt of the English-speaking people . The behavior of Ayeke is one of the variations of this plan. 

The goal of Ayeke and his group is to systematically attack (physically or by video) Field Marshall and destroy the reputation of the latter considered the beast of power of Yaounde. As a reminder, General Ayeke is very close to the Minister Delegate at the Ministry of Economy, Paul Tason, Anglophone elite close to Biya from Lebialem.

For the record, it is by the general Ayeke that at the beginning of April, the secret services Cameroon went to establish a plan to neutralize all the REd Dragons. The plan was for General Ayeke, some members of the REd Dragons and Cameroonian soldiers to simulate a battle in which the death of General Ayeke was to be announced and then the latter would reappear and propose to Field Marshall to celebrate his return by gathering all the Red Dragons at Azi camp to eat and drink. And after the feast, once all the Red Dragons were asleep, Azi's camp was going to be attacked by the BIR and all the REd Dragons neutralized. 

But Field Marshall will foil this plan by refusing to organize such a party since when BIR soldiers attack the Azi camp the next day, in the early morning, all the Red Dragons are not present at the camp. There was only the night watchman who was killed. Is it because the plan failed and General Ayeke was laid bare that he decided to dissent from the Red Dragons and create his own armed group? This is not excluded. Nevertheless, these internal struggles within the separatist armed groups first benefit the power of Yaoundé who created them through its SEMIL.

Reporter: Michel Biem Tong

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

BREAKING: Nigerian Senate will not pass hate speech bill, says Senate President, Ahmed Lawan

Following the public outcry that greeted the hate speech bill, the Senate President Ahmed Lawan has said the Senate won’t pass the proposed anti-free speech bills.

Lawan made the disclosure in response to a detailed written protest letter against the hate speech bill and anti-social media bill before the senate by the Human Rights Writers Association of Nigeria, HURIWA.

He said legislators will listen to the pulse of the Nigerians who have rejected the bills and will do exactly as they demanded.

Lawan had in his letter to HURIWA dated November 20th, 2019 which was endorsed by his Chief of Staff; Alhaji Babagana M. Aji but received on December 4th, 2019 titled: “RE: WHY NATIONAL ASSEMBLY’S BILLS AGAINST FREE SPEECH ARE UNCONSTITUTIONAL: BY HURIWA,” stated as follows:

“I write to present the compliments of the President of the Senate, His Excellency, Sen. Ahmad Ibrahim Lawan, Ph.D., CON and to acknowledge receipt of your letter on the above subject wherein you asked the National Assembly to suspend ad infinitum the current attempts at introducing obnoxious legislation to curb access to the social media.”

“His Excellency is appreciative of your concern towards upholding our constitution and your members’ continuous use of their talents as writers to promote, protect and project the human rights of all Nigerians. His Excellency assures you that the Senate will not pass any anti-people laws.”

“While thanking you, please accept the assurances of the President of the Senate.”

HURIWA had on November 13th, 2019 written to the senate through the offices of the Senate President titled: “WHY NATIONAL ASSEMBLY’S BILLS AGAINST FREE SPEECH ARE UNCONSTITUTIONAL: BY HURIWA” even as the group had argued that:

“Freedom of expression is one of the fundamental rights provided in the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999 (as amended). By virtue of the same and other international instruments, it is the freedom to hold opinions, receive ideas and information and impart ideas and information without interference. Social media is used in reference to the means of expression other than the mainstream media.”

Urging the National Assembly to stop forthwith any attempt to legislate laws that offend the Rights to Freedom of Speech the Rights group reminded the National Assembly that Freedom of Expression in Nigeria is grounded constitutionally in Section 39 of the CFRN entrenches the right to freedom of expression in the following words:

“(1) Every person shall be entitled to freedom of expression, including the freedom to hold opinions and to receive and impart ideas and information without interference.

(2) Without prejudice to the generality of subsection 1 of this section, every person shall be entitled to own, establish and operate any medium for the dissemination of information ideas and opinions:

Provided that no person, other than the Government of the Federation or of a State or any other person or body authorized by the President on the fulfillment of conditions laid down by an Act of the National Assembly, shall own, establish or operate a television or wireless broadcasting a station for any purpose whatsoever.”

The Rights group said similar provisions are found in Article 9 of the African Charter on Human and Peoples Rights, Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights 1948, Article 19 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

“It does not appear a mere coincidence that section 39 of the CFRN which provides for freedom of expression comes immediately after section 38 which provides for right to freedom of thought, conscience, and religion. Next to thought is expression. The basis for this right, therefore, cannot be overemphasized in a democratic society. It is one of the essential foundations of a democratic society and the basic condition for its progress and development as held the European Court on Human Rights in Handyside Case.” Arguing that there are a plethora of decided cases guaranteeing free speech”.

HURIWA told the senate that: “The Supreme Court per Ayoola JSC, in the case of Medical and Dental Practitioners Disciplinary Tribunal v Okonkwo (2001) 85 LRCN 908 declared that the courts are the institution, society has agreed to invest with the responsibility of balancing conflicting interests in a way as to ensure the fullness of liberty without destroying the existence and stability of society itself. Therein lie the wisdom and need for qualification of all rights including this one most essential right.”

“In the case of Gozie Okeke v. The State (2003) 15 NWLR (Pt.842) 25, the Supreme Court held that the word “reasonable” in its ordinary meaning means moderate, tolerable and not excessive. In this regard, there are extant laws in Nigeria that seek to prevent abuse of free speech. Section 24(1) of the Cybercrime (Prohibition, Prevention, etc) Act 2015 makes it a criminal offense to send a message or other matter by means of computer systems of network that is grossly offensive, pornographic or of an indecent, obscene or menacing character or causes any such message or matter to be sent or he knows to be false, for the purpose of causing annoyance, injury, inconvenience, danger, obstruction, insult, injury, criminal intimidation, enmity, hatred, ill will or needless anxiety to another or causes such message to be sent. Also, Section 24(2) of the Act criminalizes transmitting or causing the transmission of any communication through a computer system or network to bully, threaten or harass another person where such communication places another person in fear of death, violence or bodily harm or to another person.”

“In the same vein there is the tort of defamation under a victim of abuse of freedom of speech can seek redress besides the criminal offenses of defamation and injurious false under the Criminal Code and Penal Code. Section 391 of the Penal Code Law makes is defamation to speak or represent by mechanical means or by signs or visible representation or publish any imputation concerning another intending to or knowing or having reason to believe that it will hard the reputation of the person. While a false statement of fact under similar circumstances is injurious false under section 393 of the Penal Code Law. There are similar provisions in sections 373, 374 and 375 of the Criminal Code Laws of the Southern States. Besides, there are various provisions in the Nigeria Broadcasting Commission Act dealing with violations that have become known as “hate speech” with varying degrees of sanctions.”

HURIWA argued strongly against limitations to access to social media and also rejected the hate speech bill as follows: “To require more than the existing laws have provided would portray the government in bad light and peach it against the people and any such further regulation will only take Nigeria centuries back in civilization with attendant consequences of gross and flagrant abuse like in the colonial era or the immediate after which had such over-regulation like the laws on sedition by which a lot of persons were frequently charged and convicted for what ordinarily would be fair comment by citizens of democratic society. A lot of these cases are high profile cases with potential to cause political tension, affect the peace and stability of the entire country which the proponents of the of social media regulation claim to want to prevent. This would further deepen the already entrenched distrust between the people and the government. This way, the government loses its right and benefit of feedback from the people.”

The Nation

Demonic practice in Etoudi: heartbreaking confessions of Paul Biya's relatives

Drinking fresh human blood is especially exciting for the whims of demons. " Philosophy or witchcraft: Titus Edzoa reveals himself...

Philosophy or witchcraft: Titus Edzoa unveils "Drink fresh from human blood, it is particularly exciting for the whims of demons" The book published by the former Secretary General of the Presidency of the Republic, imprisoned for more than 15 years at the State Secretariat for Defense (Sed), is the summary of an intellectual cogitation of a free man of mind, despite all the humiliation suffered since his imprisonment. 

A troubling work. The greatest brutal dictatorships in history have always dreaded free-spirited men. We can proceed to the most stupid of repressions, operate the most violent of the rollers, activate the most infamous of human barbarities, and especially mount the most horrible brainwashing ploys, difficult to change conviction a man who is wants to be freed from the spirit. 

Professor Titus Edzoa is certainly one of those men who are spiritually out of control, and who know how to assume their ideas and actions, even though, like Socrates, a great reference in the history of philosophy, they were bitterly invited to drink hemlock. We must read his book "Meditations of prison (Yaoundé, Cameroon). Echoes of my silences ", recently published by Karthala to be built. 

The booklet is prefaced by Odile Tobner. The brave and indefatigable protector of human rights, widow of the venerable writer Mongo Beti, warns the reader immediately: "The meditations that he (Pr Titus Edzoa Ndlr) gives us, on his experience of captivity, solitude, but also on the speculative themes of numbers, of God, are all marked by the lucidity, the clarity, the clarity resulting from the mastery of the spirit and the speech which are his, far from the fantasies and the lucubrations that weak minds can conceive in contact with realities that crush them". 

It is to say that in the suffering which is his for 15 years, born from the morbid will of the tragedies of the "justice of the powerful", decided to crush it, Pr Titus Edzoa remained standing and emancipated of spirit.

Thus, in the silence of the "black hole" which serves him as cell, in this "prison" which he had the honor to inaugurate 15 years ago, he sends through this book, his detractors, his detractors, but especially his executioners (those who toil daily in the work of the attempt of his annihilation, but also to their sponsors), the troubling intellectual message he remains lucid.

Teachings "Meditations of Prison" in its 155 pages is easy to read, certainly. But the message of each chapter, of each sentence is dense. In fact, Professor Titus Edzoa gives a lesson in life. 

That of his life in prison. In short, a set of lessons on life. Like a Carthusian monk who scrutinizes every day the cry of the birds at sunrise, the rhythm of the beats of his heart and the sound noises that manage to reach him from the outside world, Titus Edzoa has evaluated each day for 15 years now, the yapping roaches, rustling mice, and the constant buzzing of mosquitoes. 

This has produced this series of meditations on prison, torture, gendarme, justice, politics, silence, mysticisms, the mysteries of numbers; or on concepts like destiny, life and death, money and happiness, love, "God", the Epiphany of a face, time ... If we are all admiring to the quality at both aesthetic and depressed to write it of this intellectual who studied in Italy, seat par excellence of the humanities, one is equally seduced by the depth of his thought on the concepts he submits to reflection. 

Pr Titus Edzoa does not use buzzwords, as some do in the literature of thuriferous and other absurd zealists, much like to impress their contemporaries. He writes using words that convey his freedom of thought, and the depth of his thought. Thus, politics, the former minister of higher education takes time to translate the simultaneous meaning. "Politics, elusive nebula as diffuse as the universe, as old as History, as complex as Humanity!... It is defined sometimes as a science, sometimes as an art, or both at the same time... adret for some, ubac for others.. (...) In his name, only contradictions, clashes, wars, tortures, defeats, victories! ... The happiness of some misfortune others. "

Just as when the author explains the mysteries of numbers, we are impressed to see him "teaching" basic mathematics with the purpose of making our understanding available to interpret an intentionally hidden reality. Finally, you learn a lot from the book that Titus Edzoa has just made. Especially on everything that characterizes the power of Paul Biya who keeps Cameroon and Cameroonians on bail for 30 years now. 

In particular, how money degrades some senior regime clerks to the point of dehumanizing them. Or, how some to access power go so far as to drink human blood (read the Good Leaves) and indulge in sacrifices of a horror that has no name. In reality, this book could well have been called "Philosophical Meditations of a Prisoner", so much the author is bogged down in the reflection on all the questions and subjects, which all relate to the essence and the existence of Man. 

The Cameroonians who read it will certainly have the opportunity to indulge in reflection and find this ephemeral world. Certainly also future generations, those of here or elsewhere, will sooner or later be able to read this book in a school program, here or elsewhere. Jean Francois CHANNON Titus Edzoa, "Meditations of Prison", Editions Karthala, April 2012, 155 pages, 15,000 FCFA. 

"Good leaves: Titus Edzoa, the occultism and the Biya system Drink fresh human blood, it is particularly exciting for the whims of the demons, tired of the languorous divine sirens, too demanding and jealous, it is incubated, to deprive of their virginity nymphets as lascivious as naïve: 

it provides youth in perpetuity; to practice homosexuality as a ritual of purification and allegiance is a high discriminatory distinction for the reputation of the supposedly prestigious brotherhood; to commit epic and suicidal nocturnal fights in the astral plane on "flying carpet planes", stuffed with incendiary missiles, the dreaded enemy eliminating itself only at night, to taste human flesh that has been smothered with ambrosia for eternity; to give a sacrifice to the brotherhood and, in turn, the most beloved of his relatives, is to strengthen the solidarity and respectability of the group; to organize sabbatical masses, very black in color, to challenge the Almighty God surrounded by his cohort of saints, blessed and consorts;

to agree with Lucifer, the doubly known devil, the most feared because the most formidable, as a sign of pride to be his torch of the incarnation of evil; Fornicate with female cadavers, for lack of harpies particularly dull, it gives fishing and courage; to drink from hallucinogenic coctions is assured access to the realm of ancestors, eternal guardians of wisdom; to consult old grimoires, to discover there magic formulas: thus with the card can one kill with the envi, before perishing oneself happy, filled with a violent death.., 

as it seems, every "mystic" always dies of a violent death, and every violent death unmasks "all camouflaged mysticism"...; Ablutions, public baths in Adam's clothes and enemas of various peels, combined with pepper and pepper strength, in explosive cocktails, that is "armored", immune to spells of all kinds, making invulnerable to all bullets and arrows poisoned, visible or invisible, at all attacks, day and night; to make oneself invisible by "passwords", with the faculty, the power of preventively destroying the other, and that in an ostentatious manner, for the secret could obscure the power; to possess the soul of the other, at the same time to enjoy the privilege of the power to exorcise, for one must be a bit devil to overthrow the devil; to pass through the cracks of the walls, the palaces of the locks, in demonstration of the power of ubiquity... And many other feats, many other nonsense, again and again! Stripper and phantasmagorical, it is an empire that is permanently transformed from the most astonishing illusion to an alleged reality, overwhelmed by ignorance and obscurantism! And for causes? 

To acquire, it seems, ever more power, more power, in order to possess, to accumulate wealth, in the ostentation that terrifies; to dominate everything and to dominate all; access to the most prestigious functions of the society, where money and material goods would be the glorious and mirobolous result of a successful life of so-called happiness!!! Kingdom of occultism, empire of witchcraft. This is how, alas, mysticism is perceived in a society stuffed with ignorance and helplessness, victim of deleterious and subtly distilled mental poisoning, under the bewildering yoke of obscurantist forces! 

"Contemporary man seeks pleasure without happiness, happiness without science and science without wisdom", said already, about a century ago, Edouard Schure... This realm of fantasies comprises three large interdependent groups: The first it is made up of all these charlatans and myriads of wizards, authors and sellers of illusions at auction; exalted by a self-contemplation and by an uncommon narcissism, they attribute themselves to alleged Cyclopean powers; it may be that some of them had stealthy access, at a few moments of their existence, to certain aspects of the universal laws, without any control; and in a marked ignorance, they use it, manipulating them dangerously at their peril, to scamper, haunt, harass, to take hostage their victims too gullible and helpless; for selfish ends, they pretend to be patented chants of "magic", obsessed by their own turpitudes, fears, anxieties and repressed defeats...

What a cynical courage! The second group: it includes individuals of all kinds also, affiliated to movements or organizations religious or not, allegedly altruistic and charitable, at least respectable and sometimes recognized in the world; they are distinguished by violent and dilatory verbal flights, opposing faith and reason, amalgamating knowledge and knowledge, fanaticism and truth, violence and redemption, distilling also, since their appearance societal or clerical hegemony and condescension, the mental venom of fear and the condemnation that "assassinates" the unruly soul. 

In a shamefully hypocritical attitude, they confuse two diametrically opposed worlds, reveling in demonizing, in all their skins, the authentic mysticism, revealing phantasmagoric party, of the same nature as the first, which they claim yet to denounce the escapades. Their extreme and tireless violence is as surprising as it is suspicious: the permanent attraction of the illusory charlatanic world would inexorably dry up the theories of their increasingly scattered chapels. An attitude that resolutely takes on the appearance of a merciless struggle of hegemony, far from the redeeming and oblique charity, chanted by these dangerous exalts. This group is at least as harmful as the first. The third and the last group: 

it is this anonymous mass, encompassing all those beings weakened by the harsh experiences of life, sometimes plunged into the abyss of helplessness and despair, and seeking easy, even miraculous solutions to their problems. From their infancy to this unhealthy, hypocritical and ignorant environment, their poisonous and unbalanced mind gradually became saturated with patterns of horror and fear, becoming enslaved by fantasies and hostage to a bewildering trickery. 

They are privileged victims as much of the first as of the second group, a profitable clientele at a high price, in spite of their dignity and their naive sincerity ... That is what the mysticism can not be! That's what mysticism is not!